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Jenna Tucker

Position: Music Education Teacher
School: Roxboro Elementary School
School District: Cleveland Heights-University Heights City Schools
City, State: Cleveland Heights, OH

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Jenna Tucker was nominated by her colleague, Kristi Glasier.

Mrs. Tucker has only been at Roxboro Elementary School for four months, but her performance as an educator makes her worthy of recognition. She is an incredibly motivated individual who has quickly become a beloved member of the learning community. The students at her school respect, admire, and trust her. She has a positive nature and a willingness to collaborate with students and staff. She is in her twelfth year as a music teacher and has taught in Parma City Schools, Willoughby City Schools, and Perry Schools. 

Mrs. Tucker spends one morning a week with Glasier's students to start the school day while she attend a grade level meeting.

"Each time I enter the classroom on these days, the children are eager to share what they have done with Mrs. Tucker," Glasier said. "Most recently, she shared a book about people's 'buckets' and how kindness can fill other people's buckets."

"When entering conferences into my students' contact logs, I saw several entries from Mrs. Tucker," Glasier continued. "She has made telephone calls and sent email messages informing parents of their children's positive efforts in music class. A parent spoke to me about Mrs. Tucker sharing a concern about the voice of her child and upon consult with a doctor, it was discovered that her concern was valid."

Mrs. Tucker has made a positive impact in her learning community at Roxboro Elementary. She has created an honor chorus and has worked with fifth grade students, who participated in a recent production of Shrek: The Musical, to help them prepare for the event. She plans engaging lessons for active music learning. Mrs. Tucker considers every minute of contact time precious, and works to facilitate valuable learning experiences for her students.

"Jenna Tucker is a natural leader, a positive human being, and an exemplary educator," Glasier said. "She is a workshop clinician for ORFF-Schulwerk methodology and is always looking for ways to enhance student learning experiences. Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District is fortunate to have Jenna Tucker as a member of their staff."

Jenna Tucker in the News:
Roxboro Elementary Teacher Nominated For LifeChanger Award

Comments (76)

India Meesig Posted over a year ago

The following is the letter that we parents recieved from Mrs. Tucker, it illustrates perfectly why she is so deserving of this honor. Hello, Roxboro Elementary Parents and Students! Welcome to an exciting new school year! My name is Jenna Tucker, and I'm thrilled to be the new K-5 General and Vocal Music teacher here at Roxboro Elementary. It has been such a pleasure meeting the students of RoxEl this week, and I'm so excited for all the fun we'll have while learning music this school year. I look forward to meeting the families of RoxEl in person, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself via email. I'm entering my twelfth year of teaching elementary music, and my 6th year of teaching within the district. I've taught the past 5 years at Noble Elementary, and I'm so delighted to have the opportunity to continue to develop the excellent music program here at Rox. My music classroom is very open and active with lessons that engage students through the philosophies of the Orff-Schulwerk approach of "sing, say, dance, play!" After my undergraduate and and graduate degrees in Music Education and Education Technology from Baldwin-Wallace University, I furthered my area of specialization within the Orff-Schulwerk certifications in levels I, II, and III from Hofstra University and the master level certification at the University of Memphis. I always try to apply this specialization and to reach out for new ideas to engage students while still developing my own musicianship as an example for students by performing as a professional vocalist in groups like the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and, currently, with the Cleveland Chamber Choir. Most importantly, I am so looking forward to the exciting experiences we're planning this year for RoxEl's Tiger Musicians! All students should look forward to an active learning experience in the music room (wear clothing and footwear comfortable for sitting, standing, dancing, and playing games). Our 4th and 5th grade students can look forward to performing in their concert at 6:30pm on March 22nd, and 3rd grade students will be demonstrating music skills on the recorder towards the end of the school year at the instrumental music concert with orchestra students (date TBD). Meanwhile, 1st and 2nd grade students will share their talents and skills in our winter concert at 6:30pm on December 14th. Kindergarten students will invite family and friends to our "informance" sometime this fall, so be on the lookout for that information! Apart from these performance experiences, students can look forward to many other exciting musical learning opportunities, like field trips, Honor Choir, artist visits, multicultural night, and much more! Additionally, here are some ways you can support your child's musical learning. We only get to meet for 40 minutes once or twice a week, so your connections help us greatly in our musical development: Share in our high expectations for developing musical skills and knowledge through supporting active participation in music class. Make connections with how your family experiences music outside of school; what music jobs do we encounter? Do we know any musicians? When do we hear music? When and where do we make music? What do you hear when you listen to this music? Ask your child, "what did you like learning in music this week?" Ensure your child is wearing clothing and footwear that are comfortable for movement and dancing. Thank you for your support of our Roxboro Tiger Musicians! If you would like to contact me, email is the best way to do so. Regards, Jenna Tucker General & Vocal Music Teacher

India Meesig Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker is new to our staff but feels like she's been here forever. I appreciate the way she reaches out to parents, not just when there is a problem but when she "catches" our children doing well. This nomination is well deserved.

