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Amy Moody

Position: Principal
School: Knight Enloe Elementary School
School District: Roanoke City Schools
City, State: Roanoke, AL

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Amy Moody was nominated by her colleague, Cathy Hardnett.

Mrs. Moody is the school principal at Knight Enloe Elementary, and Hardnett has known her for many years. When Hardnett began working seventeen years ago, Mrs. Moody was a second grade teacher who loved her students. She made a beneficial difference in their lives by showing them love and helping them learn. Over the years, she has advanced to counselor and assistant principal at Handley High School before returning as principal at Knight Enloe Elementary. 

"She is a very beautiful, young, energetic person who has the knowledge and proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of her students and their safety," Hardnett said. "Mrs. Moody is very dedicated to her faculty and staff and is a great leader who adheres to high moral and ethical standards. She strives for excellence and positively adds to the development of our school's atmosphere."