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Clemente Ayon

Position: Animal Science Teacher
School: Santa Maria High School
School District: Santa Maria Joint Union High School
City, State: Santa Maria, CA

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Clemente Ayon was nominated by his friend, Andrew Jenings.

Mr. Ayon, along with other teachers, has hands-on experience helping students understand and work with animals, as well as organizations like FFA (Future Farmers of America). Most recently, he has been helping students work with raising sheep. Recently, he and others provided turkeys to members of his community for Thanksgiving. In the midst of a national crisis, he wants to serve others, but most importantly, the families of the students he serves. Approximately 75 families have been assisted this year in this endeavor, and although he is not alone in this, he has proven to be a LifeChanger for this community in the Central Coast of California. Overall, he's truly a servant to others!

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Keith Paras Posted 1 months ago

If you don't know or never have met Clemente, my advice to you is to meet him and see what an absolute wonderful heart, mind and soul he contains and how he shares these attributes!! And how your own life can transform!!