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Jada Carland

Position: District Nurse
School: Beaverton Schools
School District: Beaverton Schools
City, State: Beaverton, MI

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Jada Carland was nominated by multiple colleagues.

“Jada is an incredible member of our staff at Beaverton Schools,” said Seanne Danielak. “She is a caring and compassionate human being whom our students absolutely adore. She always has a smile on her face and is consistently willing to lend a hand. Jada truly makes our students feel safe, and the way that she dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic was extremely noteworthy. I truly hope she will be recognized for the amazing work she has done in our community!”

“Jada is always available to help in any way possible," said Brianne Woodruff. "She puts in extra hours whenever she is needed. Jada never complained during the pandemic, she just did what she could to assist us at school.”

“She is very dedicated to her profession and the children she takes care of,” said Mark Massaro.

Comments (3)

Bonnie Peterson Posted 29 days ago

We have been SO fortunate to have Jada in our school! She is always on top of things and truly cares about the kids and staff…. She HAS been a lifesaver to us all!!

Ryan Roberts Posted 29 days ago

Jada is great. She embodies everything you would want in a small-town school nurse. She knows our students and their families. She knows how to serve our children and makes their lives better whether they are in need of medical attention, a kind word or two, or a warm smile.

MICHAEL E BASSAGE Posted 29 days ago

Thank you Jada for supporting our students each and everyday. You have had a very difficult job the past two years and have performed exceptionally. We are very thankful you are working with us..