Sophia, fourth grader Posted over a year ago

I think Mrs. Tucker is a really fun teacher. She has creative ideas. When I attend music class, I feel excited to sing, dance, and learn. I hope that she wins the lifechanger of the year award.

Dylan, third grade student Posted over a year ago

I think Mrs. Tucker should enter the challenge because she is a great music teacher and she loves to teach us. We have a great time with her. I love participating in her activities and games. I love when she does the activity called Roses and Thorns. I hope she wins the competition.

Naomi, third grader student Posted over a year ago

I believe that Jenna Tucker would be a great person to receive the Lifechanger of the World Award. She is so positive and fun to be around. I love to go to Mrs. Tucker's class. She makes everything fun by turning things into games and activities. We all think Mrs. Tucker is a nice person and a positive teacher. Jenna Tucker is a human who is always happy and we never get bored with her. I think she should get the award.

Savannah, third grade student Posted over a year ago

I believe Mrs. Tucker is a good staff member. She does not get mad when people are naughty, she waits or gives them a reminder. I think she is better than any other music teacher in the world.

Caroline, third grade student Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker is always very engaged with students. She has a sense of humor that cheers people up and makes them feel good about themselves. She does not let her students get bored. She will speak to people when they have a bad behavior, but she will not harm them. She interacts with her students by having fun activities to learn. I hope Mrs. Tucker stays at our school for a long time!

Mirabel, third grade student Posted over a year ago

I love coming to music class. It is so exciting. When I come in your class, you always have a big smile on your face. I love how we get to interrupt her with words and different voices. I love how she makes musical chairs into musical rainbow dots. It is fun for me and everyone else in our class. Mrs. Tucker is very enthusiastic and fun. I love how she makes learning fun. It is amazing. She includes everyone and gives people second chances. I really like Mrs. Tucker.

Matthew, third grade student Posted over a year ago

I like coming to music class and learning new music, especially in different languages. I like how you speak Spanish. I love when we do Roses and Thorns on Monday mornings. I loved that you taught us how to fill our buckets. That made me feel very happy about myself and helping others. I like how you teach us new dance moves. You make everyone focus in music and learn new games to play. You are an amazing teacher to me.

Lucy, third grade student Posted over a year ago

I think music class is an awesome opportunity to learn and sing. We always are so entertained when we are around Mrs. Tucker. When she is around, we are never bored. She is always looking out for us. I love when we get balloon days. I like when we got to play musical chairs with pads and we got to play eight beats. She makes up words that goes along with what we are learning in music class. She keeps us active. I believe Mrs. Tucker should get the award.

Khoury, third grade student Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker is a great music teacher. Her sense of humor makes me more passionate about music. She plays fun music games with the class. These games help me learn more about music and more excited about moving to the sounds of music. Mrs. Tucker is a very nice person to be around because she has a positive attitude. She is very engaged with her students. She interacts with us by reading stories, teaching dance steps, and teaching us how to play instruments. Roxboro Elementary School is very happy and lucky to have Mrs. Tucker as a music teacher.

Karen Willmitch Posted over a year ago

Jenna goes above and beyond in her classroom. She collaborates with me to make sure she is using the best strategies to meet the needs of our special education students. All students really enjoy her class! She is definitely worthy of this award.

Alicia Burkle Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker was the music teacher for our daughter at Noble Elementary. When we were changing schools in the district the one thing our daughter said she would miss about her old school was Mrs. Tucker. Mrs. Tucker always found a way to channel our daughter's (and frankly all students at Noble) boundless energy in magical ways. Her instruction was always so creative and was integrated into multiple subjects (movement, history, language development). She got the kids excited to play and interact, and they learned so much without even realizing it! Mrs. Tucker instilled an enthusiasm about music and music history like I have never seen before, and I continue to see that enthusiasm every day in the way our daughter approaches music. Mrs. Tucker embodies professionalism, positive influence, and leadership and is most deserving of this nomination! Congratulations Mrs. Tucker!

