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Michele Harold

Position: School Nurse
School: McQuistion Elementary School
School District: Butler Area School District
City, State: Butler, PA

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Michele Harold was nominated by multiple colleagues, as well as her spouse, Martin.

Mrs. Harold has been in nursing for almost 30 years, and she has always worked with children. She has been a school nurse for 12 years and has been very dedicated to her job. As a school nurse, you not only work with the children, but the teachers, administrators, other nurses, and the students’ families. As a school nurse, Mrs. Harold has many responsibilities to make sure the students in her building are safe and cared for appropriately. She takes time to listen and talk with students, staff and parents.

“Nurse Harold is the most dedicated person I have ever met,” said one colleague. "She knows every one of her students and has the most amazing rapport with them. For a few students in particular, she will be the only one who can get them to open up if they're having a rough day. Sometimes, she is the only one who these students will talk to at all. She works so incredibly hard. She doesn’t stop just because school is out for the summer. Nurse Harold takes work home with her every day and works throughout the entire summer."

Mrs. Harold took on the role of department chair for the district's nurses when someone else stepped down. This is a two-year position, and she has been doing it for five years. This is an added responsibility on top of caring for the 465 students in her building.

Once COVID-19 hit, Mrs. Harold stepped up in her position as department chair and reached out to the superintendent of the district. She worked closely with him in making sure that when the staff and students returned to school, they were all safe. She did this with patience and respect for others' privacy. Mrs. Harold communicated in a way that made everyone feel like they could trust her.

“I have found her here at school after hours, making phone calls to contact trace to make sure COVID does not spread. On top of that, Michele has managed day-to-day sicknesses and ailments with ease,” said one colleague. "If there is a question about COVID in the district, teachers, other nurses, and principals call Michele. She is the department chair, schedule maker, and a CSN for a school with over 400 students. She goes above and beyond to make this district run smoothly.

“Mrs. Harold is the glue that holds our school together and keeps everyone healthy. We are forever grateful for her kindness and dedication,” said one colleague.

“She is just the best and very deserving!” said another colleague.

“We all count on Michele, and she never lets us down!” said yet another colleague.

Finally, another colleague wrote the following polem:

"Be it morning, noon, or night,
Mrs. Harold is always up for the fight --
against COVID and lice and scraped knees,
Mrs. Harold's ready to tackle every sneeze.

As she greets her kids in the morning,
until she waves them goodbye each afternoon,
Mrs. Harold loves and cares for them all up until June."

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Comments (46)

Heather Campbell Posted 2 days ago

Michelle is so incredibly organized! She keeps our school safe, and is always willing to help anyone with anything they need! Thanks for all you do for our students and our staff! She is constantly answering questions and advising on how to take care of our own children and our students! She is so deserving of this!

Suzanne Robinson Posted 3 days ago

You're the best! Thanks for making the last two years easier, I know it has been so much work for the nurses. We appreciate all you have done! Suzanne

Susan K Posted 6 days ago

SO happy you are being recognized for all your hard work. Thank you for all you do!

Laura Fields Posted 6 days ago

Michele Harold is a fantastic school nurse and truly deserves this recognition! I had the opportunity to work with Michele as a health tech in her nurses office while I was finishing my schooling to become a school nurse. Michele took me under her wing and shared her knowledge and expertise with me. She was always happy to answer my questions and went over and above to teach me everything that she could about school nursing during my time that I worked with her. Michele is a nurse who wants to help others succeed. Michele is also amazing with her students that she takes care of. She makes every child that she came into contact with feel special and cared for. She has a “can do” attitude and works tirelessly to take care of kids who were ill, to the ones who needed their pants fixed, to the ones who scraped their knee. No job was too small or too big for Michele when her students came into her health office. After I left and took a job as a CSN in my district, Michele continues to be a resource for me. If I ever have a question, she never hesitates to help and give me guidance. Michele defines what it means to be a great school nurse. She is the type of school nurse that I work towards becoming.

Crystal Furman Posted 6 days ago

Way to go, Mrs. Harold! I work at the school a couple of hours a day as well as have children who have been in her care, and I can say she does her job with compassion. Well-deserved nomination!!

Alicia Janosky Posted 6 days ago

Michele is a very concerned and caring nurse. McQuistion is lucky to have her!

