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Vynessa Campos

Position: Earth Science/Biology Teacher
School: Elk Ridge Middle School
School District: Jordan School District
City, State: South Jordan, UT

Vynessa Campos was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Ms. Campos exemplifies the qualities of a LifeChanger in every way. She is an amazing teacher who uses many strategies to help students love and learn. The nominator has observed her using many forms of technology in her classroom to help students. Her students appreciate the respect, love and kindness she shows to everyone. She is an advocate for students with special needs, students from different ethnic backgrounds, and students who need a little extra attention. Her classroom is a welcoming and nurturing environment.

Her love for her profession has made her a highly respected and sought after colleague. Other teachers go to her for advice on management practices, instructional skills, student engagement, and moral support. She makes an impact on fellow employees in her role as instructional coach and leads the Climate, Culture and Character school committee. She is truly a LifeChanger for her students and colleagues!

Comments (47)

Michelangelo Posted 2 days ago

I had ms. campos for my ninth grade honors biology class, it was one of my most informative and fun class i have taken. I learned more in that class than i have in many other classes, she made learning fun. I actually looked forward to going to class and i don't look forward to most of my classes. I wish all my teachers were as caring and informative as ms. campos

Javier Campos Posted 2 days ago

My wife always has been an inspiration for me. Her honesty, dedication and love of helping others is a gift that she uses while educating our future generations. I have witnessed how much time she invests in her classroom, preparing her classes and always looking for opportunities to serve not only her students, but her peers and the educational system. Vynessa Campos is a professional who takes any opportunity to grow as an individual and educator. She is always willing to disseminate new knowledge without ego or fear. She is the most selfless person I know in the academic world. Her desire for her students is to love school and become successful. I love her so much and I am humbly grateful for her nomination. She is an anonymous hero who has touched the lives of many students and co-workers. I am so honored to be her eternal husband, her friend and her colleague.

Cayla Callus Posted 4 days ago

I was in Mrs. Campos's biology class 2 years ago and I still remember the things I learned. I didn't only learn the course material, I was taught that I could do anything I put my mind to. Not only is she a great teacher, she is extremely caring. She cares about her students and let's them know that everyday. It's been two years since I've been in her class and she still asks me how I'm doing and let's me know she cares. She has changed many lives for the better and continues to do it everyday!

Abi Chamberlain Posted 4 days ago

I've never met a more genuine person. She goes above and beyond to ensure the success of all her students. She is wonderful teacher and a personal role model of mine.

Zach olsen Posted 4 days ago

She is amazing she has grate kids and puts others before her self is is probably one of the best school teachers out there

Chase Chamberlain Posted 4 days ago

Shes dope

Shaylee Robertson Posted 4 days ago

Mrs campos makes you feel welcome in her classroom and is kind to everyone, she's helping me learn more more everyday :)

Shayne Bateman Posted 5 days ago

Vynessa's compassion and determination are infectious She cares and it shows in her work and family life.

Sharon Bateman Posted 6 days ago

Ms. Campos has a delightful sense of humor that serves her and her students well. She genuinely cares about every student and believes in their potential now and in days to come. She has the essential qualities of patience, persistence, and perseverance. She combines all of those with careful caring, all of which builds confidence in her students. In addition to the academic lessons she teaches, she created a sense of value in her students. Science comes to life under her creative hand. She is so deserving of this award.

Hilary Jensen Posted 6 days ago

Mrs. Campos is the type of person sees the good in everyone. Her compassion for others makes everyday better. She is gentle and kind to all.

Brixen Jensen Posted 14 days ago

Mrs. Campos is a super awesome teacher. She helps me to understand whatever we are learning. Thanks for being an awesome teacher!

Hailey Freiss Posted 22 days ago

Mrs. Campos is an amazing teacher she always makes sure every student understands things and is always willing to help. She makes learning fun. Her class is the last of my day and it is a great class to end with. She is an amazing teacher and deserves this award.

yahneli garcia Posted 22 days ago

you are an amazing teacher! thanks for teaching me, i really appreciate it!

Maegan Larsen Posted 24 days ago

Mrs.Campos is an amazing teacher! She makes class fun for everyone. I've never really liked science class until this year. She teaches in different styles which helps me learn. She cares about all her students. She is very nice and fun. I love going to her class!

Sophia Posted 24 days ago

I don't actually have Ms. Campos, but a lot of my friends do and they all absolutely adore her! She is an amazing teacher and really deserves this award!

Tyler Agren Posted 25 days ago

Mrs. Campos always tries to help her students in any way possible and goes out of her way to make sure you get the grade you deserve. She always has a good attitude and is a great example of being the best you can be. Thank you, Mrs. Campos, for being there for us, always!

Mikayla Glauser Posted 25 days ago

She is an amazing teacher and always answers our questions. If we don't understand something she explains it until we get it. She is very helpful when we need to retake tests or quizzes.

