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Sameano Porchea Bond

Position: Math Instructional Lead Teacher
School: Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
School District: Prince George's County Public Schools
City, State: Bowie, MD

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Dr. Sameano Porchea Bond was nominated by Tanya Dooley, the parent of a student.

Dr. Porchea Bond inherited an entire group of eighth grade students who were woefully unprepared for Algebra. When the students were in seventh grade, their school struggled to find and retain solid math teachers. As a result, the students received little to no instruction or knowledge with regards to math. In came Dr. Porchea Bond. She listened to her students' parents and vowed to bridge the gap for the students. She did that and more!

"My son was a student who loved math and science until his seventh grade year," said Dooley. "Being bored in the classroom...caused him to lose interest in math. Dr. Porchea Bond helped him find his love for math again by encouraging him, praising him when appropriate, and never letting him quit or get discouraged."

Dr. Porchea Bond provided many incentives to keep her students motivated and interested. She taught the material in a variety of ways in an effort to reach each student, regardless of their learning style. She provided real-life situations so students could apply the mathematical concepts being taught. This is key because we often hear youth say they do not understand the importance of certain math concepts because they were not taught or introduced to the real-world application.

Lastly, Dr. Porchea Bond provided information on life after middle school, which included entrance criteria into certain high school programs, scholarship information, and careers which leveraged math. The information she shared with was greatly appreciated by the students and the parents.

"Dr. Porchea Bond demonstrated genuine care for the whole student," said Dooley. "The students not only felt that, but responded to it in a positive way."

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Comments (4)

Michelle Holden Posted 3 days ago

Dr. Sam as he is affectionately called by her students and colleagues is truly an asset to us. She goes above and beyond for her students to make sure they have every tool they need to succeed in math. She partners with the community to help get the tools that she was not able to get through school funding. In speaking with her you knew she was humble. She never let the 'Dr' title go to her head. She has worked extremely hard and her students always came first. She has truly been a life changer to so many students and even her colleagues. She deserves this honor.

Bella Mbonifor Posted 4 days ago

Math had always been a tough subject for me, but my eighth grade year was the hardest for me when it came to math.I was a new student at Benjamin Tasker Middle School before school ended. My old math teacher was difficult to understand and hard to work with. Even though I have been at Tasker for a month or so, Dr. Porchea Bond is definitely one of the best teachers I've had in a while. She was easy to understand, open, tried new strategies in the classroom, asked us questions to test our understanding, showed that she cared about us, and was so much fun! She really helped me understand math concepts that i didn't get before. I could go back home and complete math assignments without stressing or constantly doubting my work. I am grateful for her hard work and I will not forget her. That is why I believe Dr. Porchea Bond is a Life Changer!

Ann Thompson Posted 4 days ago

I met “Dr. Sam” 7 years ago when she was my boss for a brief time before she moved on as the head of a team of editors in the Measurement Services (= test development) division of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She was candid, caring, committed, and passionate... all qualities that are essential to being a life-changing teacher and role model. For 30 years, I’ve lived with a high school teacher, so I know the level of self-sacrificing devotion it takes to succeed in this career.In addition, at age 60 now, ! still remember my middle school algebra teacher, who helped me understand, enjoy and feel confident about (at least that one corner of) math. Thank God for passionate teachers, who truly help shape the future. ??????????????????????!!

Tinoi Posted 4 days ago

Last year the morning of my birthday my car broke down on the highway on my way to work. I wrote a Facebook status about how my day started and almost instantly Mrs. Bond sent me a direct message. She told me how she values my job as a school counselor and offered me her car. At the time she had no idea I’d have her car for 2 months. She opted to car pool with her husband so that I can use her car to get to and from work. This by far was one of the most selfless generous acts of service someone has ever done for me. I am forever grateful as I was able to continue to commute to work and save tons of money because I didn’t have to rent a car. I am more than delighted to endorse Mrs. Bond for this award as she is truly deserving. Thank you Mrs. Bond!