Tanya Niraj Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tucker is such a positive influence on everyone. Her love and respect for music, students and coworkers shines through. She has made our community so much better with her dedication and caring nature.

Amanda Brown Posted over a year ago

Exceptional. Invites parents to the classroom (individually) for a unique opportunity to see your kid move and make music. She puts in the extra effort at every step of the way. Stayed late to catch me after conferences with my sons home room teacher. Pretty sure I had the last time slot! The musical that she put on last year was amazing!

Shelley Pulling Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tucker is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. She truly knows how to form positive relationships with students, families and staff. In a short period of time, she has shown that she is dedicated to the Roxboro Elementary Community. Every time I walk into her classroom her students are engaged in activities that are aligned to her standards and engaging and fun! You can see students dance, sing and play instruments in every class period. Each student is excited to go to class and enjoys every minute! I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Tucker several years ago in a different district and she had the same positive attitude even early on in her career. She was a long term substitute for us and my staff was sad to see her go. I feel lucky that our paths crossed years later at Roxboro Elementary this year. Ms. Tucker deserves this award for her hard work and dedication. She is the best!

Marisela Sager Posted over a year ago

I am a professional musician (I play the flute in The Cleveland Orchestra) and am a part time music educator myself. I admire Jenna Tucker’s dedication and constant drive to make sure her students take advantage of every opportunity available to them. She cares about her students as individuals and finds ways to give them each a unique and rich educational experience.

Sharilee Walker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker is one of a kind. I remember the first time I watched her with her class- it was music, movement and half instructed in Spanish (she always collaborated with our Spanish teacher). Every year, her 5th graders would write their own musical- student inspired, student written and student performed. Have you ever worked with 5th graders??? Not an easy task! Mrs. Tucker’s creativity, endless energy and commitment to her students is a model for all who work with kids. Congrats on the nomination! You deserve it!

Heidi Modarelli-Frank Posted over a year ago

I recently had the opportunity to chaperone our fifth grade honor chorus — led by Mrs. Tucker — during their performance in the high school’s musical — Shrek the Musical. I was awed by her ability to inspire the students, direct their behavior and keep them engaged and energized while they waited patiently off-stage for more than 90 minutes before the show. It was evident to me that she really got to know each one of the students in a short amount of time. It also was clear that she was not only passionate about music, but also passionate about teaching and student well-being. Her passion rubs off on the students. My daughter (normally a fan of the snooze button) asked to go to school early so she could be the first one to turn in her permission form to be a part of this special group. After the show, I asked a couple of the girls if they thought they’d want to be in plays when they got to high school. They enthusiastically agreed. It was such a positive, confident-building experience for the kids. Kids don’t always verbalize what they’re feeling, but the positive influence Mrs. Tucker has had on my daughter’s personal growth is very evident to me. I am so pleased my daughter had the opportunity to be a part of Mrs. Tucker’s program.

Jill Griffith Posted over a year ago

Jenna is an amazing person. I love her enthusiasm and dedication to education, music, and her students. My daughter says says she is sweet and a nice singer!

Kate Bergman Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker manages to have the kids listen to the music not only with their ears, but also with their bodies. She inspires a love of music and movement and creates a kind and compassionate environment. She is definitely a 'choose kind' kind of teacher and my son loves her!

Jazmyn Terry Posted over a year ago

I only met Jenna in August 2016. I was instantly in awe of her classroom management with the Pre-K students. She is inspiring and such a great influence in education!

Diana Posted over a year ago

She has demonstrated the willingness and ability to engage all students in music and meet them at their level. She is flexible with her approach in order to ensure that each student is gaining the most from her interaction and instruction. She inspires a love for music.

Norah Feeny Posted over a year ago

My son, a third grader, is so excited every time he has music with Mrs. Tucker - just yesterday he talked about getting their recorders and what a big deal that was. He is a shy quiet kid, and has felt totally comfortable in her warm presence. We're lucky to have her at Rox!!

Kate bergman Posted over a year ago

My son loves music. I love the way Mrs . Tucker incorporates their bodies into the music class, so that they don’t just hear the music with their ears, but feel it with their bodies and hearts! She fosters kindness and compassion and is a gift to our school!

