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Lori Beth Mays

Position: Principal
School: Lemons Mill Elementary School
School District: Scott County Schools
City, State: Georgetown , KY

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Cheerful, encouraging, supportive, ambitious, determined, positive, and proficient are just a few words that could be used to describe Lori Beth Mays, principal at Lemons Mill Elemementary.  "It is a daily privilege for me to work in an environment filled with support and encouragement led by an incredible principal," her nominator said. "Students, staff, and families of Lemons Mill Elementary School truly love Mrs. Mays and are blessed to be a part of her life."  

Mrs. Mays is an innovative leader who continually listens to the needs of the students at Lemons Mill Elementary and adapts school-wide instruction in order to best meet students' needs.  She has been a key ambassador for student-led learning through project-based learning opportunities that have been implemented at Lemons Mill Elementary over the past few years. Students are learning in ways they never have before and are learning the soft skills needed to succeed far past their time in elementary school.  

"It is a blessing for me to call Lori Beth Mays my principal," her nominator said.  "I am continually grateful for all that she does and am excited to see the way she is leading this school to encourage the continued learning and development of the young minds we see each day."

Comments (23)

Jenny Cooper Posted over a year ago

Lori Beth Mays is certainly a leader who puts others first. The first thing you’ll notice is her sweet smile as she energetically finds a way to lend a hand. Next you’ll be impressed by her passion as she selflessly serves and leads with humility. Her heart for education, students and staff is remarkable and leaves a lasting mark on those she comes in contact with.

Renee Holmes Posted over a year ago

A deserving and befitting honor for an outstanding principal, dedicated educator, and incredible human being. Her smile warms every room. All those around her are drawn to her light energy. I have worked closely with Lori Beth for more than a decade and have seen her first transform young learners in her fourth grade classroom and now transform the traditional classroom in her role as principal.

Mary Jo Johnson Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Lori Beth Mays at two different schools, a middle school and now elementary school. At both schools Lori Beth put her heart and soul into the school. Middle school was new to her but she met each challenge with the students in mind. As an elementary school principal Lori Beth seems to have found her niche. She tirelessly meets with teachers and parents with one goal- what is best for the student(s) Lori Beth is a life changer of all the students, parents, teachers, and communities she touches.

Melanie Helton Posted over a year ago

I have the blessing of working with Lori Beth each and every day. She is not only an amazing educator but an amazing person who truly cares about all those around her. Together we work with some of the most challenging children and to watch the love that shows them in their worst moments is a true picture of what God's love looks like. Lori Beth wants all kids to be successful and confident members of society.

Kari Dascher Posted over a year ago

When I grow up I wanna be LB! Lori Beth Mays has a heart of gold. She is kind, caring, patient, genuine... She always has the best interest of her students and staff at heart. Lori Beth has a knack for hiring, she puts thoughtful consideration into each person she brings into our family. I am thankful for this...I've met some of my all-time fav people at LME and have learned so much from them. Lori Beth is a life changer for sure. I am so thankful I met her. Thank u for helping me be a better version of me LB. ??

Keith G Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mays is exemplary. Blessed that my three boys are in this school with this incredible leader. She empowers her staff. She empowers students and gives them an authentic voice. Most of all, she loves each and every kid like they are her own. The narrative in the nomination is spot on and yet only begins to tell the story. I hope you give Mrs. Mays strong consideration for this award.

Molly Fulton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mays enthusiasm and loving energy is felt across the entire school. As a parent, I am in awe of her constant smile and effort she makes to every single student, every single day. She is very deserving of this nomination.

Todd Cox Posted over a year ago

Mrs Mayes deserves this recognition and much more for her tireless efforts to shape the future of Scott County with compassion, leadership, and academic excellence! We are very proud of Mrs. Mayes!

Patricia Posted over a year ago

Having known Lori Beth Mays since her college days, it does not surprise me that she has been nominated for this award. Hard work and dedication to the tasks at hand are everyday goals for her and are foremost as her mindset. She succeeds at all she sets out to accomplish because she has the winning attitude that precludes that. Children at her school are happy to be there each day, as they are always greeted with her smiling face and are waved goodbye at the end of the day. The atmosphere she has created at Lemons Mill goes far beyond any I've experienced, in that each child enjoys being at school and exudes that through their academic growth and performance. Innovative ways of teaching at her school have enhanced the lives of many students and it's obvious that this reflects the many capabilities and genuine character of this wonderful and caring principal. She absolutely is worthy of this recognition.

Sarah Posted over a year ago

Lori Beth is genuine. She truly cares about her students and staff. It is evident in the atmosphere of the school. A person can walk in and feel the love she has for her students and It is evident in the hugs the children give her. She truly embodies what it means to be a kind, loving, genuine person.

