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Lana Powers

Position: Language Arts Teacher
School: Withrow High School
School District: Cincinnati Public Schools
City, State: Cincinnati, OH

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There is so much to say about Ms. Powers. She has been a consistent pillar in the Withrow community, and she has been recognized by the students in her classroom as a rock star. If one were to search her name online, they would see her many accomplishments. Everyone understands that her passion is for her students.

Ms. Powers does so much for her students. There are things she does to encourage and uplift students that she tells no one about. She is just that kind of person. When she has many assignments to grade and other teacher-related obligations to fulfill, she always remembers why she is there. She'll take time out to attend a students' basketball game, a dance competition or a football game. There is no limit to where and how Ms. Powers will encourage her students.

She is one of a kind, and she would do anything for her students!

Comments (99)

Peter Posted 10 months ago

I love your hair, it's fabulous, you deserve to win just based on your hair.

oury Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Power is one of the great teachers, who always smile toward hr students. she is a nice teacher who help not only her students but everyone who is in the school. She make sure that students are getting their work done on time. Before she move on she will make sure everyone understand the subject we are doing. she have a nice heart and shes one of my favorite teachers because she understand every student very well.

Jordinae Jordan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers is a life changer for more than one reason. She has changed my life personally because she is one teacher that actually cares about our work. She goes out of her way to make sure we have our work done. She makes sure that we do our work correctly. I am a current student in her English 12 2017-2018 class and I am glad to be apart of it.

Philita Wheeler Posted over a year ago

I met Lana a number of years ago and have been following her online ever since. I look to her profile daily for motivation and encouragement and she doesn't even know it. I set my profile to get notified every time she posts because I truly want to hear what she has to say. She posts thought-provoking and real stuff and it's just the person that she is. I wish I didn't live three hours from her because I would be able to see that motivation daily! Until I get to meet up with her again I just want her to know how inspiring she is from so far away. Thanks to her for being a source of motivation on some really tough days!

Rodney Clarke Posted over a year ago

Lana Powers, is a great nominee for this achievement. She is extremely hard working , dedicated, and you may not meet a more loyal and committed person. It is no accident all her students gravitate to her. She is more than the perfect person for this achievement. Lana Powers, understands the process of having young students reach beyond their potential and realize the sky is the limit. Good Luck Lana So proud of you

William Moore Posted over a year ago

Ms.Power was my teacher my Freshman year(2004) at Withrow University. She always took time with her students rather it was teaching, staying after school to help you understand what you lacked in her class or subjects/issues you lacked in other classes. She built relationships and grew individual bonds that made her feel more like a big sister rather than another teacher. I graduated 10 years ago and can honestly say I still appreciate her still today! She's most definitely a Life Changer. Thanks Ms.Power

Steve Broering Posted over a year ago

Lana deserves this award for more reasons than I can list. One reason that I appreciate and respect a great deal is how she devotes herself to her students. She has students from various countries, race, social class, and is willing to do whatever it takes to help them succeed. When I see she attended track meets, basketball games, etc. Of her students, I think why isnt she out having fun with friends? The answer is because she has tremendous passion and love fpr her job and her students. She is a life-changer.

Stanley Williams Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers is one of the most loving and caring teacher, i was ever tought under. My sophmore year of High school was when we first met. From then we begin to develop a strong bond. From never missing a home football game, and was a huge support during my wrestling career. She also was my reason for graduating high school. I was one Science OGT from not graduating. And not passing it the previous 2 times. But the summer of my junior Ms. Powers stayed day after day during the summer OGT classes and made sure i was focuse during my studies. She has had an huge affect on my life, from helping me find a college to also helping me find colors for my prom. I could go on and on but the Life Changer award clearly goes to this outstanding women hands down.

Robert Powers Posted over a year ago

As Lana’s Father, I’ve witnessed first hand her character development from childhood to present day. Proud though I may be, it comes, as no great surprise to me that Lana should be nominated for such a prestigious honor. Lana has always been one to look out for others. On many occasions I’ve seen her display selfless acts of kindness regarding family and friends as a reward in and of itself. I have often thought that “things” per se, don’t mean that much to Lana…but actions do! It would not be over the top to attribute such qualities as patient, giving, determined and faithful to her list of merits. Lana is more interested in solutions than excuses whether they come from friends, students or the bureaucracy of administrations. She recognizes the potential of a student and strives to see it come to fruition. Perhaps more importantly she awakens that same spirit and desire to learn within the student as well. After all, isn’t that the primary goal of a teacher? This devotion to inspire and change the lives of students is sorely missing across all levels of our educational system today. Sure, I’m proud of Lana…I’ve got a right to be!