Heather Price Posted over a year ago

My son had Jenna at when he and she were both at Noble Elementary. He has a huge love for music and I hadn't realized just how much KNOWLEDGE he has until I started him in piano lessons and he BLEW through his first piano book because learning the ins and outs of reading music was no big deal to him--- he had a great foundation. She has a special touch with all types of students-- -my son has autism and reaching him is not always easy--- but she makes music class come alive. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for your students now at ROX!

Jennifer Woda Posted over a year ago

I was lucky enough to have Mrs. Tucker as the music teacher for both my girls at Noble Elementary. She was creative and patient, managing her classroom with ease, and helping students find their inner musician/dancer/singer/composer. We miss her this year! The 5th graders wrote their own muscial every year, she took the time to make "good" phone calls home, she used a variety of muscial styles, dance styles and instruments in her classroom. As a fellow music educator, I am in awe of her creativity and energy in the classroom on a daily basis!

Brooke Baldwin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker is a beloved and extraordinarily talented music teacher! As a parent, I appreciate her willingness to go above and beyond in creating amazing learning experiences for her students. Her infectious positivity and creativity are transformative. We love Mrs. Tucker!

Lara Troyer Posted over a year ago

My children talk about the different dances they are learning in class from many different cultures. They love music class and I love seeing the Twitter videos she posts from her classes She is doing fantastic activities in her classes and seems to be a very positive influence on her students and colleagues.

Jane Hall Posted over a year ago

Jenna Tucker is an incredible teacher and wonderful person — full of warmth and dedication. She takes pride in her students’ growth and cares so genuinely about their individual successes and challenges. She leads them not only in music, but in developing a wide range of childhood communication and listening skills as well as confidence.

Lena Posted over a year ago

She brings so much joy and light to everything she does! Besides being incredibly talented and thoughtful, she brings an incredible sense of humor and fun to her work. Her students are lucky to have her!

Joyce Walsh Posted over a year ago

Jenna makes music a magical experience, she is such an inspiration!

Monica Rogers Posted over a year ago

Jenna is a phenomenal teacher. She kind, warm and welcoming to all. She is extremely organized and creative. She is a joy to work and so deserves this honor.

Kathy Tucker Posted over a year ago

It could not be more appropriate for Jenna Tucker to be nominated for this Life Changer award because that is what she does on a daily basis as she shares her passion for music with her students. I was lucky enough to watch Jenna teach for a week at a summer camp she helped provide for her students at her last school. Her classes and activities were innovative, child-focused, and made learning fun. She was actively involved with the children during each activity and each child was made to feel an important part of the class. Jenna knows the great need for the arts to be a focus of children's education and strives to share her love for music and her many talents with her students in a very meaningful way. I know how much planning and effort Jenna puts into everything from her room preparation to each detail of each class. As a retired teacher it is a joy to know that her students are receiving her best on a daily basis.

Debbie Natkevicius Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tucker is absolutely a life changing teacher. Her commitment to her students, school, and district is simply unparalleled! The love, kindness, and joy of music she shares with not only her students but all who are involved in their lives is heart warming and greatly appreciated. As are the high expectations she holds her students to - the kids who are lucky enough to be in her class most definitely come out better, more well-rounded, and proud of their hard work and accomplishments. My children no longer have her as a teacher but Ms. Tucker will forever be a special person in their lives, having spiked their elementary years with her magical and musical energy. We love Ms. Tucker!

Gail Haley Posted over a year ago

I have known Jenna since she was in high school. She has tremendous talent and has shared her gift of music with so many of us. She has a strong work ethic and loves working with others. She is very motivated to give her students a quality experience.

Robyn Greenberg Posted over a year ago

I agree with all the comments made by Mrs. Glasier! I have seen all of these wonderful attributes in Ms. Tucker.

Adam Posted over a year ago

I havent met her yet. But I just asked my daughter what she thought of the new music teacher. “Mrs. Tucker? She’s awesome!”

Venus Kohler Posted over a year ago

Wonderful work!!!

Janice Spohn Posted over a year ago

Positive educator and wonderful person!

Ellen Forg Posted over a year ago

Wow, great job!!!