The Fever Posted 6 days ago

"Harold" you deserve this! Congratulations! I have been lucky enough to not only call you a colleague but to also call you my friend. Michele Harold is real and she is not afraid of speaking her mind. Am I right everyone?? She is honest and she is real-and I appreciate that about her more than anything. She is smart. She is strong. She is caring. She is a wonderful person and a great nurse who has always been willing to lend an ear to whoever needs her to listen, even the teachers.

Patricia Johnson Posted 6 days ago

Michele is always very helpful and takes great care of our students and staff. :)

Heather Bonzo Posted 6 days ago

Congrats Michele! Thank you for all you do and for taking on even more responsibility during the pandemic! You are appreciated!

Monica McElroy Posted 6 days ago

Congrats, Michele!!!

Noelle Sequite Posted 6 days ago

Congratulations, Michele! You deserve it!

Amanda Hammond Posted 7 days ago

Well deserved Mrs. Harold! She is the school Nurse for my little girls and she has taken phenomenal care of them over the years. My oldest has asthma and I feel confident sending her to school knowing she is in the best hands when I send her to school! Thank you for all you do

Judy Byers Posted 8 days ago

It was my honor to work with Michele 10 years ago as a substitute school nurse for the Butler Area School District. She encouraged me with her leadership and friendship throughout my employment and I can't begin to express my appreciation for the help she provided. Her rapport with the staff, students and their families was very visible as she worked tirelessly at the schools. Our school district is very fortunate to have such a beautiful, loving nurse providing care to all. You are beyond deserving for this wonderful award Michele. Thank you.

Kim B. Posted 8 days ago

Michele is an incredible person! I worked along side of her for several years, learning from her daily! Michele is extremely knowledgeable in pediatric nursing, and has a special bond with her small patients! She is very organized, very up-beat, and has a ready smile for each child or staff member. Michele is a wonderful leader, promoting teamwork to achieve goals. She works well with administration as well as one on one with her students. She is a tribute to nurses everywhere.

Kristie Landry Posted 8 days ago

Congratulations Michelle. What an amazing job - your profile really does shine a light on how much extra you give. Especially in our new Covid world I can't imagine how challenging being both the school nurse and the district chair has been. Way to go.

Trudi L Miklos Posted 8 days ago

Congratulations, Michelle! No one deserves this more than you. Your students are so lucky to have you!

Ben Klugh Posted 9 days ago

Great job, Michelle! Thank you for everything you have done for our students!

Regan Posted 9 days ago

Way to go! An amazing person for kids to go to!!!

Tanya Kriley Posted 9 days ago

Congratulations, Michele! You are so deserving of this nomination! Best wishes!

Trish Harrison Posted 9 days ago

Mrs. Harold loves all her children and is always there for them. She takes great care of them...even when they're like my child who always found an excuse to go see her.

Olivia vose Posted 9 days ago

Michele is the definition of a super hero! Her cape is hidden under her scrubs! I'm incredibly greatful to be able to work beside her and learn from her. She is the most knowledgeable, and hard working person I've ever met. Our district is very lucky to have her.

Kara Hohn Posted 9 days ago

Mrs. Harold is such a kind and compassionate nurse and human! Organized and thorough for all of the children in her care. Truly deserving of this award!

Amy Elder Posted 9 days ago

Mrs. Harold is an amazing nurse. The kids love her, and she is very knowledgeable and supportive!

Angela Stagnaro Posted 9 days ago

Congratulations! Thank you for all you do.

Amber Corace Posted 9 days ago

Michelle is always there for anything. Students or colleagues. Being newer to the district Michelle is always available and willing to answer questions or help me through any situation. She is always working countless hours with COVID to get us all the information we need. She is amazing and this is well deserved!

Annie Tigano Posted 9 days ago

Michele is one of the hardest workers I know. She makes sure everyone is taken care of and provides a wealth of knowledge. She goes above and beyond to make sure the kids are safe!

Heather L Posted 10 days ago

What a wonderful nurse!

Allison Harold Posted 10 days ago

Not only is she an amazing nurse to her kids at school but she is an amazing mom and nurse at home as well. She had such a strong work ethic and will always put her kids first no matter what. She is willing to over herself for her students and colleagues at work but also at home as well. She deserves this more then anytime and I honestly couldn’t be more proud of my mom.

Lori Lewis Posted 10 days ago

Michelle is absolutely the most hardworking school nurse I have ever had the pleasure working with. Her dedication to all of the students and staff in our building does not go unnoticed! With everything that is going on with COVID she has gone above and beyond her duties to keep everyone safe. If I ever have a personal question regarding my own health or my family and she doesn't know the answer she definitely will do some research and will help me out. She is the most deserving of this award, thank you for everything you do Michelle!