Lee Woody Posted over a year ago

I met Lana at a Seminar held in Blue Ash back in 2013. She has a magnetic personality. However this is not why I think she is deserving of this award. I have an 18 year old daughter that is a tough nut to crack. Her circle is very small and you must be at the top of your game to gain her respect. Lana was able to do this effortlessly and has supported and helped my daughter pursue her passion for teaching. She is truly a Life Changer.

Lauren S Posted over a year ago

I am honored to know Lana Powers. Lana is a dedicated, passionate leader who lives with her heart and pushes forward with 110% effort to achieve her goals. When I meet someone who is affiliated with Withrow High School, the first thing I do is mention that I know Lana; immediate rapport and friendly conversation soon follows. Why? Lana knows that all human beings were created to love and be loved, and when you spend any bit of time with her, you feel it. Lana's heart is matched with an assertive passion towards betterness, and not just for herself, but for her students and anyone with whom she comes into contact. "Lifechanger of the year" would be a very appropriate title for this very amazing woman.

Candice Rene' Taylor Posted over a year ago

Lana is AMAZING and is so deserving of this award!!! She ROCKS in sooo many ways. I had the wonderful experience of co- teaching with Lana the 2015-2016 school year, I was very apprehensive about the whole "co - teaching" thing, but when I tell you she made it "ALL THAT" and more, she did!!!! She goes above and beyond for our kidos and I salute you!!!!????

Nikki Powers Posted over a year ago

My sister is more than just a beloved and hard-working teacher in a Cincinnati Public School. She is a voice for those who can't always speak, a light for those in need of positivity, a helping hand for those who often do without and a steady force for those who need stability and structure. She has spent countless hours developing her craft, attending school sports events, preparing lesson plans, tutoring almost-there graduates, leading team meetings, attempting to break racial barriers, supervising summer school, fulfilling state teacher requirements, providing a safe place for students throughout the day, reviewing IEPs, grading schoolwork, donating time/funds, managing times of crisis, communicating with parents, supporting her co-workers and, oh, yeah, teaching. I often wonder how she gets it all done and still has anything left to give! She strives to be the best at whatever she does. She will come in early and stay late. She steps up when others may step back. Everyone knows this. She's your reliable "go to" whether you knew her from your past or if she is currently in your presence. She loves being an educator but not just when it comes to Shakespeare teachings, senior portfolios or the proper grammar. (You better not use "your" when you really mean "you're"!) She is an educator of life: she helps others learn how to work and strive for something daily, push forward when society or stereotypes may work against you, show support to others while also loving yourself, use humility when necessary, and gain respect, especially, when it is well-deserved. ??P.I.C.Nik

Dolma Posted over a year ago

:) Honestly this is the precious time for me to tell my views for you guys Im junior from Withrow High school.I don't have any class with this teacher but I really wanted to be in her class In 2018 I have seen her Since I was in 9 grade she teacher gave change students life..I have heard about her so many thing in good way and she's the one who have been there for every student I have seen her in hallway she always smile and help students no matter if she Know them or not but she even give her whole time in studying time with students we love her and she deserves ittt

Diamond Snow Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers, she will guide you,scold you, make you laugh, and push you to a level you didn't think you could reach.

Kim Wright Posted over a year ago

Lana truly represents what it means to be an Educator. Her level of influence extends beyond the classroom. This nomination is spot on and well deserved. She's helping to redefine stereotypes relating to public schools by investing in each student with genuine interest and care. That support not only offers up possibilities but boast confidence of I Can and I Will. Thank you Ms. Powers for truly understanding the importance and huge responsibility of your role. You make a difference that truly benefit all of us!!

Susan Adewusi Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers is the definition of being a humble, loving caring educator to every student that crosses her path. In my 28 years of being an educator, I have never met such a powerful person that makes a difference during and after a students high schoo yearsl. Ms. Powers is powerful with the message that she delivers on a daily basis and that message is....PURE DEDICATION WITH LOVE!!

Ashley Perry Posted over a year ago

I graduated Withrow in 2006. Even though I did not have Ms. Powers as my teacher I interacted with her daily. She has always been so caring of all the students. If you needed anything. She was there to assist if she could. I know for a fact that my life was enhanced just by knowing her. And I am thankful and blessed to have her there through a very rough part in my life. She deserves this award and many more. Stay blessed Me. Powers. Love you always

Mackenzie Metcalf Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of student teaching under Lana Powers. She still mentors me as I enter my 6th year teaching.

