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Selina Shelton

Position: Secretary
School: Stanfield Elementary School
School District: Stanly County Schools
City, State: Stanfield, NC

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Selina Shelton was nominated by her principal, Jessie Morton.

The positive climate of a school and its community depends on the dedication of staff. At Stanfield Elementary School, one staff member exemplifies all the attributes of a LifeChanger. That special person is Mrs. Shelton.

Mrs. Shelton believes that all students should have the same experiences of joy, opportunity, and exposure to quality learning, no matter their circumstances. She defines experiences as field trips, hands-on experiences, social, emotional and behavioral support, book fairs, carnivals, and special paid events that students would otherwise miss due to a lack of income. Behind the scenes, without any recognition, she has provided a variety of extracurricular activities for all of her school's students. She planned, created, set up, and worked at a Halloween Carnival. This included booths for students to participate with their families. She did the same for Breakfast with Santa, which allowed students to visit with Santa, take a picture, and have homemade pancakes fresh off the griddle. Her childhood experiences and those she provided to her own children are conveyed to students so they can have joy-filled events without any cost.  

Mrs. Shelton maintains her school's web page by posting pictures to ensure all students are represented.  Equity and fairness is always considered.  Her dedication to the educational success is evident each day as she provides reading interventions for several Hispanic students.  She purchases incentives and themed decorations to make the children feel special.  Her belief is that if you get to know who your students are, what they need, and what type of life experiences they have endured, you can find ways to bring happiness and joy during school hours.  

Mrs. Shelton provides Christmas gifts for several families each year while also buying for kids throughout the year as needed.  When she sees a need, she finds a way to help. The families and children are very grateful. Many times, she has paid lunch accounts for students whose families could not pay. She does this quietly without recognition. 

Last year, Mrs. Shelton secured a grant for all kindergarteners to attend Tiger World for a field trip. She received the first grant from the North Carolina Outdoor Grant. Along with the admission being paid, she secured another grant for all students to have pedometers.  They used these in the class to talk about numbers and sequencing.  

Mrs. Shelton not only provides her school with resources, but more importantly, happiness and joy. Students and staff adore her and realize the hard work she puts in for all of them. She never wants to be recognized for her contributions, which shows how much of a servant leader she is.

"We all know how kind and compassionate she is by the deeds she does each day," said Morton. "Mrs. Shelton is our LifeChanger. We are grateful and blessed for her to be a part or our lives."

Comments (2)

Julie Poulos Posted 6 months ago

Each day students and staff alike are greeted with a heart warming smile. She gives so much, it is not only money, but she is selfless with her giving of time and resources. She has worked in the Stanfield community with the youth sports teams for years. Stanfield School is lucky to have someone who is this dedicated. I am lucky that I not only have a wonderful co-worker but a dear friend.

Melissa Dishaw Posted 6 months ago

This is all completely true. I was in shock to find out how much she did for all the children in our school. She is the smartest and sweetest person I know. She has changed my life in ways she does not even know just by being a listening ear and I will always go to her for advice because she gives the best!!!