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Magally Melendez

Position: Secretary
School: Edison/ Fareira High School
School District: School District of Philadelphia
City, State: Philadelphia, PA

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Magally Melendez was nominated by her colleague, Meredith Mathers.

Ms. Melendez, also known in her school building as Maggie, has a voice that all of the students recognize. In addition to keeping the school running through her daily secretarial duties, Maggie is an active member of the school community. She is quoted as saying: "Credits are earned in the classroom and not in the hallway!" 

"Maggie is a secretary extraordinaire," said Joacy Mendonca. "She is always organized and efficient. She is the pulse of Edison High School because she knows everything about the school and the staff, cares about every single person, and is quite generous with all the students. Maggie is also a great listener, always offering the staff a word of encouragement and kindness in difficult moments." 

Every day, Maggie can be heard over the loud speaker providing the students with daily announcements and encouraging words. She provides these announcements in both English and Spanish to accommodate for the large Spanish speaking student population. She participates in weekly leadership team meetings to offer school improvement suggestions. Maggie is also a part of the building committee, where teacher concerns are addressed. 

When the girls' softball team did not have a coach, Maggie stepped up to the plate and immediately began forming relationships with the students, providing snacks and drinks on game days. She took the girls under her wing and provided support on and off the softball field, along with serving as a source of positivity and encouragement.  

Aidaliz Reyes says: "Gracias maggie por no solo ser nuestra entrenadora de softball, no solo eres la entrenadora has estado ahi como amiga y mas que amiga te veo como mi segunda madre por que se que puedo contar contigo para lo que sea incluso contarte cosas y yo se que no se lo dirias a nadie se que buscarias la manera de ayudarme y no solamente ami si no que lo haces con todas nosotras, tu amabilidad y tu personalidad significa mucho para todos por que se que son pocas las personas que son asi como tu, sabes que pase lo que pase puedes contar conmigo y creeme que tenerte a ti como entrenadora fue lo mejor, cuando me valla de la escuela seguire en comunicacion, te lo mereces todo y con solo mirar tus ojos uno ya sabe que eres una persona de bien y se que quieres lo mejor para nosotras al igual que nosotras queremos lo mejor para ti. 

**Translation of student statement:

"Thank you maggie for not only being our softball coach, you're not only the coach you've been there as a friend and more than a friend I see you as my second mother because I know that I can count on you for whatever it is to even tell you things and I know you do not you would tell anyone I know you would find a way to help me and not only me but you do it with all of us, your kindness and your personality means a lot to everyone because I know that few people are like you, you know that whatever happens you can count on me and believe me that having you as a coach was the best, when I leave school I will continue in communication, you deserve everything and just by looking your eyes you already know that you are a good person and that you want the best for us just as we want the best for you."

"Maggie's bubbly, energetic personality can be seen bouncing around the main office," Mathers said. "She is a presence that the students and staff look forward to seeing each and every day."

Comments (27)

Willie Mae Harrison Posted over a year ago

Thank you Maggie for always being helpful and pleasant!

Christie Parfitt Posted over a year ago

Maggie is the heart and soul of Edison HS. Her warm personality is always there to welcome staff, students, and the community. Each day Maggie goes above and beyond to ensure that the school functions at a high level. There are not enough words to explain the impact she has had on the Edison HS community! She is simply amazing.

Deborah Flood Posted over a year ago

Maggie is the hub of information at Edison. She was the first to contact me when I was selected to teach here, and was so friendly and welcoming! She always seems to have the answer to every tricky question. Maggie was also a life saver when she cheerfully provided translation for me when I was having a conference with a parent. I love hearing her announcements in both English and Spanish. She is very much appreciated by all!!

Kendra M Ursta Posted over a year ago

Not enough can be said about Maggie! She is an amazing person and professional. No matter what is happening at Edison, Maggie always has a positive attitude and smile. She keeps the school running on a daily basis. She has helped me too many times to count, no matter the issue or the time. One can tell she loves Edison by the way she interacts with admin, staff, students, and parents. All of her announcements are in English and Spanish. She has stepped up to couch sports when others would not. "Credits are earned in the classroom, not in the hallway!" is her daily motto for students.

Carol Sienkiewicz Posted over a year ago

Maggie is a teacher's best friend and source of knowledge at Edison High School. She cheerfully provides the daily support and guidance to every staff member and teacher. With over 100 people that is not only a demanding job but also a vital component in running such a large school. Maggie provides support to so many teachers in so many ways. We appreciate her caring, knowledge and efficiency. Those large and small acts of kindness make all the difference in teachers', students', and parents' lives.

Sydney Coffin Posted over a year ago

"Maggie" as we affectionately call her, is a terrific manager to all of our school's business in the main office, as well as a warm and friendly face whenever we go there to handle the administrative end of teaching. In a school of only a little fewer than 1500 kids and a staff of 100 or so, there is a lot to facilitate, and everything seems like a crucial emergency to the people involved. Magally seems capable of achieving a kind of cheerful grace and style in the midst of the daily superstorm in a school of our size and complexity; she accomplishes not only creating an eye in the storm but is also able to expand that calm eye to cover your own needs and crises. Ms. Melendez is not phased by any of our work, and has become a dear friend as well.

Phyllis Whitman Posted over a year ago

Maggie is an awesome employee. She is extremely conscientious and takes her job seriously. She has an excellent rapport with the staff. Maggie always handles herself in a professional matter. She is very trustworthy and fair. Maggie always has a smile and keeps the staff informed of all important matters. She is helpful to all and makes sure that teachers are aware of the rules and procedures in advance to avoid any issues. As the Freshman Academy leader, Maggie has been helpful to me in a variety of ways and I greatly appreciate all she does for the school.