Alyssa Anderson Posted 26 days ago

Mrs. Campos is a marvelous teacher who has helped me and many other students. She is one of the most intelligent teachers I've had. She always finds a way to make usually dull topics lively and amusing for everyone in the class. She is always open to questions and concerns of others which has made her one of my most approachable teachers. She always shows how she cares about what is being taught which really helps me to be interested in the lesson. She truly is astounding! Thank you so much for all you do Mrs. Campos!

sierra mckinney Posted 26 days ago

mrs.campos is a wonderful teacher. she always knows how to cheer us up after a long day. or to help us understand stuff that we don’t get. she has amazingly fun activities instead of bookwork on a constant basis. she has helped me learn so much even though science is my worst subject she describes things in a completely different way so i understand. i am soooo thankful for everything she does.

Courtney Posted 26 days ago

Vynessa is so kind, to students and faculty alike. She doesn't discriminate and she doesn't judge. She is warm and welcoming to anyone who steps foot into her classroom and makes you feel like you belong. She takes time out of her day to answer questions and to give advice, as a colleague, a teacher, a friend, and a mentor. She has 100% changed my life in the short time I've known her. Thank you, Mrs. Campos!!

Ella Pilling Posted 26 days ago

Mrs.Campos really knows how to help individual people. She has this magic power to somehow know how each person needs to learn and is able to help everyone, using their own methods. She really connects and is able to get the knowledge we learn in her class into our heads, Her class is always enjoyable and i look forward to it everyday!

Mandy Jenkins Posted 26 days ago

Mrs. Campos is so amazing. She not only teaches us awesome things in awesome way, she also lets us know that she is human too. I love how she can connect with her students. I love being in her class and I know she has truly changed my life.

Sara Applegate Posted 26 days ago

Ms. Campos is one of the greatest teachers. She really goes out of her way to try to understand us and help us make sure that we completely understand what she is teaching us. One amazing aspect that she displays is her patience with all students. It doesn't matter how long it takes, she will do anything to help us be able to learn and grow. Her number one goal is our success. It doesn't matter if our goals are in her class or another class or even somewhere besides school, she is genuinely interested in what is going on and she will support us in everything we do. It is always a rewarding experience to be a part of her classroom.

Kristy Tran Posted 27 days ago

Mrs. Campos is an amazing teacher. I have a lot of respect for her. She has made learning fun and different. She is always happy and excited to teach us something new. She always starts the class with a huge smile! Mrs. Campos's class is always a safe and fun environment. She is unique and different from any of the other teachers I've had. She makes learning fun and not boring. She has taught me so much over the past year. She makes me feel like its okay to ask questions and is always so understanding. Mrs. Campos have for sure mad a difference in my life. Thank you for everything, Mrs. Campos!

Thomas Evans Posted 27 days ago

Mrs. Campos is amazing! She always helps her students when they need her and she explains all of her science concepts in the best way. I know that I can always count on her to cheer me up after a long day, (I have her in 7th period), and she is always happy in a genuine way. Thank you so much Mrs. Campos!

Elizabeth Posted 27 days ago

I love biology!! Mrs. Campos makes the class so fun and it is easy to earn. She is always ready to help her students and she is funny and kind to all of them. Mrs. Campos treats her students all equally. She is a wonderful teacher!

Amanda Mair Posted 27 days ago

Vynessa very much is a lifechanger, both inside and outside of her classroom. She is keenly aware of the needs of the students in her classroom, and is somehow able to meet those diverse needs! There are many students in our school who know that Vynessa is someone they can turn to for help and understanding. She also goes above and beyond to ensure that all of her students are learning, even those who struggle the most. To her colleagues, Vynessa shows the same concern and compassion for those she interacts with. She may be quiet by nature, but her actions of acceptance speak loudly for her. Every day, in every situation, Vynessa is changing lives for the good, and we are lucky to have such an extraordinary human at our school.

Baylee Posted 28 days ago

Mrs Campos creates a fun environment in her classroom. She makes it exciting to walk into class, because you never know what we'll be doing today. On top of that, she makes everyone feel safe, like you can talk without be judged. Whenever I walk into her classroom, I feel like she's genuinely happy to see me there.

Jenna Atkinson Posted 28 days ago

I have loved being in your class so far this year. You always make me feel okay about asking questions and are always understanding. Thank you so much!

Susan Elliott Posted 28 days ago

Mrs. Campos is a life changer. As a teacher, she demonstrates how students come before her curriculum. She is constantly listening to her students, I am a Special Education teacher who has had the great opportunity to spend time in her class as she taught. I watched her make sure all students were engaged in not only learning but, in human interaction. Students leave her class rewarded with strength, confidence, and curiosity that may not have had otherwise.

