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Melissa Campbell

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Evans Elementary School
School District: Jackson County Schools
City, State: Evans, WV

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Melissa Campbell was nominated by her colleague and friend of 18 years, Susan Matheny.

Ms. Campbell has started her 31st year of teaching this year, and nothing stops her. To know Ms. Campbell is to know her laughter and joy. She has a joyful heart and spreads her joy to the staff, faculty, students, parents, and community around her. Her drive and passion for learning spills over to her students.

"Evans Elementary School has been in the top ten schools in the state of West Virginia for the last six years. For several of those years, the school was number one in the state," said Matheny. "I believe that Missy is a great reflection of the staff and students and why the school has experienced such success."

Over the years, Ms. Campbell has taught summer school to keep students motivated and current on their academic skills. She has given up much of her personal time to give to these students. Her expertise is called upon by her superiors as she has served on multiple curriculum teams. For over three years, she has been the staff contact for her school's new hires because the staff trusts her judgement and experience as a teacher and a colleague.

"I could recite her resume and talk about all the numerous things that Missy has achieved with the community and her students over the years, but honestly, I believe the things that make her a LifeChanger are the lives she has changed," said Matheny. "In a small town, everyone knows everyone and all their business. For the 18 years I have known Missy, I have never heard one person speak badly about her. I constantly hear students, parents, and fellow teachers say how much they love her. Many of her former students have chosen to become teachers because of the influence she had in their lives. Even her daughter, Sarah Roark, has chosen the teaching profession. Sarah exemplifies her mother's attributes in the love of life and the love of teaching."

Many of Ms. Campbell's former students cite her as their favorite teacher because of the joy she exudes every day. No one knows if she is having a bad day because every day, her laughter and joy fills the school. She doesn't judge others, and she loves and accepts all who come in contact with her. She is a go-getter, a motivator, and a joy giver. There are takers and givers in life, and Ms. Campbell is a giver of joy.

"She deserves to be the LifeChanger of the Year," said Matheny. "She deserves this, not just because of her resume of accomplishments, but because of those who can testify to how she has changed their lives."

Comments (61)

Mary Canady Posted 1 days ago

Missy is pure joy to work with and a delight to watch work. The Evans community will be forever indebted to her!

Julie Sayre Posted 2 days ago

Missy is such a wonderful, kind, and caring person. She was an excellent teacher to our 3 girls, and all 3 absolutely LOVED her class. She is the embodiment of kindness and compassion, and is so deserving of this award.

Stacy Sturm Posted 2 days ago

Simply one of the best.

Crystal Putman Posted 2 days ago

I have heard a lot of wonderful things about Melissa. Thank you for all that you do!

Deanna lutz Posted 2 days ago

Well deserving teacher for this award.

Susan Matheny Posted 2 days ago

Mrs. Campbell is an excellent teacher. She has always kept a positive attitude on life and education even when things weren't always positive in her life. She has been through some of life's rollercoasters, but she always makes it out with a smile on her face. She has a deep source of joy that is contagious to the staff and students she works with at Evans Elementary School. She exemplifies an attitude of joy, passion and grace. She maintains high rigorous academic standards for her students while maintaining love and compassion for each student. She is a motivator and is well deserving of this award.

Christina Posted 3 days ago

Every day she works hard to prepare for her students. She individualizes her teaching so that each student is able to learn according to his/her personal giftings and deficits. She is a rockstar teacher.

Dee lutz Posted 3 days ago

Absolutely a very deserving teacher for this award.

John Matheny Posted 3 days ago

What can I say, wonder woman and absolutely one of the best teacher in Jackson county. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Emily Durst Posted 3 days ago

We are blessed to have Missy in our school system! She has touched so many lives and serves as a wonderful example of what it means to be an educator.

Susan Matheny Posted 4 days ago

I get to experience on a daily basis the lives Missy has touched. She is one teacher that deserves this award. Her students love her. Her colleagues respect her and the community has been greatly impacted for the good because of her.

James E. Johnson, Jr. Posted 5 days ago

If you are looking for someone who has made a positive difference in many lives, you need look no further than Melissa Campbell. The positive influence she has had on not only her students, but teachers, parents, and principals alike, demonstrate a level of commitment we could all learn from.

Christine Posted 5 days ago

Keep up the awesome work at Evans Elementary! You change lives everyday!

Megan Casto Posted 5 days ago

I have been fortunate to know Mrs. Campbell as both my teacher and as a colleague. She is one of the most dedicated, gifted, and hard-working individuals I have known. In her classroom, students are met with kindness, a sense of humor, and high expectations. Some of my best memories of being a student are from her classroom. That is why I am so happy that my nephew is in her class this year! My family is grateful for your service to the Evans community. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!