Debbie Hockensmith Posted over a year ago

I totally agree with the words shared for Lori Beth Mays nomination. Having grandchildren attending LME, I have seen first hand the commitment to her students, the love and encouragement that she has for every student and support staff. Serving on the FRC Council, I have observed how she listens and grabs every positive idea and implements that idea. Mrs. Mays is always open to new and innovative ways of learning. Knowing her on a personal basis, I know how dedicated she is to her students, staff and school. When you walk in LME, you can feel the love and caring attitude and that begins with Lori Beth's positive attitude and always smiling face.

JM Posted over a year ago

Lori Beth has always wanted young people to develop the love of learning. First as a classroom teacher, then as a Dean and Asst. Principal and now as a Principal. Not only does her love for developing learners continue, but her passion for “teaching teachers” is inspiring to anyone that has been in her school environment. As her husband, I also get to see her carry these passions with her outside of her school. Her concern for her students doesn’t “end with the bell.” Her load at times can be heavy, Yet she carries this load with grace and class. Her smile displays her love for others and her integrity is grounded by the realization that her role as an educator is so much bigger than any one person, especially her. To love her is a natural response to her loving you first.

Amy Clayburn Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mays prepares her students to become leaders. She is continually looking for new ways to teach students how to achieve this. Each of her 725 students knows she sincerely cares for them and their best interest. She is pretty spectacular! Very deserving of this nomination.

Eliza Fairbanks Posted over a year ago

Lori Bethbis genuine, caring, thoughtful, assertive, and open minded. She is having the Spanish speaking children teach her Spanish!! Brilliant idea to have them included and feeling needed and useful and not a burden because they have to learn English. She goes out of her way to say thank you to parent volunteers. It means so much. She makes it a point to say hello and for additional ways to include everyone in ways that best suit their needs. We love her!

Leah McAllister Posted over a year ago

Lemons Mill Elementary is truly a special place and Mrs. Mays is the key factor in that! She has always had such a clear vision of what education should look like and it involves a staff that believes that EVERY student is a success just waiting to be celebrated. When I sat in my interview, I knew I wanted to be a part of what was going to happen under her leadership. She is creative and innovative and is dedicated to helping all students and staff reach their full potential in, not only academics, but in their personal passions as well! Her positivity and commitment is unparalleled. I am so fortunate to learn from her each and every day! Congratulations on your nomination, Mrs. Mays!

Amy Perkins Posted over a year ago

I have never seen anyone as wonderful with the students as she is. She sees no difference in any of them! She treats each one with respect and love! I am blessed she has been my boys principal for the past 4 years. We love you Mrs. Mays

Devon Santizo Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mays is a strong leader, herself, and staff make every student feel so welcome, and excited to be in school!! She treats every child there like her own!! Mrs. Mays is amazing!!!!!

Jody Burrus Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mays and the rest of the Lemons Mill staff have been a life changer for my son. Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about having impact, influence and inspiration. Mrs. Mays does all of these. She has created an environment that is a launching pad for the students to be successful in not only academics but successful in life. She encourages self confidence, problem solving skills and overall effective communication skills. Through her direction and leadership, Lemons Mill has become more of a community for our children rather than just a school.

Linda France Posted over a year ago

Lori Beth Mays is a leader of leaders who wirks diligently to create a student-centered school. I am happy to support her nomination as Life Changer of the Year.

A. S. Posted over a year ago

She is the reason I felt safe open enrolling in public school and chose Lemons Mill after having my child in a private school. There was no doubt in my mind. I wanted my child in her care. My child instantly adored her. She always has a smile. She makes everyone feel welcome and cherished. She has a gift. She is one of a kind.

Variety Mashibe Posted over a year ago

She is one of the reasons why I love where I live. I tell all my out-of-state family and friends, especially. She is very kind and definitely loves her students. She's also on the leading edge of creative ways to reach each individual child that comes through the school doors. Besides all that, she is humble. I'm thankful my kids get to attend her school.

Sarah Kercsmar Posted over a year ago

As PTA President at LME, it is my pleasure to work with Mrs. Mays on a weekly basis. She makes it a point to make everyone who enters the building feel welcome and part of the "LME Family." Her focus on hands-on, student-led learning has not only revolutionized school at LME, but has caught on throughout the county and the state. We are very fortunate to have such a strong leader as Lori Beth Mays.

Lori Beth Mays Posted over a year ago

Thank you so much! I am honored to be the principal at Lemons Mill Elementary. I truly love coming to work each day and feel like I am the one who is blessed! You cannot walk through our building without feeling the excitement for learning. It's great to spend each school day with people who are focused on kids. Thanks you again. :)