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Brandy Rymel

Position: Jr High English Language Arts and Reading Teacher
School: Fort Towson Junior High & High School
School District: Fort Towson Public Schools
City, State: Fort Towson, OK

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Brandy Rymel was nominated by her colleague, Shelly Rentz.

During her first year of teaching, Rentz worked beside Mrs. Rymel in a fourth grade classroom.

"She is an exceptional teacher and leader in our school who has truly inspired me throughout the years," Rentz said. "She is an amazing woman, mother, teacher, friend and wife."

Mrs. Rymel makes a difference in the lives of her students and colleagues every day. She brings positive teaching methods to her class and encourages children to be enthusiastic about learning. She never raises her voice when speaking with a student. Mrs. Rymel inspires children to express themselves through writing, and her students have developed a love of writing. She has saved many students who have fallen through the achievement gap, and instilled a passion for learning.

"If you speak with any student who has had Mrs. Rymel as a teacher, you will only hear good things about her personally and how much they enjoyed her as a teacher," Rentz said. "She remains an inspiration to them, even after they have graduated and moved on to greater things. I could go on and on about how tremendous she is and how much she has made a difference in so many lives. Therefore, I believe she should be awarded the LifeChanger award because of the exceptional job she does on a daily basis."