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Renee Peden

Position: Custodian
School: Mount Lebanon Elementary School
School District: Anderson School District 4
City, State: Pendleton, SC

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Renee Peden's nominator would like to remain anonymous.

Ms. Peden is the best head custodian ever! She’s compassionate, detail-oriented, positive, and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure her school is clean and safe. After the school closure in March, Ms. Peden and her staff had a lot of twists and turns that could have been discouraging. Her school was supposed to host a brand new summer camp that needed preparation. This feat would have to be completed at the same time as the rigorous summer cleaning schedule that happens annually. Ms. Peden displayed a take charge attitude and executed the plan. She not only accomplished her goal, but did so within a tight deadline, only to have the camp canceled due to the high community spread of COVID-19. Although the camp didn’t happen, the school was still ready for face-to-face instruction.

During the pandemic, Ms. Peden has made safety a priority to ensure that all employees are entering a clean, disinfected school on a daily basis. She created a robust cleaning schedule that allows the electrostatic backpack cleaning to happen daily. This forces employees out of the school so the cleaning can happen with fidelity. She has implemented all of the safety protocols that are required by the district-level facility and grounds staff to make sure her school is safe and clean.

"Ms. Peden’s commitment to cleanliness, safety, and integrity is unmatched," said her nominator. "She always has a smile on her face, and she's approachable and always optimistic. Ms. Peden responds in a timely manner and loves taking care of the students and staff at our school."

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