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Rachel Brown

Position: eLearning Teacher
School: Douglas County School District
School District: Douglas County School District
City, State: Castle Rock, CO

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Rachel Brown was nominated by her colleague, Heidi Schuster.

"I have known Rachel as a colleague in the Douglas County School District for many years, but I have just recently had the honor of working with her closely as we created our online school," said Schuster. "Rachel has excelled in recent years as part of our CIPG (curriculum, instruction, and professional growth)department, but this year, the tables turned rapidly for Rachel. This year, she was thrown headfirst into helping the district create an online learning program. The eLearning school was put together in less than a month. At times, if felt as though we were building an airplane while in the air. Our school accommodates approximately 1800 middle school students in a virtual setting with students attending teacher-led classrooms in defined periods of time. We run just like a brick and mortar school - we just do it virtually."

Mrs. Brown is the only Dimensions of Math teacher in the eLearning school. Dimensions of Math is a class designed for students who are struggling in math because of learning challenges or lack of foundation. In this class, she has to teach every student at a different level. She must assess, design, and implement math for each and every student, at whatever level is appropriate. Essentially, she wears a variety of hats each and every day.  She is a mentor to teachers, parents, and students. She is an incredible teacher who understands the students' needs and knows how to accommodate each and every child.

"Rachel is one of the most intelligent, natural-born teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with," said Schuster. "Additionally, she is incredibly tech savvy and has helped me out on many, many occasions. If you knew me, you would know that I can barely create much more than a Google Document. I can honestly tell you that had it not been for Rachel, I may have simply melted down and given up."

Mrs. Brown's greatest area of strength lies in the blend of her intelligence and her uncanny insight into human nature. She has the right amount of these essential attributes, and they have allowed her to maintain a balanced perspective with her students and their individual struggles. She's a mentor, a teacher, and an advocate for students, parents, and colleagues. Mrs. Brown demonstrates a true passion for the students in the eLearning school.  She advocates for students when no one else will, and she will always go the extra mile to make sure that every child is safe, secure, and in the best learning environment possible. Her students adore her because she makes each and every one of them feel successful.  Students who normally struggle and fail find that they are valued, encouraged, individually recognized, and successful in her classroom. Her passion for education and compassion for the students make her a visionary who works for the greater good of all.

Mrs. Brown is a person of considerable academic insight and talent. She works tirelessly in her career, but still manages to balance career and family. She exemplifies compassion and collaboration, and she always does what is right for the students, the staff, and her family. Her work ethic and dedication to her family and career are apparent and unquestioned.        

Fortunately, this amalgamation of professionalism, intelligence, and people skills is packaged in a wonderfully friendly, witty, sincere, and caring human being. She is sensitive, flexible, respected, and admired by students, subordinates, superiors, and the community alike.

"I truly respect and admire Rachel Brown," said Schuster.

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