Susan M Posted 6 days ago

We are rooting for you! You so deserve this! Thanks for all you do!

John Matheny Posted 6 days ago

Seems to always have a smile on her face and a large heart for her students.

Connie Ratcliffe Posted 7 days ago

Congratulations Melissa!

John Matheny Posted 7 days ago

My son really enjoyed her class.

Susan Posted 7 days ago

Keep up the great work! Congratulations!

Kenzie Hatcher Posted 7 days ago

Mrs. Campbell is one of the most amazing women that I have ever met. She has mad an impact in my life that will forever stick with me. She wasn’t just a teacher, she was one of our friends. She truly is a life changer.

Karen Bibbee Posted 8 days ago

Awesome Job!

Chris Posted 8 days ago

Keep up the great work. She is still working hard if not harder in the midst of the COVID crisis.

john p matheny Posted 8 days ago

Should be SUPER TEACHER of the YEAR!!!

Jennifer Hutton Posted 8 days ago

One of the best!

Angel Reed Posted 8 days ago

When you hear Missy Campbell's name you know you are about to hear something good! I have taught in Jackson County for 17 years now and know that Missy Campbell's name is synonymous with the very best teaching has to offer. Her gracious and kind demeanor is with her not only in the classroom but in professional meetings and trainings. She is the quality of teacher that every student deserves and a role model for her students and other teachers alike. Her influence has changed the lives of not only the students she teaches but in all the lives she touches, many without her even being aware of the impact she has. Congratulations on the nomination for Life Changer of the Year!

Christine Posted 9 days ago

We are proud of your accomplishments in Jackson County. Keep up the great work changing lives everyday.

Charmin McCarty Posted 9 days ago

I worked with Missy at Evans Elementary for seven years. Missy is always ready to lend a helping hand, words of advice, or a hug to her coworkers. The students love Mrs. Campbell and they know she loves them! Congratulations on your nomination!!

Will Posted 9 days ago

Thanks for working really hard even during the COVID blended learning schedule. I know it has been hard trying to teach remotely and in person and having to be ready to go virtual at a moments notice.

Susan Posted 9 days ago

Mrs. Campbell is an encouragement to the staff and students at her school. Even during this time of COVID with the blended learning schedule she is hard at work making sure every student is learning and progressing.

John Matheny Posted 9 days ago

Lovely lady

Mika Martin Posted 10 days ago

Congrats ??

John Matheny Posted 10 days ago

Excellent teacher

Kathryn Hill Posted 10 days ago

Congratulations! #LCOY

Susan Matheny Posted 11 days ago

I was sharing about Missy Campbell's nomination the other day with a colleague that had her in class twenty years ago. Her first reaction was, "She was my favorite teacher!" This is a common phrase when I talk with others about Missy Campbell. She is well loved.

Lincoln Posted 11 days ago

Thank you for impacting the lives of so many kids.

London Posted 11 days ago

So glad to have teachers like you! Congratulations!

Nate Posted 11 days ago

Thank you for being such a great influence and touching so many little lives! Congratulations!

April Posted 11 days ago

I’ve heard you’re a great teacher. Congratulations!

Amy Perry Posted 11 days ago

Missy was my coworker for many years and was a great role model for me as a new teacher. She was always a natural leader in our school community. Both of my children also had her as a teacher. As a parent I was so thankful that I could send them to school each day knowing that they would be nurtured and loved. Missy is very deserving of any recognition she receives!

Matthew Howery Posted 11 days ago

I first met Missy as a coworker. I was a new teacher to the building. She quickly introduced herself and made an impression with her kindness, her sense of humor, and her continuous hard work. Her ability to build a relationship with students, families, and staff is truly a gift that she has been blessed with. Now as the Principal, I have the opportunity to watch Missy even more closely. The quality of instruction that she provides to students is of the highest quality. In the kindest of ways she is able to communicate with staff members and push them to do better. She is a true leader. Through the relationships she builds, her sense of humor, and kindness she makes everyone around her better.

Kim Herron Posted 11 days ago

I had the pleasure of working with Missy side by side at Kenna Elementary School in Jackson County. She is such a positive person to be around for the staff as well as the students. She was always coming up with innovative, fun ideas for the students. She is very deserving of this award!

Gala Voiers Posted 12 days ago

I am a teacher in the same county as Missy and have worked with her on committees and attended numerous workshops with her. Her passion for teaching and her students motivates all of us to do a better job. I strive to be the type of teacher she is.