Christine Cesarone Posted over a year ago

After moving to a new position within the building, I have been looking to Maggie for guidance. She always helps with a smile on her face and the occasional light-hearted banter explaining so I can learn for next time, never doing it for me. She is a crucial piece to the Edison puzzle and loved by all.

Josh Bower Posted over a year ago

Maggie is a consummate professional. She is very dependable, detail-oriented, honest and fair. On a professional level, Maggie performs her job with the utmost fidelity. She keeps everything organized and provides exceptional secretarial work for our Administration and school community overall. Personally, Maggie is one of the kindest and caring people I've been around. Regardless of the circumstance, Maggie is a phenomenal person and we're all delighted to have her on our team (as a co-worker and as a friend). Additionally, Maggie goes above and beyond her call of duty. She coaches athletics, mentors students, and provides an unbiased reflection to our school leadership team. Without Maggie as our secretary, our already hectic work environment would surely be absolute chaos. Kudos to you Maggie! I hope you win this award; however, you're, without a doubt, a LifeChanger to all of us.

Emily Cohen Posted over a year ago

I started at Edison in 2012. From the first day here, I always felt welcome, and Maggie was a big part of that. She is one of the most positive members of the Edison family, and keeps everything at Edison running smoothly. Maggie motivates the staff and students to do their best! She keeps us smiling and laughing throughout all the hectic days of the school year. She is dependable and reliable, and always helps us find the solution to whatever issues arise. Maggie stepped up to coach softball, and kept the team energized throughout the entire season. This nomination is well-deserved and we are so lucky to have her at Edison!

AP Spencer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Maggie always helps out with everything. As a new administrator to the district, she always provides information and direction. She always goes above and beyond to support. The best thing about Ms. Maggie is that she has high expectations. Although new, she was not overbearing. She allowed for space to grow but always had her door open if I need help. She gives just the right kind of support that encourages you to want to learn more. I am most grateful for her commitment and dedication to us all.

Ms. Harrison Posted over a year ago

Ms Melendez is a very sweet, professional and efficient person. Ms. Melendez gets the job done no matter what it is. She has helped me with my concerns and solved my problems. She most certainly deserves the Lifechanger of the year award.

Chicano Posted over a year ago

Maggie is the hardest working employee at Edison! She has an uncanny ability to brighten up your day with her smile and silly jokes. Her energy is one of a kind and to be truly admired. Well deserved honor!

Will Humphrie Posted over a year ago

Magally is a precious treasure who makes all of jobs easier while helping to provide a safe and educational environment for students. She is on the front line to deal with the issues and concerns of parents, agencies, staff and students and the does so with energy, and her special humor

Mr.Hughes Posted over a year ago

Maggie is one of the most important parts of the Edison Family, being that I'm the Logistics teacher here we have a close relationship always talking about things needed for school or anything ordered for school. Then last year helping me out as JV coach of softball really helped me out with the girls,developing a quick bond with them from the start.While all that stuff is great the best part of Maggie is her heart and how big it is towards everyone she meets,never a bad thing to say about anyone,or her generosity,hard work and commitment for Edison.Making my job as the Warehouse teacher so much easier but also the friendship we started since day one.God bless you Maggie well deserved.

brookman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Melendez was there for me when I needed her most. Her help and prayers through one of my darkest times were always given without hesitation. She is a bright light that shines through any darkness. Her professionalism is beyond reproach. She is a true friend. She has the love and respect of all who are fortunate enough to know her. Buck Brookman

Evelyn Briganty Posted over a year ago

Maggie's intentions are real, she is extremely helpful and positive, no matter what is going on she continues to keep going forward and never ever gives up! Her transparency, honesty, and even humor, keeps us all up lifted. She always knows and says exactly what we need to hear when we need to hear it. Keep us all in line at all times and makes sure we do as she expect us to do.

Zenaida Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

I am very proud to say that is my sister. I am grateful to know people see what I see. She makes a difference wherever she’s at. Strong but kind, her heart seek for justice. Speak loud and clear for those that allow their silent to speak louder than themselves. And that is her place. I love you sis’ Little sister, zena

Oscar Rodríguez Posted over a year ago

That’s my baby. I’m a proud father,love her

Doug Surine Posted over a year ago

She has a hectic job but handles it with good humor and professionalism and always knows how to handle every situation.

Rolyn Heywood Posted over a year ago

Awesome colleague! Always compassionate and ready to help.

Alicia Owen Posted over a year ago

Maggie is the best! She is so helpful and I wouldn't be able to do my job without her!

Justa Padilla Posted over a year ago

As Maggie's co-worker I can say that I would not have survived the three years as a secretary here at Edison without her support. She is very efficient always giving 100% at whatever she does. I truly love working with her. We are blessed to have her.

Barbara Bess-Pashak Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Maggie! This is a well deserved honor!

Sarah Rooney Posted over a year ago

Maggie is a true lifechanger!

Lillian Rivera Posted over a year ago

Maggie is an extraordinary person. We always introduce her as the person that runs the school as she knows everything that is going on everyday. She is friendly, personable, helpful and very funny! She is also a team player and great person overall.

Norma Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

I love you, god bless you always l am so proud of you always you are a great person and beautiful you have a big heart. that’s why god will always bless you