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Sherie Smith

Position: Head School Nurse/Nursing Instructor
School: Vienna High School
School District: Vienna High School 13-3
City, State: Vienna, IL

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Karen Lynn Stark Posted 7 days ago

Good Luck

Evie Barton Posted 7 days ago

Nurse Smith was never my nurse, but she was my camp counselor during the summer in the late 80s to early 90s. She was the best counselor because she knew how to talk to young people and had compassion for everyone she ever spoke to. She was kind, thoughtful, and an educator even back then. I'm 41 years old now, and even though I didn't go to high school in Vienna, I have no doubts 20 or 30 years later, Nurse Sherie is that same person. Not only can she help meet physical needs but she can help emotionally and mentally. That is so important in a young person's life. I'm not surprised she was nominated.

Kassidy Taylor Posted 9 days ago

She is amazing!! She is always there when you need her, even if it’s not nurse related. She treats us as her own, and puts us before herself!

Katie Posted 10 days ago

Mrs. Smith is an incredible school nurse and teacher. She always goes above and beyond!

Jay Morgan Posted 12 days ago

Mrs.Smith, You have set the leadership standards for our district, your compassion for your students and for our staff is beyond measure thank you for always stepping up and doing extra to keep our doors open, teachers and support staff safe and kids in the classroom.

Lisa Smith Posted 12 days ago

Sherie Smith is an awesome person, nurse, teacher, mentor and role model for students! She always goes above and beyond in whatever she does! She is truly a wonderful servant. I am so proud to call her a former student and friend!

Kelly Stewart Posted 12 days ago

Sherrie was a stunner in my jr high math class and played softball and basketball for me. She was an excellent student and A great leader on the field of play. I am not surprised to hear the words spoken in regard to her in the video. She is always had a servant’s heart and been willing to do whatever it takes!

Kathy Poole Posted 12 days ago

Sherie is an amazing person. She has done so much for our family. I can think of no better person for this award. She has truly helped to change so many lives both in school and out of school.

Dorothy Bacon Posted 12 days ago

Thank you Mrs. Smith for all you do for the students. Very deserving of nomination for this award. .

Kayla Posted 12 days ago

she’s all around a great person!! she always took care of me when i needed it. i haven’t been to burns in months but everytime she sees me, she always welcomes me and greets me as if i’ve been there the whole time.

Heidi Anderson Posted 13 days ago

Very deserving person. I thank her daily for all she did to help my kids through school and two through nursing class

Suzanne Posted 13 days ago

You are an amazing educator and love what you do for your kids at school!!! Continue spreading your wealth of knowledge!!!

Kimberly Cook Posted 13 days ago

Sherie Smith has always been there for anyone who needed it. She is someone who goes above and beyond for everyone . She is a kind and caring person and always sees the best in people. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than her.

jordan Posted 13 days ago

goooo Mrs.Smith!!!!!!!!!!

Maddie Posted 13 days ago

Such an amazing opportunity to be able to learn from Mrs. Smith! She goes above and beyond for her students and would do anything for them! really an amazing teacher and deserves this more than anything!

Sherman Taylor Posted 13 days ago

Sherie gives everything she does in life 120%…always putting others first and thinking of herself last …she is a blessing to every life she touches .

Laurie smith Posted 13 days ago

Best teacher I’ve ever had, does her best to keep you going no matter how hard you want to quit, she’s a great leader and someone anyone can rely on! She’s open to help anyone at any moment! if anyone deserves any reward she deserves it all!

CJ Burnett Posted 13 days ago

A bad working women who never gives up! A loving teacher and a person you can count on for anything. She has a heart of Gold and truly is a person that that loves like Jesus.

Chloe Capron Posted 13 days ago

She is AMAZING! She does whatever she can whenever she can to help others!

Jody Johnson Posted 13 days ago

Sherie is an incredible educator/person! I have had the pleasure of working with her the past 4 years doing Community Emergency Response Training courses with CNA and other Vienna High School students. We have trained over 100 youth in Johnson County, who helped prepare 700 households for a disaster! She is always looking for opportunities for the students to prepare them for life. During the past year, COVID has interrupted our normal programming schedule, however she has cooperated with Extension to provide Rapid-test for employees given exemptions. She is without question a person who is making lifechanging impacts in her community!

Katie Pobst Posted 13 days ago

I have known Sherie since high school when we were in HOSA together. She is and has always been a very caring thoughtful person who is passionate about the nursing field and educating her students with the same passion. She is a great asset to Vienna High School.

Kassidy Taylor Posted 13 days ago

She is amazing!! She is always there when you need her, even if it’s not nurse related. She treats us as her own, and puts us before herself!

Assiah Posted 13 days ago

Sherie is an amazing lady who works hard with the purpose of truly caring for those placed around her. She has been a great blessing throughout my life and I know for many others as well. What a great gift she is to our community!!

