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Shanell Lee-Angry

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: F.L. Stanton Elementary
School District: Atlanta Public Schools
City, State: Atlanta, GA

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Shanell Lee-Angry was nominated by an anonymous family member.

Mrs. Lee-Angry is a 15-year veteran educator. Prior to her current role, she served as a Reading Specialist at Barack and Michelle Obama Academy (BAMO), another public school in Atlanta.

Over the last four years, Mrs. Lee-Angry has dedicated herself to meeting the needs of students and teachers alike. At Barack and Michelle Obama Academy, she served in many capacities, including Leadership Team Chair, Fundraising Chair, after-school Tutorial Coordinator, Summer School Lead, and Literacy Night Chair. Mrs. Lee-Angry started the Literacy Night Program tradition. Each year, families, teachers, and community members gather to get books in the hands of children in the community. The program also provides parents with workshops to develop the skills needed to read with their children and bridge the gap between home and school. 

Mrs. Lee-Angry led fundraising activities that brought more than $6,000 into Barack and Michelle Obama Academy. The funds provided much needed instructional materials, uniforms, and field trips for students. Through the many events and activities she engaged in within the school, she set out to make a positive impact. Mrs. Lee-Angry served as a mentor to young girls with challenging behaviors and helped to change the trajectory of their futures. Mrs. Lee-Angry also led the Restorative Practices Committee. The committee provided training for teachers and successfully rewrote the school discipline plan to encourage inclusiveness, relationship-building, and problem-solving when managing challenging behaviors exhibited by students. She has led professional development in the area of reading and literacy at both schools, as well as at the district level. 

She has served as Team Leader for her grade level team many times, and she has also mentored new teachers and student-teachers currently in college. Teaching is her passion, and she is willing to share her knowledge to anyone seeking to learn and grow. Mrs. Lee-Angry has served as a district Literacy Ambassador and recently completed the Atlanta Public Schools Assistant Principal Program. Mrs. Lee-Angry is committed to making a difference in the lives of students, pre-service teachers, and classroom teachers. Recently, she decided to expand her impact in the field of reading by writing a book, “A Practical Approach to Teaching Foundational Reading Skills in the Classroom and at Home,” with five other expert educators to meet the needs of parents and teachers seeking practical strategies.

"Her work over the past few years is evidence of her moral standards and her commitment to the betterment of the lives of everyone she encounters," said Mrs. Lee-Angry's nominator.