Lydia Washington Posted over a year ago

This Is Some One Who Goes Out Her Way To Support Every Student Even If They Weren't In Her Class She Was Still There To Talk And Give Advice Whenever It Was Needed. I Believe She Deserves This Not Only Because She Does Her Job Well But Because She Actually Loves Doing It And Caring For Her Students.

Darnell Dakarai Johnson Posted over a year ago

I have been familiar with Lana M. Powers for about 3 years now. Being a former educator/coach and mentor myself I understand the challenges individuals who work in the educational field face on a daily basis. Lana, keeps her purpose daily focused on preparing her kids for success not just in the future but in the current moment they are living in. Whether this means teaching them how to deal with personal conflicts, helping them understand diversity of thought or empowering them to make healthy choices for themselves she gives her students a platform to leave to make positive choices for themselves. Not teach them what to think but, teaching them to think. Lana has been a support to a lot of students whether it has been being a spectator at sporting events football, track, basketball, boxing, volleyball. You name it. Students like to look up during their memorable moments in life and see the people that told them they believe in them. It resonates deeper for these students when they are able to look into the stands and see that Lana could've been somewhere else but, she chose to be present to support them in their event..With an educator it isn't always about what is done in the classroom. It's how can what I am teaching in the classroom be manifested in real life. I believe Lana has been able to utilize life events along with the curriculum to provide students with the optimum learning experience.

Linda Ritter Posted over a year ago

A friend had posted something that Ms. Powers had shared on Facebook. I was so impressed by her words. I made a comment, and Ms. Powers and I became Facebook friends. I have two children who are teachers; as well as a daughter-in-law. My father was a high school teacher, and I recently retired after a 20-plus year career as a school secretary. I know an exceptional educator when I see one, and Ms. Powers is beyond exceptional! I can't even put into words how deserving she is of this recognition and honor. All one needs to do is follow her on Facebook to see how dedicated she is to her students and community. All one needs to do is read the comments of those whose lives she has touched. Ms. Powers is living her passion and the joy she gets is from what she gives. She is selfless and although I do not know her personally, I know that if I were to ever have a chance to meet her I would feel is though I had known her all my life. What a world it would be if every child had a Ms. Powers in their life! My guess is that there is one thing Ms. Powers would love to add to her life if she could...and, that is more hours in the day to do, and give, even more. But, alas, even Guardian Angels need to rest.

Courtney C Posted over a year ago

I always knew I loved to write. I knew I had a gift. She saw my gift and she nurtured it. I can honestly say that she helped develop me into the writer I am today.Ms.Powers tried to relate to me without trying to be my friend. She listened to me without judgement. My concerns became her concerns. My future was important her. She is the lasting light at Withrow. She is the heart beat of a dying generation of teachers that lead unselfishly and with love. Her plan is to conquer all things, endure all things, she loves what she does. That makes her life changer. Forever grateful!

Breyell Williams Posted over a year ago

Ms.Powers truly deserves the life changer award. She definitely had a big influence on me. Ms.Powers was one of the teaches who pushed me to do my best and made sure I graduated even after many challenges we faced. Ms.Powers took me in like I was one of her own at my first & only year at Withrow. I love her so much and everyone else does too! Ms.Powers rocks! :) <3

Nichelle Bolden Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers love, concern and care for the families whom she serves, is boundless. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and because she's such a generous spirit, everyone responds in kind. She embodies the Lifechanger of the Year Award, hands down.

Chris Livengood Posted over a year ago

An amazing woman that goes the extra mile with her students to make sure they exceed in life not to just get by. She does not stop when the bell rings at the end of the day her dedication to her students lives is nothing short of amazing.

Darryl Wright Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers truly shines as an educator! She's one who understands that those six and a half hours a day, five days a week spent teaching students are real opportunities to mentor them and help prepare them for life. Ms. Powers takes those nine months to mold and shape her lessons to shine light on whatever is happening in the world and get her students involved in the "caring" aspect and once they see that, a lightbulb turns on and they're plugged in! She always brings that human side of herself to class and kids appreciate her genuineness! She has changed their outlook on life and she is a life-changer inside and outside of the classroom!!!!

Cole Davis Posted over a year ago

I agree this nomination. She is by far one of the best teachers and she is always doing what she can for her students. Lana always gives so much of her time and soul to the students.

