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Dedra Patterson

Position: Physical Education Teacher
School: Green Elementary School
School District: San Diego Unified School District
City, State: San Diego, CA

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Dedra Patterson was featured on the Today Show:

Dedra Patterson was nominated by her superintendent Cindy Marten.

Ms. Patterson has been a phenomenal physical education teacher for 28 years. She has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of her students, and does so with a tremendous amount of love and pride that is a true example of what a teacher should be. 

Recently, one of her classroom lessons became a true testament of her life changing methods. During the 2016-17 school year, as a part of a new district wide initiative, CPR was to be taught to the fifth grade students during PE. However, thanks to her incredible instinctual abilities as a veteran teacher, Ms. Patterson decided to include her third grade students, as well. She prides herself on ensuring that all of her students leave her classroom prepared for whatever obstacles and challenges they may face. Little did she know that taking the initiative and making the decision to include her 3rd graders would have a life-changing effect on them.

Ms. Patterson not only wants her students to succeed in terms of their physical fitness, but she makes sure the lessons learned in class are translatable to their daily lives, now and in the future. She has properly equipped her students to be prepared for an emergency situation. Her efforts resulted in a life being saved over the summer.

One of her students took what he learned in her CPR class and sprung into action when his mother fell unconscious. Thanks to his CPR skills, he was able to sustain her until the paramedics arrived. Paramedics credited him with saving his mom's life. If he hadn't administered, CPR she may have lost her life.

Ms. Patterson encompasses what a teacher should be and is truly a LifeChanger in more ways than one!

Comments (5)

KATHIE IMMERMAN Posted over a year ago

Congrats Debra on your recognition on the Today show-you are a stand out in the profession and a inspiration to all!! Thanks for lighting the way for many!!!

Tracy RUsne Posted over a year ago

Dedra Patterson is so well deserving of this life time achievement award. She's made such a difference in these kids lives. All the generations of kids she's taught would agree. Congratulations Dee Dee on your nomination. We are so incredibly proud of you!

Jade Bowman Posted over a year ago

I've known dedra since middle school and she has always Been a forward thinker. She has always been a conscious healthy & athletic person . Even as an adult she has strived to be healthy and fit and pass this passion of hers to her students. As a fellow educator I know she works hard to instill the importance of being healthy and staying fit in her students making a positive change in their lives that will last a lifetime.

Jessica Cooper Posted over a year ago

It is a powerful gift to empower youth with knowledge, skill, and confidence to take what they learn and apply it to their life. This is exactly what Dee Dee Patterson does as a teach. This year one, of her students took his lessons and applied CPR to save his mothers life! What a powerful and life changing impact Dee Dee has had with this student, his family, and all who know them! Congratulations Aunt Dee Dee for being an angel here on earth! Keep making positive impacts on our youth and changing lives! You’re a hero!

David Bradstreet Posted over a year ago

Dedra is beyond a doubt the most outstanding person I have met. Wife,teacher,mother, and friend she is at the apex of life. She deserves the highest of any award.