LYNN ZIDEK Posted 10 days ago

Michele is one of the hardest working and most caring nurses I know. As the department chair for Butler, she coordinates the delivery of school health services for our district. She has put in countless hours of her own time, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. She truly loves her job and cares about making our schools as safe as possible. Thank you for all you do Michele! You really deserve this award!

Judy Zarnick Posted 10 days ago

Michele keeps up to date with knowledge in the field in order to best serve the students (and staff) in her school and district. Michele initiated and continued to organize collaborative meetings between nurses across school districts in the county in order to provide a supportive group during the COVID-19 Pandemic. She is a proactive problem solver, seeking out many different groups or organizations in order to get answers or solutions for nurses in her district. She embodies the definition of a collaborative and trustworthy colleague and care provider. In her 'spare' time, Michele continues to share with us through her love of canning different fruits- yet another example of her going above and beyond to give back to the nursing community in which she serves! At the root of it, she is the perfect representation of a professional who goes above and beyond in her role.

Janet Crouse Posted 10 days ago

Michele is a knowledgeable, compassionate nurse and her guidance through the pandemic was unmeasurable. She went above and beyond what anyone could have done to make sure the students and staff were safe, always keeping her nurses up to date with the latest information on protocols, and offering help any time she was asked. She is not only hard working but cares deeply for her students and deserves to be recognized for all she is and has done!

Debra Bowser Posted 10 days ago

Michele is not only a wonderful, caring and conscientious nurse, she is a a wonderful person who continually goes above and beyond no matter the task. Our district is so blessed to have her!

Ashley Casey Posted 10 days ago

Michele Harold is very dedicated as a school nurse especially during the COVID pandemic.

TRACY FUTSCHER Posted 10 days ago

Congratulations Michele ! Thank you for your tireless efforts and all that you do!!

Ryan Boley Posted 11 days ago

Great hardworking individual who always knows what to do and what to say!

Tera Matson Posted 11 days ago

Go Nurse Michele!

Matthew Rohe Posted 11 days ago

Mrs. Harold is always on top of everything whenever it peoples healthy and safety. She always has the right thing to say, and the knowledge whenever it comes to peoples safety and health.

William Harold Posted 11 days ago

This is my mom & I know how hard she works when she is at work. She has an amazing work ethic that she has passed down to me. She is amazing with her kids not only at home but in the office at school. She is more then deserving of this award & I really hope that she could get it.

Kim Succop Posted 12 days ago

Michele is the Queen-Bee of school nurses! She has been an awesome colleague to me and the students and staff adore her!

Shannon Ross Posted 12 days ago

Michele is one of the hardest working people I know. I have seen her working at all hours of the day and night. She will work so hard to make sure that every student has what is needed no matter if it is summer winter spring or fall.. Michele doesn't give up until she knows all students needs are being met.. She deserves recognized for all her hard work and dedication

Kathy Eamigh Posted 12 days ago

I was the secretary at McQuistion Elementary School. I have been retired for 5 years now. During my employment, school nurse, Michele Harold, and I worked very close with each other. She was always very pleasant and kind when taking care of the students and sometimes staff members. She always would go over and above with her attention in making sure each child was well taken care of. She would come in early each morning and stay late each afternoon to make sure her paperwork was done. Always taking classes, or studying updated treatments, making sure she was well informed. I would highly recommend her for this award.

Linda Peifer Posted 12 days ago

Michele is an outstanding school nurse. As her principal for eight years, I relied on her excellent expertise and extensive knowledge base daily. She is trustworthy and has outstanding decision making skills. I cannot imagine anyone more deserving of this title!

William Darrall Posted 12 days ago

Michele is a very dedicated professional Registered Nurse, she not only cares about each and every child she comes in contact with but she also cares for her fellow school employees. Michele has taken the initiative on dedicating herself to study the recent pandemic to ensure the school district has all the necessary recommended CDC requirements for school safety. Michele's dedication and expertise are an asset to not only the school district but the nursing profession.

Gretchen Baysek Posted 13 days ago

Michele was a wonderful mentor she is knowledgeable and compassionate- has a great sense of humor which is definitely needed to be a school nurse. Miss working with her but she helped me grow into being the school nurse that I am today!

Steve Griggle Posted 13 days ago