Lauren Lillenstein Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers is a servant leader. Every day she models what it truly means to be an educator. She provides guidance, inspiration, love, and support to not only her students but to the entire Withrow Community. She is a student advocate and builds long-lasting relationships of support for her kiddos well beyond the high school years. She truly is changing lives in Cincinnati and teaching kids how they can positively impact others as well.

Katie Hays Posted over a year ago

Lana''s teaching does not stop when she leaves the classroom. She continues to 'teach' her "kids"even after they graduate by extending a hand when they need guidance. Sometimes all a child needs is someone to show them who they can become. I feel that Lana does this for a lot of her students. She helps change their lives. Whether it be taking them on college tours or encouraging their writing inside her classroom. She is a life changer.

Vicki Powers Posted over a year ago

Lana devotes a great deal of time above and beyond teaching. Academically her students receive a good education but Lana also sends them out into the world armed with social skills of kindness, caring and helping those around them. She has taught them by example and has, no doubt, changed their lives with her loving interest in those lives.

Ryan Morgan Posted over a year ago

Lana has been a good friend to me for 10 years. When I first started my company she came to help me for no pay. She also helped we write my help wanted adds. During that time she explained rules of English to me. I still use those rules when I write today. Thank you Lana

Fatoumata Diagouraga Posted over a year ago

Ms.Powers encourages students to do better!!??

Angel Archer Posted over a year ago

Ms. POWERS! Her name speaks volumns. She is a woman with many powers. She has shown countless students what love is. She has shown students that they are not alone in this world. She is one of the most dedicated, caring, loving and PASSIONATE teachers I have ever met. She doesn't do anything for recognition. She shows the students that they are important. She shows them that they are important enough for her to come to games, college visits, graduation parties and almost anything they are involved in. She deserves this award because she has changed so many lives even mine. She has shown me how to look at students in a different perspective. She has shown students that when things get rough that she will be there right by their side til the end.

Tyler Butcher Posted over a year ago

Lana's passion for teaching and leading by example is both admirable and inspiring. The world would be a much better place with more educators like Lana.

Beverly Mallory Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of co -teaching with Ms. Powers for the 2016-17 school year. She is a phenomenal teacher who is always reflecting and modifying lessons to ensure that all students can grasp the content. Lana has a knack for taking those diamonds in the rough and making them shine. Ms. Powers sets high expectations for her students, however, she will provide them with every opportunity to succeed. She makes learning relevant and exciting! Lana teaches required curriculum , as well as,life lessons. Every parents desire is to have their child placed in a nurturing classroom with a no nonsense teacher who is capable of building their confidence and skill level. Ms. Powers is that type of teacher! I've witnessed how Lana fights to make certain her students don't fall between the cracks in a system they don't always understand how to navigate. It is without hesitation or reservation that I nominate Ms. Powers for this honor.

Peter Harris Posted over a year ago

Thanks for all that you do

Jacqueline Sobotka Posted over a year ago

She deserves this award because its hard to find people who 1. love their jobs and 2. peopke who give their true heart into what they do. I admire Lana as a person and as someone who helps our world be a better place by giving her best to our youth

Larry Pernell Posted over a year ago

Words can't even scratch the surface of how Ms.Powers is just an amazing teacher. It's not a time where she wouldn't go out of her way to solve any issue I had. She also is a huge supporter always was in your corner, you can tell that she really cared about you. It's rare to find individuals such as her. She deserves this award and much more.

Larry Pernell Posted over a year ago

Words can't even scratch the surface of how Ms.Powers is just an amazing teacher. It's not a time where she wouldn't go out of her way to solve any issue I had. She also is a huge supporter always was in your corner, you can tell that she really cared about you. It's rare to find individuals such as her. She deserves this award and much more.

Dr Kareem Moffett Posted over a year ago

In Lana, I have found a genuine friend and 'school mother' for my boys. I can count on her to provide my son's and her students with a sincere desire for their best interest. I have witnessed students refuse to listen to an Administrator and once and Powers requests their attention then they comply. This demonstrates that even the most disruptive students has not only reverence for her as a teacher but respect her as someone they trust! In our society, this is extremely important. Our students need adults they trust and they have found that in Ms Powers. She deserves this award because she does all that she does without any award or recognition and she will continue because it's genuinely in her to do. This award would give her a small break and let her reaffirm that she is truly loved by her students, family and peers.

