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Quita Cole

Position: First Grade Teacher
School: Dorsett Shoals Elementary School
School District: Douglas County School System
City, State: Douglasville, GA

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Quita Cole was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Cole is over the top! Her energy is unmatched. She's kind, patient, loving, and energetic. She cares deeply for her "firsties." Ms. Cole sets the bar high for her students, and they reach it. She's hard on her students, but balances her lessons with fun, crafts, snacks, dancing, music, and love. She does amazing things in the classroom.

"I could not have that same energy each and every day, but hers never goes away," said her nominator. "Ms. Cole also helps her colleagues in any way that she can. She serves as a leader in her building. I could not have made it without her. She kept me grounded!"

Comments (9)

Pam Boggs Posted 28 days ago

Ms Cole was my grandson 1st grade teacher. He was a bit high strung and engerentic she never gave up on him. She coaxed supported helped and encourged the good in him every day. She was always available by text or DoJo always went beyond her title as a teacher.Hate Covid happened and he did not get to finish the year in her class think it would have made a huge difference. Thank you Ms Cole for going the extra mile for our most precious kids.You are an awesome teacher and a great help to not only the parents but us grands helping out as well. Thank you for going above and beyond and all you do!!!

Tracy Scaglione Posted 28 days ago

I have had the opportunity to work with Quita Cole for a decade. As the school librarian, I quickly see which teachers encourage a love of reading, have strong relationships with students, and inspire students to work hard and dream big. Ms. Cole does all that and more. She is an exceptional teacher who changes the lives of students for the better each and every school year. Her passion for people and teaching is a great example for other educators.

Lori Cases Posted 28 days ago

I'm so happy to work alongside Ms. Cole, she is an amazing person with a BIG heart. There is nothing that she won't do to help anyone (student, parent, or fellow teacher) in need. Her personality and energy is a gift to our school. She is a life changer!

Shannon Stacy Posted 28 days ago

Ms. Cole is such an amazing teacher, and Dorsett Shoals is extremely fortunate to have her. You can see her around our campus loving on her students as if they were her own, planning fun activities for her kids to enjoy, and always wearing a wide smile across her face. Ms. Cole is definitely a life changer, 110%!

Kristina McCoy Posted 28 days ago

Ms. Cole was my daughter’s first grade teacher this last (crazy) year. From the moment we met her at orientation, I knew she would be a perfect fit for her. Her energy, care, and dedication made me comfortable immediately. My daughter thrived this year, is more confident than I’ve ever seen her, and has grown so much as a person. That’s saying a lot in the best of times, but this year we just got through has been tough. Through the first parts of the lockdown, Ms. Cole made it clear that she was available all the time if we needed her. And by WE, I mean myself as well. Cannot say enough about how much of an impact she’s had in our lives. Thank you!!

Melissa Brothers Posted 28 days ago

You are an awesome teacher. Ollie and I love you and will always be grateful that you taught her. You are a very caring and energetic. You are amazing in every way.

Jennifer Lanno Posted 28 days ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Cole as a co-teacher, fellow staff member, and parent. She loves her students like no other! My daughter and the many other students who have been “firsties” fell in love with books in Ms. Cole’s class, challenged themselves and exceeded their own expectations in Ms. Cole’s class, learned about empathy and friendship and diversity in Ms. Cole’s class, and were truly celebrated for being themselves in Ms. Cole’s class. One of the things that amazes me most about Ms. Cole is that she plays a role in the lives of her students for years after they have walked out of her classroom for the last time. She checks in with them and their parents. Ms. Cole is a life-changer in every sense of the word!

Shelly Hester Posted 29 days ago

I am her principal and her love for her students is evident in everything she does! She celebrates the successes of her students and she inspires them to dream big! Each morning her kids start the day off saying this creed “I am a leader. I love to learn. I am strong. I never give up. I believe in myself. I can succeed. I am honest. I am smart.” Hearing this as you walk past her classroom reminds you that those sweet 1st grade students are the future. Mrs. Cole is building them up and giving them the tools and foundation they need to be positive contributors in this world. If I had a young child or grandchild I would be honored to know Mrs. Cole has my child. She is changing lives, she has changed many lives and she truly is a life changer.

Cyndi Chappel Posted 29 days ago

I have had the privilege of working with Quita. To walk by her classroom, one will hear emotional regulation and meta cognitive skills being shared. I would always smile when I would hear her saying something along the lines of, “When I didn’t know what to do, I’d say, ‘Self, you could do this, or you could do that.’” Quita is an amazing educator. I’m a better teacher for having worked with her.