Jennifer Webb Posted 13 days ago

So deserving of this award!!

Kasey orea Posted 13 days ago

I'm so proud to know such a beautiful person so kind and giving truly selfless. Sherie goes above and beyond to help others. Her love for God shine through her love for teaching. Her students are truly blessed with one of the best teacher ever ? congratulations ?? it's well deserved ???

Ann taylor Posted 13 days ago

Sherie has a heart full of love and compassion that she pours out to everyone she comes in contact with .. she is self sacrificing and many times lays down her own personal plans and needs to meet the needs of someone else… no matter her plans ,no matter the time ,no matter how tired her response to a call for someone in need is always the same .. how can I help? She always has a ready smile and words of wisdom and encouragement. It is a joy to be in her presence and to see her love for others …

Kyleigh Smith Posted 13 days ago

Her kind and giving heart are some of the best qualities that make her a life changer. She gives her all in both her family life and in her work life.

Christina Cockrum Posted 13 days ago

Sherie Smith is excellent at her job, and has a real heart for what she does. She works hard and strives to make sure that her students are trained properly. Due to her teaching of the Heimlich Maneuver, when I needed help, my daughter was prepared and was able to save my life. In my opinion, you will not find anyone more deserving of this award. Congratulations on your nomination, Sherie! #LCOY

Kaylee Adams Posted 13 days ago

It is a joy to work with Sherie every day! She has a true love for her student and community!

Jessa Shoemaker Posted 13 days ago

Sherie Smith has always been the person who loves to help anyone and everyone she can! She is such a kind and loving person who has a strong passion to provide kindness and compassion to anyone she comes in contact with. I can't think of a better and more deserving person to be nominated for this award!

Lisa Price Posted 13 days ago

I have seen Sherie in action with students and she is outstanding. She has also been a great partner to Shawnee Community College by helping us maneuver through the Vaccination and testing mandate. Thanks Sherie, for your outstanding contributions to the community!

Laura Payne Posted 13 days ago

I've only taught at Vienna Grade School for two years, but every encounter I've had with Sherie is wonderful. The other day at the Veteran's service at the high school. She personally made sure I got a bouquet of flowers. I needed those that day very much! Thank you Sherie.

Karamie Waller Posted 30 days ago

Sherie Smith has always been someone who goes above and beyond what she is asked to do. She has a heart that bleeds service to those around her. She is so kind and compassionate, and I know those students are in the best hands with her. Thank you Sherie for doing your calling.

Shane Elms Posted 1 months ago

Congratulations Sherry Taylor Smith Watching the video was very moving and heartfelt! I see the love of Christ in a person who puts others first which draws others to the same light! Well deserved choice pick! Bravo????????

Jason Taylor Posted 1 months ago

I don’t know a more deserving person for this award nomination!! Congrats

Rita Hull Posted 1 months ago

#LCOY Sherri is a great person and most deserving

Sherri Wright Posted 1 months ago

Mrs. Smith is an amazing person in so many ways. She has a heart of gold and the compassion she has for others just spills over. She has an energy about her that touches everyone she comes in contact with. They couldn't have picked a better person for this award!

Kerri Taylor Posted 1 months ago

#LCOY Sherie is a rock star for teaching and leading by example daily for the students at VHS !!

Robbie Marshall Posted 1 months ago

Sherri has a servants heart. Congratulations on your nomination of this award.

Cindy VanCleve Posted 1 months ago

#LCOY I have know Sherie for over 30 years and am blessed to call her my friend. Sherie is one of the most selfless people I know. Sherie loves others well and truly wants the best for not only her family but her students, friends and community as well. She has a God given gift and heart to serve others. She is very deserving of this nomination!!

Julieann Horman Posted 1 months ago

#LCOY She is a blessing to all who meet her! she is a true light for God in our community! and I'm blessed to know her. DEFINITELY deserving of this award!

Melanie Russell Posted 1 months ago

#LCOY Sherie started on this journey years ago. She leads by example. Sherie is truly called to this profession as a nurse and a teacher. She is so very kind and caring and compassionate. But she’s also analytical and a smart problem solver. Sherie uses her talents to the best of her abilities to serve others. She’s a remarkable nurse and an even better person. Very deserving of this award.

Heather Posted 1 months ago

Sherie is the BEST! She does so much for our school and the kids. This is very deserving of this nomination.

Emily Smith Posted 1 months ago

Mrs. Smith is such a great teacher she has taught me many important life skill that can change and save many life’s. Because of her love and heart for her job I can say with confidence that I will be able to save a life with the skills she has taught me. #lifechanger

natalie Posted 1 months ago

Such a wonderful person and deserves the award for sure!

Kaden Vaughn Posted 1 months ago


Robin Hemphill Posted 1 months ago

#LCOY. Thank you for going above & beyond! You are greatly appreciated by your community!!!