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Megan Asper

Position: District Nurse
School: Gull Lake Community Schools
School District: Gull Lake Community Schools
City, State: Richland, MI

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Megan Asper was nominated by one of her colleagues.

Ms. Asper joined the Gull Lake Community School District in 2016. She has proven her ability to make a difference in the lives of students through her coordination of all things COVID-related. Her job has changed substantially, as all educators' jobs have, and she has moved from a backseat supportive role to being a frontline leader in the district's COVID safety procedures.

Ms. Asper has supported administrators in their work of keeping students and staff informed and safe throughout the pandemic. She keeps in close contact with the local health department and advises the central office staff on procedures.  She has maintained regular nurse communication to both the staff and the community, and she shared changes in protocols or rationalization for the procedures the district was enforcing at the time. 

Ms. Asper maintains professionalism when talking with families who have a variety of strong feelings associated with COVID-related procedures. She has worked to make in-person learning safe. She has maintained moral and ethical standards, despite competing pressures associated with decision-making during the last three years. Ms. Asper often finds herself as the middle woman between constituents, and she works hard to communicate as clearly as possible to everyone involved. 

"The district's COVID response, including communication, procedural recommendation, personal protective equipment orders, vaccination clinic coordination, and COVID testing site execution, is in large part due to Megan's commitment to making a difference in the lives of the students and community," said her colleague.

Comments (36)

Patricia Seiler Posted 3 days ago

Megan is a wonderfully sweet person and I'm not surprised she's been nominated for life changer of the year award! Her personality is one that puts adults and children at ease regardless of the content of the conversation. While in nursing school, I was required to follow a nurse for a short time, I chose to learn from Megan during this time. I learned many things from her as well as gained some inspiration. Experiencing how calm but completely on her game Megan is was inspiring to me as a nursing student as well as a parent with 3 children in the district she serves. She's responsible for the safety and well being of an entire school district with 5+ school buildings. I was in awe of her excellence before the issues of covid-19 arose and she has not faltered given the new challenges she has and continues to face. Now as a nurse myself, I continue to look to Megan for guidance regarding my children and the health and safety of our school district. Congratulations on this nomination Megan, you definitely deserve it!

Jerri Barnett Posted 17 days ago

Megan is so deserving of this honor. She is one of those few people you meet in a lifetime that is truly a good-hearted, compassionate individual that will provide help/assistance for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. She is a true professional and great mother. Megan is absolutely the individual this award is designed to honor.

MC Kovacic Posted 20 days ago

Much deserved! So proud of you, friend! Your compassion and empathy knows no bounds.

Joyce Griffith Posted 22 days ago

Megan worked extremely hard in assuring that the vaccine clinic she helped coordinate at her school was successful. I found Megan to be one of the most caring and involved school nurses that I had the benefit to work with for a clinic. It was very evident during the clinic that her students respected, listened and looked up to her. Gull Lake is very fortunate to have Megan on their team!

Patti Fenton Posted 23 days ago

As a mother, (Megan’s), grandmother, and a BSN, I couldn’t be more proud of Megan!! Gull Lake District is lucky to have someone as competent, organized, and intelligent as she is. She is loving, compassionate and caring. I know, as a nurse, how difficult these past 2 years have been for the entire community. Megan has often worked into the night, tirelessly for her schools. She has been verbally abused by parents when she has to make Covid-19 follow up calls, yet she is able to maintain her kind, polite demeanor. She realizes that these parents are coming from a place of fear for their children and understands this. She offers correct, up to date information in a calm, kind, professional way. She is a wonderful mom, full of spunk, kindness, and fun. She loves her family, her students, and her friends and is not afraid to go the extra mile for them. She has a clear moral compass and is not afraid to make decisions that may not be popular, but are for the safety of her students. When I come to visit, I see the rapport she has with students and staff. Congratulations on being nominated Megan, we love you ??

Fatima Wise Posted 23 days ago

Nurse Megan has one the most caring personality I've ever met, she's kind, patient & knowledgeable nurse. Really appreciate her hard work & amazing interactions she's having all the time.

susan elizabeth Kerecman Posted 24 days ago

Gull Lake Schools is so fortunate to have such a caring loving person as their school nurse. Megan has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. Such big shoes she had to fill after Joni Knapper but she managed to do that despite the difficulty of the last 2 years. Congratulations Megan on a job well done. You are amazing in so many ways. Sue

Jennifer K Martin Posted 25 days ago

Megan went above and beyond in working with students and families to complete contact tracing with potential exposures. Gull Lake Schools have maintained an excellent record of COVID control. A fact that should be attributed to Megan's involvement. Not only does she work with families on contact tracing, she stays up to date and involved in COVID procedures. When a vaccine became available to children 12+, Megan worked tirelessly with area healthcare to coordinate a vaccine clinic on site at the school. The vaccine clinic coordinated by Megan, had one of the best turnouts of any school clinic. Megan has stayed in close contact with the county health department as well as area healthcare organizations to ensure the best information for the students in the Gull Lake district. Megan has maintained a professional conduct with all parents and community members and successfully navigated the increasingly political environment of pandemic control. As both a parent and a nurse, I cannot share how much I appreciate Megan's involvement in the process. After working with her on the nurse front, I feel 200% more confident in the whole district's ability to keep my children safe throughout the pandemic. Were it not for Megan, the district would not be the symbol that it is. Megan is truly a life changer by creating such a supportive, safe, and healthy environment for the students in this district. I cannot say enough about Megan and the work she's done for the students and community. We are all lucky to have her in our community!