Brandin Johnson Posted over a year ago

Where do I start!? Ms. Powers is AMAZING! The reason that she is ammzing at what she does is because she doesn't give up! She doesn't give up on the "bad" student! She doesn't give up on the student that has repeated a grade! She doesn't give up on the student that has two YEARS worth of credit recovery to complete to graduate in one semester! This is the woman that makes the biggest difference in a students life because SHE DOESN'T GIVE UP! And the reason that she doesn't give up is because she see a light in everyone that she encounters and when she sees that light she egar to make it shine and if it's shining she can and she will make it brighter! Ms.Powers is the teacher for this award because every person that's encountered by this woman walks away with something! No matter if you're a student, parent, intern, or co-worker! Ms.Power strives to make a difference inside AND outside of the classroom!

Cynthia Lockett-Nelson Posted over a year ago

Lana Powers is a dedicated and committed teacher to all her students and school! She's an excellent teacher and roll model for her students and staff????.

Katelynn Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers is one of those teachers who leaves a mark on your life. She truly cares about each and every one of her students. She always was available if you needed help and always put the work and assignments in a way that we could understand it! I'm so grateful for Ms. Powers and the knowledge and skill she taught helped me graduate from college! Thank you Ms. P!

Ren Murrell Posted over a year ago

LP is always willing to help her students and wears a warm smile EVERY day!

Steffenie Kitchel Posted over a year ago

Simply amazing. Her passion and devotion to her family, students, personal health spiritually, mentally, and physically is so inspiring.

Wayne Williams Posted over a year ago

Ms.Powers is absolutely amazing at everything she do with her students. When I was her student in 2010 she was everything a high schooler can dream of. She worked hard with students of all colors to help them understand the criteria that were being taught at the time. When it became time for OGTs she worked OVER time to ensure her students pass. She has never told anyone no when it came to education. Here in 2017 I reached out to her for help and resources with obtaining information for scholarships and guess what! She researched scholarships for me. She is the person every student would come to for help about anything.

Montavia Johnson Posted over a year ago

Definitely one of a kind! ??

Yanah Whitehead Posted over a year ago

Ms.Powers is literally the best teacher you could ever have! I switched to her in the middle of my 11th grade year and she always made me feel welcome and that I could achieve anything. I didn't have her my senior year, but she still made time to help me when I had problems, gave me advice on anything I asked and always had candy for after. Ms.Powers definitely changed my life, she made me love English again and that's hard to do she deserves to be recognized!

Missy Thompson Posted over a year ago

Being a educator myself, Lana's posts on facebook reminds me why I do what I do. On top of that she was great at helping with band camp in high school.

Kenesha Kenny Posted over a year ago

Miss Powers is more than an teacher, she's also an inspiration to any one she's comes across. I had her my sophomore year and she motivitvated me to always do better and to achieve better without her encouragement I wouldn't be the mother I am today those same things she taught me I'm teacher to my daughter that's Ms. Powers !

Tiaunna Peppers Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers definitely deserves this award with no second guessing. She's not just a wonderful teacher, she's also a caring person. What she does and how she treats her students aren't just for a paycheck, but because she actually does it from the heart and cares. She doesn't let one opinion or statement get in the way of her actually bonding and helping that student. She goes the extra mile always to help the next person become great or do better. I knew that when I met her in Summer Bridge of 2011 that she was awesome but actually learning from her and knowing her personally I have seen that she's super awesome! Ps. I graduated 2 years ago from high school and still until this day she will write references for me if I need it. I believe this award has Lana Powers written all over it!

Jon Murray Jr. Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lana Powers has been an extraordinary person in my life. She was my English teacher from 10th grade until 12th grade. Not only was she an outstanding teacher,she was an even better friend. I'm a black teenage male that's from the hood . A lot of my years of adversity hit me hard once I came to Withrow. I NEVER talked to anyone about my hard times, but it was something about Ms.Powers that made me open up to her and express my feelings. At first college wasn't even a thought in my head, but after many, many,many talks with her,she was able to persuade me to go and chase my dreams of becoming a professional football player. I will be attending Baldwin Wallace University this upcoming Fall to play football. I haven't really voiced my appreciation to her yet because I don't really know how to say it, but once I heard that she was a nominee of the Lifechanger of the year award I had to show my gratitude. I know I'm not the only person that she's helped over the past years. The whole class of 2017 absolutely loves Ms. Powers!!

Cecelia Barker Posted over a year ago

I would not expect any less from this amazing woman!

Roxanna Melton Posted over a year ago

Lana is an amazing teacher! She make sure that her student have her attention and she helps meets their needs. I have worked with her for over 10 years at Withrow. She always goes above and beyond to help change her students lives.