Tamar Gray Posted over a year ago

Jenna Tucker is so worthy of this award. I have worked with her as a fellow music teacher and have witnessed her way of embracing all her students with her kind supportive manner. Kids grow musically and just as young individuals who become confident in what is possible. She is s born leader who is also reflective and changes when needed. I am fortunate to work with her and call her colleague and friend.

Linda steffancin Posted over a year ago

As a 20 year school secretary, I met Jenna when she started as my 3rd Music Teacher. I knew we had an extraordinary educator joining us when I asked why she had emptied her classroom. "More room to dance!" She has brought a special kind of passion to our team that inspires, infects and energizes all around her. It's really terrific to have Jenna on our staff giving her all to our kids.

Kim ware Posted over a year ago

Jenna is amazing. Her dedication to the students is beyond expectation. She is always putting them First and is a very talented teacher.

Danielle Posted over a year ago

Jenna's passion for teaching inspires teachers everyday. She creates a safe space for children to become risk-takers and express themselves in new ways. Jenna is a life-changer.

Jen Nickles Posted over a year ago

I worked with Jenna when she was a student teacher and for her first few years of teaching (until our district consolidated and let her go) She was hand picked by the teacher that had been there for YEARS and ALL the students loved her. They were devistated when they found out she was leaving. The love of music that she had instilled in them was lost when the “veteran” teacher replaced her. Her positive attititude and love of music was contagious and my 6th graders were always excited to perform for me when I picked them up and more important always came back from music class with smiles on their faces proud of themselves and what Tjey had done (somehow she snuck that “learned “ part past them). All I heard from my kids the year after she left was that music was not fun anymore. Jenna gave 150% and always made sure that what she did was best for the kids and instilled in them a for music and in themselves. Of all the teachers that I have worked with that have been let go because of cuts, Jenna Was defiantly the biggest loss! Any district/school/ students that have her are lucky and I’m sure are changed for the better with her working for/with them!

Christina Sweeney Posted over a year ago

Jenna, You have made such a difference with my students. They love coming to music class and are so inspired by you. Thank you for making a difference.

Rich Wright Posted over a year ago

As a former colleague of Mrs. Tucker, I hold her in the highest regard. She is someone who brings such a positive impact to anything that she she is involved with. She is a tremendously dedicated teacher that always puts the best interest of the children first. Her students receive the highest quality instruction in music and have the most fun learning from her. I have seen her facilitate numerous student created musicals in fourth and fifth grade choirs in which each of the 75 students had a role and felt important. Her students learn about music but also how to be a solid citizens and good human beings. Simply put, Jenna Tucker is the teacher that we wish our own children had and anything less is a disappointment.

Mr. Nemeth Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker believes in cross curriculum teaching. As a specialist colleague of Mrs. Tucker, she’s a team player and she believes in delivering excellence in her students! She uses creative teaching strategies in her classroom and does not hesitate to post those on Twitter. I recommend her for this award! Mr. Nemeth

Robert Thomas Posted over a year ago

She is competent, creative, committed, compassionate and each of these to the highest degree.

Heather Esswein Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher!

Carla Groom Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Jenna since she was 4, she is my daughter’s best friend from growing up in Pittsburgh. She has always been a zany, fun, passionate lady! Her Mom, also a Music Teacher, is my best friend. Jenna was taught to love music, push the boundaries with teaching & challenge your students by her Mom! I know she has taken that even further with her students. They are truly blessed to have Jenna as their teacher! Keep on challenging those students, Jenna!

Andrea Fuhrer Posted over a year ago

Not only does Jenna have a special talent in music and performing, even more, she inspires others through her positive spirit. Her humor and attitude are contagious and an inspiration to all!

Barbara Fitzgerald Posted over a year ago

Jenna Tucker’s talents and contribution to her students is outstanding. Please consider her for the Life changer of the Year Award.

Lisa West Posted over a year ago

For my kids, music was one of the specials they didn't care for in the past but now they love it. My Daughter participated in Shrek the musical and loved it and now wants to participate more in theater. My Son who is in Mrs. Glasiers class this year had a particularly difficult time last year in 2nd grade, I asked him a while ago if 3rd grade was better, he said "much better! My bucket is so full Mom!" I wasn't sure what he was talking about until I saw the book in the classroom. I love all of the interesting different things they are doing in class which I am happy I get to see on Twitter.

Carla Bonfanti Posted over a year ago

We need more young people like you in the world! Keep up the excellent work you are doing making a difference everyday!

