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Linsey Hayman

Position: RTI Teacher
School: Ruskin Elementary School
School District: Ware County Schools
City, State: Waycross, GA

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Linsey Hayman was nominated by her colleague, Casey Bazemore.

"Linsey is the absolute epitome of a LifeChanger within our community due to her commitment to her students, family, and friends. I had the pleasure of student teaching with Linsey last year, and I learned so much," said Bazemore. "While I had worked at the same school as her for several years, I had never had the opportunity to be an active participant in her room.  I learned everything about how to create a room that nurtures active learning, communication, and fun.  Her students absolutely adored her and were pushed beyond what they thought were their capabilities to achieve great things."

This year, Ms. Hayman was moved from her second grade class to become a leader in RTI (response to intervention). While there she has come back to second grade to help her colleagues plan and enrich their classrooms.  She is the definition of a team player and a dedicated teacher. She not only wants her students to succeed, but every student in the building, as well as their teachers.

Her leadership skills are an even balance between understanding how to support her peers and pushing everyone to be their very best.  She has previously been named Teacher of the Year for Ruskin Elementary, and it was an accomplishment that was highly deserved.  She is always supportive of her students and not only tells them to do the right thing, but shows them each and every day. Ms. Hayman shines with positivity and radiates charisma while she teaches.

"I've never seen anyone be so creative with their content, whether it's main idea bags or interactive games involving addition and subtraction," said Bazemore. "I can honestly say that I would not be half the teacher I am without her influence to my teaching philosophy and support! This is why I believe Linsey deserves to be named a LifeChanger."