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Andrea Davis

Position: Special Education Math Teacher
School: Lithia Springs High School
School District: Douglas County School System
City, State: Douglasville, GA

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Andrea Davis was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Miss Davis isn't like other teachers," said her nominator. "She doesn't judge us, but she tells us what right and what's wrong. She knows we have a hard time learning, but she makes it easy for us. We have her for small group math. She helped us with basic stuff that we had trouble with. She always told us we need to be able to do basic math in order to get a job, be successful, and understand our money. Miss Davis said everybody's scamming, and she doesn't want us to get scammed."

Comments (4)

Travis Posted over a year ago

she's a genuine person who takes pride in her work and her students. She's dead set on preparing them for the real world with conventional and non-conventional methods by teaching life lessons and the material needed to be successful in the world today.

Jackie Daniel Posted over a year ago

Andrea, who is Niki to me, is a great teacher who loves learning more and more so she can share this information with her students who may be family, friends, or colleagues. She’s kindhearted, but stern so as to get her information/message across. She wants everyone to be able to learn and comprehend what she’s teaching. Andrea “Niki” Davis is an all around good person. She is my daughter. My oldest daughter of two. Keep up the wonderful work, Niki. Your Mama

Quita Cole Posted over a year ago

Andrea Davis is dynamic in every way. Having worked with her, served on the leadership team with her, and most importantly, hearing my former students say they love math because of her, she most certainly is a life changer. Ms. Davis is a teacher leader whose expertise spans across elementary, middle, and high school. It's only a matter of time before this leader has a school of her own.

Kym Hilbert Posted over a year ago

Andrea is simply amazing. Her passion guides her teaching.