Flor Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Impacting the world one child at a time or one district at a time!! Kudos.... May the blessings continue to pour!!

Connie Joyce Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker is a very special teacher. It is evident that she is highly professional and also talented.

Kelly S Posted over a year ago

Well deserved!

Paul Sura Posted over a year ago

Jenna was the best teacher to collaborate with. She is alway upbeat and so caring for the students! Always putting the students first and made everything she did super fun for everyone working with her and learning from her!

Francie Cech Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jenna for many years. It is a pleasure to hear how much she enjoys teaching, and as an educator myself, it makes my heart smile to hear how she continues to be excited about her work! Jenna not only has a love for music, but also a passion for sharing that love with the children who are fortunate to be her students.

Arthur Thomas Posted over a year ago

Jenna is a cousin of mine who i see once or twice a year at family gatherings. At these gatherings, she always engages my children, and other younger cousins. She leads the children in story telling, sing a longs, and other musical acticities. She has an infectious personality that is impossible not to love. She is a quality person and educator.

Patrice yu Posted over a year ago

Great job Jenna , I knew Jenna who the best teacher with full of love to her students.

Don Groom Posted over a year ago

I have known Jenna since she was four years old and watched her grow up and develop into a model person and professional. Whether in youth sports or as a teacher, Jenna positive, has high energy, and conducts herself with integrity. There is no better teacher than Jenna to serve as an example to students.

Brian Thornton Posted over a year ago

Jenna is a very involved and creative teacher. Both of my daughters had her as their music teacher at Noble Elementary School, and the performances I attended were always inspiring and fun for both the audience and the students.

Jessica Gruttadauria Posted over a year ago

loved working with Jenna. Her passion and love for her students is amazing. Her classroom is inviting and all kids love music days. She teaches kids to truly engage in the music and supports their journey. She deserves this award.

Connie Joyce Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker is a very special teacher. It is evident that she is highly professional and also talented.

Joanne Scotti Posted over a year ago

Jenna sounds like a definite asset to your school system .She seems like a hard worker & is very passionate about her career. She is truly a caring, giving person.

Jane kretchmsn Posted over a year ago

Jenna appears to be the epitome of a wonderful educator!!! What a asset she is to her students and school community!! She needs to be recognized for her contributions to her school!!!

Jenny Futchi Posted over a year ago

When Jenna taught at our school she wrote and directed many wonderful musical performances. My students loved going to music class!

Judy Kristan Posted over a year ago

I have known Jenna since she was a little girl. She was lovely, kind and compassionate then as well as now and has become a beautiful, exemplary young woman and teacher. I am pleased to vote for her to win this award. She deserves it. Good luck, Jenna!

Linda Kleeb Posted over a year ago

As a former teacher, Jenna's attributes sound like the ones I observed in extraordinary teachers during my career. She puts students first and it sounds like her positive energy is contagious to staff and students alike.

Linda Kleeb Posted over a year ago

As a former teacher, Jenna's attributes sound like the ones I observed in extraordinary teachers during my career. She puts students first and it sounds like her positive energy is contagious to staff and students alike.

Linda Ferguson Posted over a year ago

I worked for many years with Jenna Tucker’s mom. I enjoyed hearing about her enthusiasm and talent in music. I was also privileged to hear sing at a district in service meeting on diversity. I believe it was about recognizing each student’s gifts and talents. Jenna is certainly a very gifted young lady. Now she is sharing her gifts and passion with her students. I’m so proud to know such giving teacher. I’m sure she is an asset to your school.

Melissa Garcar Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tucker has been an amazing addition to our hard -working staff. As IB coordinator, Mrs. Tucker invited me in to see her students perform a traditional Polynesian sitting dance. This is only 1 example of the creative lessons Mrs. Tucker does with our students. She engages students not only through music but movement.

Carol Huffman Posted over a year ago

Upon my retirement from Parma City Schools, I was so very fortunate to have Jenna take my place as K-6 music teacher at John Glenn Elementary School. I had been there for 26 years, so my vested interest in obtaining someone who would continue the same kind of approach to teaching music to my beloved students mattered a great deal to me. Jenna was my student teacher just before I retired. I was so lucky and so were my students when she came into our lives. Jenna is talented, creative, empathetic, and outstanding in ever way as a teacher, friend, colleague and human being. Whatever you ask of her, she will always excel in. She is most definitely a life changer in my life, my former students' lives, and wherever she goes.