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Betsy Stewart

Position: First Grade Teacher
School: Upson-Lee Primary School
School District: Thomaston-Upson Schools
City, State: Thomaston, GA

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Music that Describes Betsy

Betsy Stewart's nominator would like to remain anonymous.

Ms. Stewart's one of the greatest humans on the planet. It's a popular belief in Thomaston, GA that she is one of the best first grade teachers on the planet, as well. Dozens of parents request their kids to be in her class every year. They realize how great of an impact she makes on her students' lives. She calls her students her kids and treats them as such. The impact she has on her community is apparent, from having some of the highest test scores in Georgia, to being the most requested teacher in the school system, to having her students cry on their last day because they don't want to leave her class."

Ms. Stewart is also the contemporary music minister for First United Methodist Church in Thomaston, where she is beloved by the staff and members of the church alike. As a single mother to four children for seven years, she has had to pick up several side jobs to provide for her family. As if she has enough on her hands with two full-time jobs, she is also a dance teacher at the local dance school, where she continues to make an impact with girls of all ages.

"Her class is everyone's favorite because of how fun and sweet she is, and I have heard nothing but great things about her dance moves," said her nominator. "Betsy's also an artist who hand paints door hangs for all of her coworkers' classroom doors, and for anyone who requests one from her on Facebook."

"I truly believe Betsy is a LifeChanger because she puts everyone before herself," said her nominator. "Her family, students, coworkers, and church members all see the sacrifices she makes and how hard she works without ever asking for recognition. I know that it would mean the world to her to feel like someone appreciates her."