Malik Posted over a year ago

No other teacher is more interactive in school and outside of school this Ms.Powers

Desirae Dunbar Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers is an excellent teacher both in the classroom and out she continuously shows her compassion for students by encouraging them to reach goals and expectations that would be unknown to them if not for her. In an inner city school district that is often disregarded she encourages students to strive for their best despite strife and other issues they face. Her caring nature, excellent teaching skills and compassion make her a blessing for any student she has ever taught. As a former student of hers she certainly changed my life she taught me compassion ans showed me despite my circumstances I can be great. For that I will be forever grateful

Malik Posted over a year ago

No other teacher is more interactive in school and outside of school this Ms.Powers

Donte Denson Posted over a year ago

I don't know what it is but this woman right here Ms.Powers is the type of teacher that student not only respects her but make sure that if they didn't show up to all their other classes they most definitely make it to hers. Why because Ms.Powers will go out her way for her students to make sure that they have what they need not only in the classroom but outside the classroom. Last but not least she will support you all the way if she see you trying to make a difference in your life

Angela Houston Posted over a year ago

Ms Powers created classroom awards for her students. Not just academic awards, but she gives out many awards for improving and overcoming adversity. She stays late to create lessons, and she not only tutors her own students, she tutors any student other teachers may deem unrreachable. As this year's summer school coordinator, she created certificates that each student received once they completed their course. She then took their picture, and posted it in the hallway for the entire school to celebrate. "Why celebrate summer school," teachers would ask? Of course Ms Powers would reply that not everyone accomplishes their goals on the first try and they should be recognized for not giving up and for learning from their mistakes. That's Ms Powers. She's always positive and she never gives up on her students. She remembers that you're humans firsts and she treats them as such. I guess that's why she's the humanities teacher.

Dauna Easley Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of visiting Lana Power's classroom many times over the past five years. I supervise student teachers for the University of Cincinnati. This gives me a unique vantage point for watching teachers who not only change their students' lives in a positive way, but they also model positive classroom strategies for future teachers. Ms. Powers actively searches for new ways to lift students and encourage them to push beyond what they formerly believed they could achieve. She believes in them BEFORE and UNTIL they've gained the skills to believe in themselves. She continues to applaud their successes even long after they leave her classroom. They continue to visit her years after they graduate. She helps them create their turning point in life and so they value her. She is a life changer in every way.

Netra Posted over a year ago

So much to say,so I narrow it down to one word. AWESOME

Robin Clark Posted over a year ago

Lana Powers is the most dedicated teacher I have ever come across. She is not only teaching her students, but she is empowering them, instilling values, and showing them there is a better way. I can only pray that one day my son has the privilege to have such an amazing teacher in his life.

Corey McDonald Posted over a year ago

Lana works tirelessly for her students and school. She supports them in every aspect, whether she attends sporting events or an academic celebration. Lana has taken numerous students under her wing and she has made sure that they are on the right path to a successful future. Lana's passion and love for her students and school is second to none. She is not only a teacher of Language Arts, she is a teacher of life. She is more than deserving of this nomination and award.

Zanteria Sneed Posted over a year ago

i have witnessed ms. powers go out here way for her students both past and present numerous times. she is such a supportive person and would give a arm and leg to anyone no second thought even if sometimes they don't deserve it. she is great and this award is meant for her.

Malik Posted over a year ago

No other teacher is more interactive in school and outside of school this Ms.Powers

Tyler Butcher Posted over a year ago

Lana's passion for teaching and leading by example is both admirable and inspiring. The world would be a much better place with more educators like Lana.

Ahmet Posted over a year ago

Great teacher. Listens to students and helps in any and every way she can.

Jerald Tisdale Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers is a educator that goes above and beyond and then beyond again. If you know her and her passion for the young people she has worked with, I bet they will all say she has changed their life for the better to some degree. You know you have made a difference when your past students come back to see you and tell you how much you have helped them prepare for life in and outside of the classroom. She is well deserving of this nomination and moreover the award.

Daymond Wiliams Posted over a year ago

Ms.Powers Is Very Thoughtful And Helpful. If she see you down at any point she reach out and give you an inspirational speech that give you so much pride about yourself and show you that you're loved outside of just home. I love the vibe she bring around .

Estefany Posted over a year ago

MS. Powers I want to said you're a good teacher who always take care about your students. I was you student for one year and I can said that you're a great teacher who always help me when I was needed you help and also I want to said congratulation to you because you're a teacher who love you career and all students can see in what you do everyday you're sweet, intelligent and good teacher. I love you Ms. Powers.