Alisha Krcatovich Posted 25 days ago

Nurse Megan is an absolute superhero! Supporting 5 buildings and 3200 students is no easy task, but she’s always ready and responsive to all of the many health and safety needs of our district students and staff. And she still finds time to comfort injured/sick kiddos and get to know students and staff at all of the schools, with a smile, wherever she goes.

Jenn Pickens Posted 26 days ago

One school nurse who devotes herself to five building within one school district. We are very lucky to first be able to say our district is able to have a school nurse, but second I cannot imagine what our district would have done without Nurse Megan during this pandemic. This pandemic took all of us by surprise. Nurse Megan didn’t skip a beat. She implemented procedures, established protocols, and organized vaccine clinics on top of her normal duties. We are very fortunate to have Nurse Megan in our district!

Lysa Vander Wal Posted 26 days ago

Nurse Megan has done an outstanding (nonstop!) job keeping our school community safe and informed during the last year and a half! She’s been available at all hours to answer questions and offer advice. She’s done an extremely stressful job with grace, professionalism and care. I am grateful and appreciative of her dedication!

Julie VE Posted 26 days ago

I thank Megan for navigating our school district through this pandemic. I don’t know how we would function without her.

Autumn Posted 26 days ago

Nurse Megan has had to take on so much additional work during the COVID pandemic and she has done so with grace. She is absolutely deserving or recognition as a lifechanger!

Katie Roseboom Posted 26 days ago

Nurse Megan is a wonderful professional and kind human! She deserves all the kudos!! Thank you for all your hard work.

Cindy Belz Posted 26 days ago

Nurse Megan is so supportive and provides guidance for our staff and students with a smile on her face Serving our community during this crazy time with a positive attitude! Before all this crazy COVID started she started a health initiative(competition)for our staff to get us moving and take ownership for more healthy lifestyle decisions! It was the just what I needed to get over a slump and find lots of new fun healthy activities! Thanks Megan!!!!

Kari Freling-Crook Posted 26 days ago

Thank you for your commitment to staff and students!

Lynnette Posted 26 days ago

Nurse Megan is a supports the students at our district in such a wonderful and caring way. She makes herself available whenever we need her and we would be lost without her!

Gabbi May Posted 26 days ago

Nurse Megan is an extraordinary asset to the entire Gull Lake Community. She handles everything with grace, compassion and kindness. She is an excellent role model and the most supportive nurse we could ever ask for. From handling my children’s allergies and the safety measures involved with that, to guiding us throughout this entire pandemic, there is no one else that could do it all quite like her. On top of all of this commitment to community she balances motherhood and is an amazing Mom to her girls. Nurse Megan is certainly our Life Changer of the Year!

Tia Shumaker Posted 26 days ago

Megan is simply amazing! She stands up for the truth and led our district through the pandemic! Every month, Megan would update our district with the most current science and news, providing us with a better understanding of all that was going on surrounding COVID. Knowing she was up to date provided a sense of comfort for our diatrict. I am beyond grateful for all that she did to support our district and community. She is a great leader and deserves this award.

Jessica Greve Posted 26 days ago

Nurse Megan has been not only a steadfast friend, but an incredible asset to the GLCS community. Her caring, knowledge, and advocacy for her students is unparalleled. She has faced so much in the wake of COVID and deserves every accolade for her management (and patience) during these exceptionally trying times. Congratulations on your nomination Megan! You absolutely deserve it!

JeffBrown Posted 27 days ago

Nurse Megan, Your leadership, courage, caring and dedication to our students and staff during these incredibly difficult times is a credit to your high values and commitment to your profession. We are all better because of your efforts. As a twenty+ year member of the Board of Education, it is my honor to have you as part of our team.

Kim Kimmey Posted 28 days ago

Nurse Megan is not only an amazing nurse but an amazing working mother. Before the pandemic hit, we thought the world of nurse Megan, but she has proven herself as a strong leader in our district over the past 20 months. My family has appreciated that nurse Megan has been on the clock throughout the day and evening. When we've had questions after school hours, she's been only a phone call away. Her communications home, keeping everyone in the district updated on the latest developments have been invaluable. She has been instrumental in setting up flu vaccine clinics, a covid vaccine clinic and the ability for our district to conduct daily testing so more kids can stay in school. While doing all of this, she still finds time to get her children into activities and to come along to those activities. I have nothing but admiration for this fantastic women who still wears a smile when the past couple of years have turned her world upside down twice over.