Jennifer L. Roush Posted 12 days ago

Congratulations, Missy!!

Gala Voiers Posted 12 days ago

I am a teacher in the same county as Missy and have worked with her on committees and attended numerous workshops with her. Her passion for teaching and her students motivates all of us to do a better job. I strive to be the type of teacher she is.

john p matheny Posted 13 days ago

I remember one cold and rainy afternoon Missy was helping raise money for Evans Elementary School. She was volunteering to ride along with people to test drive new cars from I77 Ford. She loves her school and students.

William Lutz Posted 13 days ago

She has taught my grandchildren over the years. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about her and her teaching.

Deanna Lutz Posted 13 days ago

She has taught my grandchildren over the years. She is an outgoing and vibrant person. She is superior in her profession and her students that I know adore her. She is very giving to her students and is an asset to our community.

Kristy Hatcher Posted 15 days ago

Missy Campbell truly is a life changer. She has had 3 of my children and they all loved her! When she had my oldest daughter we had just moved to Evans. My daughter was shy, insecure, and cried every day that she didn’t want to go to school. Missy made her fall in love with school, made her laugh, and reinforced all those positive traits my daughter didn’t see on herself. I am so thankful we moved to Evans and she was able to help transform my child. I also had the privilege of working with Missy for several years. She was an immediate friend who was and is always there when I need her!

Tammy Banks Posted 16 days ago

Every time I see Missy, I'm greeted with her smile and positive attitude. She is always there to help in any situation. She treats everyone with respect and kindness. Missy encourages and supports our school and students, as well as the community. Missy inspires me to be a better person and teacher each day. Missy is so deserving of this award.

Sydney Posted 16 days ago

Mrs. Campbell was my 4th grade teacher. She has always been a part of my life, from being in her class through graduating college and working with her now. I appreciate her love of teaching and the love she has for her students, as well as her ability to foster community within her school, family, and friends. She, among a few other individuals, inspired me to be a teacher. What she poured into me over my lifetime, I can now pour into my students. I am thankful for our friendship and how she has been a part of my life.

Stephanie Casto Posted 16 days ago

Mrs. Campbell is a wonderful teacher for the students in her classroom as well as new teachers in the building. When I began teaching at Evans Elementary, Mrs. Campbell was a great mentor teacher and always willing to help me in any way that she could. Mrs. Campbell is always willing to allow student observers and student teachers in her classroom to help mold the next generation of teachers.

Deidre Manns Posted 16 days ago

I have worked in the same school as Missy Campbell for six years. When I was a new teacher to the school, she welcomed me and helped me get adjusted. She inspires me to be a better teacher. She is able to laugh and have fun with her students, while holding them to high standards. Her students love her class and strive to do their best.

Mary Ann Mullins Posted 16 days ago

Missy is the best! I've taught with her for over 25 years and I've learned so much from her. She is always available to help parents, students, and staff members. Because of her, our school has been recognized over and over as an exceptional school. Both of my children have had her and loved having her as a teacher. Her wonderful spirit and laughter make all our lives better! I'm so thankful for Missy!

Shelley Harris Posted 16 days ago

Mrs. Campbell is a co-worker of mine, and she also taught both of my children in the fourth grade. She is truly a kind, caring and hilarious person! Her personality makes learning so fun for students and they always have "Mrs. Campbell" stories. Her students know how much she loves and cares for them. She is truly one of the best teachers and Evans Elementary is very lucky to have her on staff!

Patricia Ellison Posted 16 days ago

wonderful lady and teacher! Congratulations!

Deanna Riggs Posted 16 days ago

Great teacher. Has a great rapport with her students

Susan Matheny Posted 19 days ago

Wow! I got to see Missy Campbell in action today with her students. She motivates and encourages even when times get tough. It has been difficult in the blended learning with the COVID schedule. She met with a student today to work with them because they needed accountability in completing assignments. Her class was highly motivated and very active in learning. Way to go Missy Campbell!

JOHN MATHENY Posted 20 days ago

Excellant teacher, my son really enjoyed her class

Susan Matheny Posted 24 days ago

She continually works to enhance her students learning skills. She constantly strives to push her students to be the absolute best.

William Matheny Posted 28 days ago

Mrs. Campbell was my fourth grade teacher. She always joked with us and treated us as people not just students. She would tell us stories to keep us engaged in learning.

John Matheny Posted 28 days ago

Mrs. Campbell was my son's fourth grade teacher. He enjoyed school and loved having Mrs. Campbell for fourth grade.