De'Carlo Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers was the most amazing teacher I've ever had. She pushed all kids to do better no matter what their situation was/is. She was the only teacher I knew going well out of her way to congratulate kids on their achievements. She made everybody feel special. She was more than just your teacher, she was the HOMIE!

Donzell Posted over a year ago

A person who truly cares about her students Go above and beyond for her students. Motivational person that pushes everyone beyond their limits.

Victoria Johnson Posted over a year ago

This upcoming school year (2017-2018) my youngest son will have Ms. Powers as his English teacher. My oldest son graduated in 2014 and Ms. Powers was his English teacher also. Over the past 4 years I've watched her nurture so many children in the classroom and outside, she is sometimes the ONLY support system that some of the children have. Ms. Powers demands excellence from them 100% of the time and because of her high demands they grow to have the utmost respect for her and other adults that They have to interact with in life. The students love her and all that she taught them and almost all of them comeback to show their accomplishments to her and thank her! There's NO ONE more deserving of this award than Lana Powers!

Sharrell Lasley Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers definitely deserves this award. She deserves this award plus a million dollars! She has been the go to teacher for things in school and also outside of school. She's like your teacher, bestfriend, mom, Aunt, and sister all in one! She helps kids and encourages us to do well in whatever we put our minds to. She supports everyone no matter what it is. You can be a graduate from class of 2012 and if you need her she'll be there! She helps guide her students in the right path. She's one of the best teachers you could have! She definitely deserves this award. So make it happen lol She earned it! We love you sooooo much Ms. Powers!

Angel Prince Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers deserves this award because she takes learning and makes it fun for everyone. She rewards not only the ones that are always good but also makes it about the one who are in trouble but catches them doing good. We inspire all kids of all ages to do good. She supports all sports team every season and reps them hard.

Stephen Thomas Broering Posted over a year ago

Lana deserves to be recognized as a life-changer more than anyone I've ever known. When a lot of us get a free night to relax we like to spend it on the couch. When Lana gets a free night she attends some of her student's athletic events or other co-curricular activity. She deserves this award because more than anyone I've ever known she believes what she does makes a difference. She loves the thought of bettering the community and is a fearless work in her efforts to do so. I hope Lana is recognized as a life-changer, because it's the title she deserves over any other.

Lyrick Phillips Posted over a year ago

She is a very caring teacher she cared for students at my school like they are her own and that's why i love her

Keri Alford Posted over a year ago

Even states away your posts about your students and your teaching philosophy is awe inspiring. You're a breath of fresh air in the public educational field that is usually consumed with negativity. You preach of the importance of relationships, high expectations, and the belief in each student's potential. If we could only find a way to bottle up what you are selling to your students every day our public educational system would change over night! You embody the quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world" and you teach your students to do the same!

NyGierre Posted over a year ago

She’s a very caring teacher

Corey Hammac Posted over a year ago

Even though I barely know Ms. Powers as an individual, I know more than enough to say that she cares about her kids more than any other teacher/educator I've ever come across. Her stories and pictures of her students, and the pride she takes in their success are second-to-none. I would've been very priveledged to have had her as an educator when I was growing up; the world is a better place with Ms. Powers in the classroom, no question about it!

Donzell Posted over a year ago

A person who truly cares about her students Go above and beyond for her students. Motivational person that pushes everyone beyond their limits.

Yashua Edwards Posted over a year ago

There's so much to say about this amazing woman. But the most important thing I can say is how much she cares about and inspires her students. I had Ms. Powers as my English teacher when I was a sophomore in high school, she helped me and shaped me into the writer I am today. She was a key factor in me choosing my career path. She's one of the teachers that stick out in my mind because of her dedication and her caring heart to go over and beyond to help every student. I could not have thought of a better teacher to be nominated for this award than her because she was truly the best teacher I've ever had.

Dominic Johnson Posted over a year ago


Jamila Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lana Powers is an exceptional teacher. I recall my son who is now a Withrow graduate always talking about her. I had not met her but I thought it was cool that he had a teacher that was always there for him and supported him or got on his tail when he wasn't doing right. I recall meeting her and thinking ok I see why he and all these other students have great things to say about her. She was pleasant, bright and relatable. You could tell that she put in a lot of time with her students. I also started to notice that she was every where her students were. She would be at every basketball game, football game, track meet, volley ball game, presentations and so on and so forth. I have never seen a teacher so involved with her students. It has been a pleasure to see her work with the students and love them like they were her own children. She is deserving of everything that this grand prize offers and more. If you walk up to any student or parent at Withrow high school they will all have great things to say about her. Please consider Ms. Powers has you grand prize winner she earned it.

