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Melissa Campbell

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Evans Elementary School
School District: Jackson County Schools
City, State: Evans, WV

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Melissa Campbell was nominated by her colleague and friend of 18 years, Susan Matheny.

Ms. Campbell has started her 31st year of teaching this year, and nothing stops her. To know Ms. Campbell is to know her laughter and joy. She has a joyful heart and spreads her joy to the staff, faculty, students, parents, and community around her. Her drive and passion for learning spills over to her students.

"Evans Elementary School has been in the top ten schools in the state of West Virginia for the last six years. For several of those years, the school was number one in the state," said Matheny. "I believe that Missy is a great reflection of the staff and students and why the school has experienced such success."

Over the years, Ms. Campbell has taught summer school to keep students motivated and current on their academic skills. She has given up much of her personal time to give to these students. Her expertise is called upon by her superiors as she has served on multiple curriculum teams. For over three years, she has been the staff contact for her school's new hires because the staff trusts her judgement and experience as a teacher and a colleague.

"I could recite her resume and talk about all the numerous things that Missy has achieved with the community and her students over the years, but honestly, I believe the things that make her a LifeChanger are the lives she has changed," said Matheny. "In a small town, everyone knows everyone and all their business. For the 18 years I have known Missy, I have never heard one person speak badly about her. I constantly hear students, parents, and fellow teachers say how much they love her. Many of her former students have chosen to become teachers because of the influence she had in their lives. Even her daughter, Sarah Roark, has chosen the teaching profession. Sarah exemplifies her mother's attributes in the love of life and the love of teaching."

Many of Ms. Campbell's former students cite her as their favorite teacher because of the joy she exudes every day. No one knows if she is having a bad day because every day, her laughter and joy fills the school. She doesn't judge others, and she loves and accepts all who come in contact with her. She is a go-getter, a motivator, and a joy giver. There are takers and givers in life, and Ms. Campbell is a giver of joy.

"She deserves to be the LifeChanger of the Year," said Matheny. "She deserves this, not just because of her resume of accomplishments, but because of those who can testify to how she has changed their lives."

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