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Mary Wallace

Position: Retiring Fifth Grade Science and Math Teacher
School: Aquadale Elementary School
School District: Stanly County Schools
City, State: Norwood , NC

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Mary Wallace was nominated by her principal, Joy Hathcock.

Mrs. Wallace has been an asset to the students, families and community of Aquadale School for many years. She has always worked hard to bring learning alive for her students. As you walk into her classroom, you are met with bright pictures and encouraging slogans which remind students to give their best and that mistakes are just a part of learning. You will also notice the microscopes and specimens she keeps handy for her science lessons, which more often than not become demonstrations and student explorations in the classroom.

Mrs. Wallace ensures that science is applicable to the world around her students. Common discussions in her classroom are born from current research and events in science and weather. She starts with topics she knows the students are interested in. Because of this, her students are engaged, and the things they learn stick with them long after they leave her class. She coordinates field trips throughout North Carolina so students can observe and conduct experiments in nature. For many students, it's the only time they are in contact with the wilderness. Her work generates a love and appreciation for the world around us in her students. 

This past year, Mrs. Wallace also taught math. She had taught math before, but the way math concepts are taught to students has changed since then. Mrs. Wallace worked to adjust her practice and ensured her students were successful. She did not shy away from the challenge and served as a great example of how to adjust to changes and rise to the occasion when asked. 

"Mrs. Wallace will be greatly missed," said Hathcock. "Her work in our school each day has made our students and community better and stronger."

Comments (14)

Breanna Swaringen Posted 7 months ago

The BEST teacher! Extremely sweet, caring, loving, compassionate, and so very dedicated to her students. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it SO much ??

Robert High Posted 7 months ago

She was one of Will High teacher and coach of the Robotics team she was a very good teacher

Sharon Hartmann Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations Mary! You made it! Now take a deep breath and enjoy some time for yourself. You deserve it! Love ya!

LINDA J HUNTLEY Posted 7 months ago

Health and Happiness during your retirement! You will be greatly missed.

Sharon Hartmann Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations Mary! Now take a deep breath and enjoy some well deserved time for yourself!

Ann Thompson Posted 8 months ago

Such a sweet teacher. I have volunteered for her and as I was working I lesson to her teach her class. So patient with the kids. My granddaughter Abby Smith, was in her room. Matter of fact my grandsons had her too. They all loved her. Congratulations on your retirement

LINDA J HUNTLEY Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations on your retirement! Good luck and Good Health!

Kathy F Haynes Posted 8 months ago

Happy retirement Mary! You deserve it! If you get to missing it and want to volunteer with some small groups, come see me at Tillery Christian Academy. I will gladly use your talents! Wishing you all the best! Kathy

Kendra Walter Posted 8 months ago

I began working with Mary after coming back from maternity leave. I will never forget how comforting she was and reassuring that my little boy was going to be fine, even though she knew how I was feeling. We’ve been teammates for 5 years and I’m going to miss her so much! We have laughed more in the last five years than we probably should have but it’s been fun! Best Science teacher around!!

Sallie Allen Posted 8 months ago

Mary Wallace I am extremely proud of the way u have faced each year of. You put your whole self into it and bloomed into a beautiful flowers as did your students. If they did not understand you toot the time to explain but never embarrass as some teachers have done. You deserve this award and I do hope they award it to you . Mts R.S Allen

Kathy Barringer Posted 8 months ago

I worked with Mary Wallace for several years and she is more than well deserving of this. She has always wanted the best for all children and worked hard to find the right words and instruction to deliver motivational lessons for her students. In turn, students always tired their best and they respected her to the fullest. She is a “Life Changer!”

Jimmy Leak Posted 8 months ago

Congrats, Aunt Mary!

Ellie Posted 8 months ago

Mary has dedicated herself to her work over the last 20 years. She is a natural educator and loves to help people learn and watch them grow. Mary is my future mother-in-law and I am so excited for when I have children because I know she is going to teach them so many valuable things and be such a positive impact on their lives. She is so deserving of this award because she challenges herself to be the best she can be and adapts to the changing times especially when it comes to technology. She wants to get better and continue to learn for herself so that it translates to her kids she teaches.

Mary Catherine Wallace Posted 8 months ago

I was never lucky enough to have Mrs. Wallace as a teacher, but all of my friends were. I am however lucky enough to call her my mom! Every time I go out in Stanly County with my mom, we ALWAYS run into students (past, present, and even future) who run up and talk to her. We joke that you would think she was a celebrity or something with how many people she knows. But it just goes to show how many lives she’s impacted for the good, because every single one of those students have a smile on their face. I don’t know anyone more qualified for the title “LifeChanger!”