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Angela Palican

Position: Eighth Grade Science Teacher
School: Midway Middle School
School District: Midway ISD
City, State: Hewitt, TX

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Angela Palican was nominated by her assistant principal, Valerie Willis.

"This school year, our students and teachers operated in uncharted territory," said Willis. "Teachers and students in our district were already proficient in using technology for learning. However, our parents needed some grace when it came to learning how to supervise and assist their children when we began remote learning. Several parents needed personalized assistance, sometimes on a weekly or daily basis. Educators across our district impressed us all by their relentless dedication to serving our students and parents during this time. One educator in particular who I was mesmerized by was Mrs. Palican."

Mrs. Palican is a reflective, driven, dedicated educator. She volunteers to chair on committees, take on extra duties, or try new ideas for the improvement of her school and district. She welcomes the ideas of others and seeks out opportunities to learn and grow from other professionals. These actions have enabled her to develop robust practices that enrich the lives of her students.

Mrs. Palican views her professional practice as a calling. She innately requires a superior level of performance for herself. This exemplary performance was on display during remote learning. Mrs. Palican made daily phone calls to students and parents. During these phone calls, she provided individualized help to parents learning how to operate digital learning platforms. She also helped students who needed more support than a device could provide. Then, she used the information she gained from these conversations to reflect and change her instructional practices to meet the needs of both parents and students. This was all while still completing her other duties during the school day. Mrs. Palican artistically created a nurturing digital environment through her relentless efforts.

"Middle school can be a difficult transition year for students, especially during a pandemic, but having amazing educators can help make the transition a remarkable experience," said Willis. "Mrs. Palican is one of those educators!"

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