Alishia Huefner Posted 28 days ago

Ms. Campos creates a positive, supportive atmosphere in her classroom. She makes great use of technology. She treats her students with respect and they know she cares about them. She makes science engaging and fun. She is indeed a life changer in the lives of her students.

Sharon Jensen Posted 28 days ago

Vynessa brings her love of science and students together even in the summer months as she works at Valley High School in our summer school program. The program has two 3 week long sessions and the students who attend have all failed the course during the regular school year. She is engaging, entertaining, and students who were generally reluctant learners wanted to come to her class! Wow! Any school could use a teacher like her every single day. Her kindness and warmth shines through all of her interactions with students, colleagues, and community. She is very deserving because she really is a life changing teacher!

Jannifer Young Posted 28 days ago

Vynessa is compassionate and kind to everyone. She is an ally to the LGBTQ community and promotes acceptance. I love how open minded she is and how she is able to listen without judgement. Vynessa truly deserves this award. Way to go, Vynessa!

Avery Deets Posted 28 days ago

Ms. Campos is an amazing teacher, I have had her for two years and each year I improve greatly. She knows when to teach but she helps greatly as an individual as well. I greatly appreciate her and wish I could take her with me as a high school teacher.

Rylie Kershaw Posted 28 days ago

Ms.Campos is so cool. All she wants for us is to be kind and love everyone. I remember on the first day of school she talked about all of the hate in the world and how we have the power to change that. She doesn't want us just to learn science she wants us to learn that we have a place in the world and the power to do good. Ms.Campos has stayed after school to help me many times and has come extra early to help me as well. She's always willing to help any student or teacher.

Anabelle Thomas Posted 28 days ago

Mrs. Campose is a very nice and creative teacher! I find that all my years in Elk Ridge (9th grader) her class is the easiest to recall science info from.(Out of all my science classes) She is extremely helpful and funny! She's an amazing teacher.s

Jack Williams Posted 28 days ago

Mrs. Campos it the most amazing teacher I have ever met. Every day I am so excited to go to her class because she is the best. She can make anything fun even it is the most boring thing ever. She has made my life better the first day I met her.

Nicole Bearden Posted 28 days ago

Mrs. Compose is a great teacher. I feel safe in her classroom. I'm never scared to talk to her because I know she'll understand and always be kind. She help me learn a lot and she makes it fun. I've never really liked science, but I'm actually kind of enjoying it this year.

chris ransom Posted 28 days ago

she lets us play with playdoh and it helps us learn the structure of cell organelles and she doesn't get mad at us

Korrin Wahlstrom Posted 28 days ago

Ms. Campos is a great teacher! She teaches with fun labs and activities! She has taught me so much about Biology!

Porter Morris Posted 28 days ago

Ms Campos is a great teacher, she taught me so much and its only 2 quarter

Abigail W Posted 28 days ago

Ms. Campos is an incredible teacher! She always does her best to make sure we have fun as we learn about science. She is always positive and willing to explain when a weirdly worded question doesn't make sense. She is amazing!

Ryan Simpson Posted 28 days ago

I really like how mrs campos can relate to students and is always willing to help someone learn!

mckell Posted 28 days ago

shes cool and is a really good teacher

Kristie Post Wallace Posted 28 days ago

I have worked with Vynessa over the last 5 school years in several capacities and I am always impressed with her and her interactions with others. Though a task or assignment might be difficult for her, she will organize herself and others involved in order to create a positive experience that impacts the school and the community for good. I have been in her classroom as a co-teacher for a time and I learned so much from her about how to care about students, how to set up and review classroom procedures, how to do quick but patient transitions, and how to organize a classroom. Vynessa has not only impacted her colleagues but more importantly, she positively influences her students. Often times I hear how much students love her and her class and learn a lot from her strategies and abilities. Often times I hear of how much she cares about individual students from the students themselves. She is welcoming and a listening and trustful ear for many at our school. She takes time to talk to individual students and even to listen to me vent about things for a bit. She has definitely changed my life and the lives of countless others.

Kelly Melrose Posted 28 days ago

Vynessa is not only very helpful for the students but the teachers as well. She will always use whatever she can to help other teachers with different websites and or teaching hints and tricks. She is a great leader and great colleague to work with each and every day.

Chris Lyon Posted 28 days ago

I have worked with Vynessa at two different schools. The thing that impresses me most about Vynessa is her genuine desire to help at risk students. She was the youth in custody advisor for many years. During that time she worked with students, some of which have survived horrible things, and helped them overcome their difficulties. Vynessa is an advocate for at risk students and is constantly reminding teachers to be mindful of them and their circumstances. Vynessa shares articles and insights showing how we, as teachers, can help these students succeed. Vynessa loves these kids, as if they were her own children. Having worked with her for a decade has made me a better teacher and mentor to my students!