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Sarah Bratlien

Position: Special Education Case Manager
School: Lincoln Elementary School
School District: Fargo Public Schools
City, State: Fargo, ND

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Sarah Bratlien was nominated by Mary Worley, a parent of a student. 

"Mrs. Bratlien is simply amazing," Worley said. "My son is special needs. We met her in the beginning of 3rd grade and worked with her for three years. She found out what worked for my son. We talked it over and did a complete turn over on his IEP. Since then, my son has grown educationally, mentally, and emotionally. She became a second mom in many ways to him in those years. She was able to break through to him when no one else could. Mrs. Bratlien would go to his child care after school, work with him on social skills and multiple other things, and work with the child care staff on how to better work with my son. She would help out on playgrounds, the lunch room, and anywhere she is needed."

"Mrs. Bratlien also spent a summer overhauling her classroom and spent a lot of her own money on things for her students," said Worley. "She puts so much energy into her plans and students. She listens to parents' concerns and ideas. Mrs. Bratlien doesn't make others feel bad about ideas or anything else. My son came out of her class as a stronger person who will communicate what he feels. She is our LifeChanger and superhero!"

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Mary J worley Posted 9 days ago

Mrs. Bratlien is hands down one of the most amazing people. She truly cares for her students, the parents and those she works with. Shes an inspiration. My son still talks about her to this day. He says he wishes he could take her with him to every grade in school because she understands.