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Shelly Hester

Position: Principal
School: Dorsett Shoals Elementary School
School District: Douglas County School System
City, State: Douglasville , GA

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Shelly Hester was nominated by her spouse, Andy Hester.

Mrs. Hester has been in the education profession for 27 years. She was a teacher, instructional coach, and assistant principal before beginning her current role as a principal. She has attended her students' sporting and extracurricular events and worked hard to build positive relationships with her students and families. Mrs. Hester is always seeking ways to make her faculty and staff feel appreciated. During these unprecedented times, she has extended love, grace, understanding, and unending support to her faculty, staff, students, and parents. When she is at home, she gets excited about returning to work every Monday because she always has something planned to help increase the morale at her school.

Mrs. Hester holds high expectations for herself, her staff, and her students. She has been a part of moving schools in a positive direction, not only with climate and culture, but with student achievement and test scores. She has positively impacted schools by ensuring her teachers have what they need and students get what they need. Mrs. Hester has reached out to the community to get business partners to help celebrate students and staff. She's also actively involved at a local college where she speaks to college students who are seeking positions in education. She helps coach and mentor them as they approach graduation and start their search for a teaching position.

Many of Mrs. Hester's previous students have graduated, attended college, and are now married with their own children. She has attended their high school and college graduations, weddings, and baby showers. She stays connected with her previous students. Some of them are even teachers themselves, and they have reached out to tell Mrs. Hester that she made a positive impact on their lives, and that they want to pass that along to others, which is why they became teachers.

"Watching Shelly lead a school and the love she has for her school, teachers, students, parents, and community has also made a difference in our home," said Mr. Hester. "Our daughter is now a teacher, and she will tell you it is because she wants to love a job just as much as her mom. Shelly will tell you that education is not a job to her. It is her life and what she loves. Shelly is a LifeChanger, and she is creating more LifeChangers who are following in her footsteps."

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