Stacie Blair-Nelson Posted 28 days ago

I have to admit, when I found out that our district nurse was leaving I was apprehensive. But, little did I know our new nurse would set the gold standard for protecting our children in this era. Megan Asper has been a phenomenal addition to the Gull Lake Schools. Not only did she work tirelessly during COVID times to make sure everyone was safe (I’ll let others speak to that accomplishment) she also did the regular job of district nurse with exceptional skill and care. My son has life-threatening allergies and it has always caused me to worry when sending him to school. She was so professional and thorough from the beginning, and I have always felt that she is doing everything that could be done to protect him. She also helps the rest of our family. She’s organized a yearly flu shot clinic which made access so easy for us. And, she even tried to help me get my initial COVID vaccine when I was having issues last spring. Nurse Megan is an exceptional candidate for the Lifechanger of the Year distinction, and I would love to see her get the recognition she deserves!

Stacy Greenwood Posted 29 days ago

Nurse Megan is absolutely amazing. She goes above and beyond her duties and ensures that all the students are safe and healthy. She has been a rockstar at educating others on IEP and safety needs for our kiddo and is always willing to go the extra step to make sure eveyrone is cared for. We adore her and she deserves all the accolades for her continued service in the community.

Shelly Henderson Posted 1 months ago

Nurse Megan has been an amazing pillar of strength for our schools. She has gone above and beyond in her role, helping us feel safe and informed in such a confusing time. She has stayed professional and positive no matter the questions or concerns sent her way. I am very grateful for her leadership in our district and am thrilled that she has been recognized in this way. She is truly deserving of this honor.

Bobbi Jo Stoner Posted 1 months ago

Megan, you are a true professional at all times , even in the most stressful of situations. Your calm demeanor and can-do attitude make us better. Thank you.

Raphael Rittenhouse Posted 1 months ago

Nurse Megan, It’s great to work with you on the GLCS team and to see the positive impact you have on our quality of experience together. Thanks for helping us stay on the sunny side of the street! All the best! Raphael Rittenhouse/GLCS superintendent

Gina Weaver Posted 1 months ago

Without Megan's AMAZING organization, knowledge, commitment, and superb communication, our school would not be running smoothly and our anxiety would be through the roof. She keeps us informed, is often seen multi-tasking (giving a teacher a rapid test in the parking lot, while on a Zoom meeting, while on the phone helping someone know whether they need to be in quarantine - just one example) and with a smile on her face and the patience of a saint. I can't imagine what the past year and a half would be like for us without her. As a teacher, I am able to focus on teaching and not worrying about COVID thanks to her.

Josh Cunningham Posted 1 months ago

Megan, You've gone through the wringer and have handled it with class and professionalism. You've been available for questions and seem to never take a day off. To put it simply, you've been a rock through the whole mess at a time when people needed a rock. It couldn't have been easy for you with everything changing regularly and with the backlash you undoubtedly received. Anyway, thank you for what you've done in this crazy time. Sincerely, Josh

Bree Tarnas Posted 1 months ago

Nurse Megan Asper has been such a lifesaver and critical key component to the health of our district. She has worked relentlessly to keep all of the students, teachers, and the Gull Lake community safe! I can not stress enough how truly grateful I am for her and her superhero efforts, thank you Nurse Megan!!!

Anita Talmage Posted 1 months ago

Congratulations Megan! Your work for the Gull Lake Community has been tremendous! Thank-you! This is exciting to see you honored and rewarded in this way.

Sarah Lyster Posted 1 months ago

Thank you so much Megan for your updates and wealth of information. You have worked tirelessly to keep staff and students in our district safe.

Britton Smith Posted 1 months ago

Nurse Megan has gone above and beyond to patiently care for not just our school, but our community. Her common sense and medically sound approach has kept students safe and in school. She directly deals with parents, staff, and students and calmly answers their individual questions with honestly, dignity, and patience. She has given of herself over and over. We are blessed to have her!

Kathy Alderman Posted 1 months ago

This nomination is well-deserved! I have personally been supported by Megan and her upbeat and professional attitude makes such a difference for me and all of the Gull Lake school district! Thank you for going above and beyond every day.

Candace Holmes Posted 1 months ago

Congratulations Nurse Megan! This nomination is well-deserved. For a year and a half you have taken the brunt of this pandemic for our school district and yet you have kept a smile on your face and stayed professional with the hundreds of family communications. You deserve a million thanks for being so organized in a role that has thrown many curveballs. You are AWESOME!

Amy Renouf Posted 1 months ago

Nurse Megan goes above and beyond at our school to keep the students and staff safe and happy. She is always smiling and happy to help anyone in need. Thanks Megan!