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James Patrick

Position: Retiring 7th Grade Math Teacher
School: Albemarle Middle School
School District: Stanly County Schools
City, State: Albemarle, NC

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James Patrick was nominated by his principal, Chris Jonassen.

Mr. Patrick builds solid relationships with his students. He pushes them to reach beyond their potential, regardless of their background. He is someone who never settles for being mediocre. Mr. Patrick always strives to learn more, do more, and be more. He stays up-to-date on best practices in education and is willing to do anything needed to meet the needs of his students. He has a positive attitude and believes in doing whatever it takes to teach his students. Mr. Patrick creates a culture in his classroom that promotes collaboration and curiosity. He has had great results with students during his career. He believes in developing the whole child by teaching to what his students need. Mr. Patrick is the first one to ask for help when needed, and he always follows school protocol and procedures. He works extremely well with his team on the seventh grade hallway and throughout the building.

"Mr. Patrick will be very hard to replace this coming school year as he retires," said Jonassen. "He's leaving huge shoes to fill!"

Comments (7)

jahir cortes jaimes Posted 5 months ago

honestly the best math teacher i've ever had gonna miss his ''roasts''

Loretta Carpenter Posted 8 months ago

Congrats ! Gonna miss your humor...Ms. Carpenterr

Teresa Rushing Posted 8 months ago

James Patrick is one of the best math teachers i know. He is fair and consistent. If given the choice, I would always choose James Patrick.

Haley Kuhn Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Patrick has been one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of teaching side by side with. Thank you for always bringing humor, insight, and knowledge to work daily. Thank you for also always pushing our students to strive for excellence and be all they can be. Mr. Patrick will be greatly missed by all!

Sandy Brown Posted 8 months ago

Mr Patrick is not just a phenomenal teacher but an incredible mentor and colleague. He has a passion for teaching and I have been lucky to learn from such a great teacher and leader.

Chris Jonassen Posted 8 months ago

You will be missed dearly! Thank you for your commitment to educating students all these years!

Amanda Horton Posted 8 months ago

Mr. Patrick is one of a kind! He always puts his students FIRST. He goes above and beyond making sure that every student in his room experiences success. His students always remember what he did for them long after the math lessons have been forgotten. Even though Mr. Patrick is retiring, his influence is NOT!! Several of his former students have followed in his footsteps and are now math teachers in our school district.