Markeya Evans Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers deserves this life charger of the year award everyday honestly. It's not everyday you get a teacher who has found a way to make every rule in the policy book, actually work. Her heart is the center of all religions, her motivation is the peak of every mountain, and her eagerness to help one succeed is humbly graceful. If there was any teacher who I felt helped me along my journey I couldn't pin point one. BUT! If there was any teacher I could say help changed my life, it would be she, Ms. Lana Powers

Joti Posted over a year ago

She deserves to win this award,I know her since I move to Cincinnati from taxes.This teacher is amazing?? She would never let her struggle in one place.She's the one who encouraged To go forward,the one who can Give her personal time to help students?? I still remember the junior year when I was in her class for English12 We had to write journal,And every single time after she check our journals,She always had comments on journal,Even if it's mistake she could change and encourage?? And senior year is just cool,The most difficult time for me to pass OGT(Ohio graduation test)But this Teacher right here helped me through,She always make sure that I'm doing alright,Help out on every work,Whatever she taught me,I do as she said and here the results I pass the OGT and I graduated from High school( all the credit goes to this amazing teacher??she deserves me we love Ms.Power

Greg Evans Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers is more than just a teacher. She is very inspirational and reaches students past and present with her encouraging words. Always has a clever way to ask students to rise above ignorance and laziness. She'll get at you but it's all out of love. She pushes people to be better and for that I appreciate that!

Amy Caldwell Posted over a year ago

I was a student at Withrow from 2004-2008. As a teacher, Ms. Powers takes curriculum and transforms it in a way that engages and captivates every student to that walks through her door. It's hard to reach everyone, most students don't even want to be there.. but she does it every day. She takes some of the toughest, roughest, unruly students and turns their lives upside-down and makes them want to be better versions of themselves. She reaches students on a level none of my other teachers ever could. I witnessed teachers break and snap at students on a daily basis, never Ms. Powers. Shes a Gogetter not a quitter, she never gives up on her students. It's so much more than lesson plans, she genuinely cares about every student, they don't even have to be taught in her classroom! She takes time to go to sporting events and functions that recognize academic and athletic achievements to make sure they feel supported. Then there are things most people don't know.. she has a lot of students that are underprivileged or have been homeless and they don't go hungry if she can help it. She's organized food drives through her social circles to make sure those kids have food on Christmas break and spring break. Ms. Powers goes above and beyond. I have never met a more deserving teacher or individual than Lana Powers. This recognition belongs to her.

Carlecia Sanders Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers deserves this award because she makes sure her students are great by any means. No matter what your situation is Ms. Powers is always there to help she makes sure you get on your A game even when you are at your lowest. I've had Ms. Powers as an English teacher for three years and ive watched her help children grow and achieve their goal. She's helped people overcome there fears and see graduation day!! MS. POWERS IS EVERYTHING A STUDENT NEEDS AND SHE REALLY DESERVES THIS AWARD. SHE NEVER LET YOU QUIT SHE ALWAYS PUSHES YOU TO MOVE FORWARD

Tasha Davis Posted over a year ago

Ms. Powers is an awesome person, teacher and she loves all the children. My son loves her and never had her as a teacher. She cares and relates to the students. She deserves this award because she's awesome.

Alandes Powell Posted over a year ago

It is hard to put into words just how much Miss Powers has meant to my son and our family. She's the teacher that finds a way to motivate students that otherwise would not find a desire to do great things. She has a beautiful way of tapping into their potential and putting a mirror in front of their face so they can see what she sees, which is their beauty.

Victoria walker Posted over a year ago

She was the best teacher when I was there she taught how to go for my dream . Today I'm almost there

Mrs nikky Mack shearer Posted over a year ago

I myself thinks she the best teacher in cps district. She motives her students to do nothing less than succeed, my son rashontae Watson a former student of hers spoke so highly of her not only as a teacher but as a human being.She's beyond the best teacher in my opinion, I'm not only best but very much so grateful that miss powers taught my son.

Delrico Canady Posted over a year ago

I don't know her personally.. But what I see on Fb is tremendous.. Always helping and reaching out to our young people.. Helping and guiding them in anyway way possible.. Always pushing them to do better and reach their goals.. She is a remarkable teacher and deserves this and more.

Fatim Ouattara Posted over a year ago

I believe that Ms.Powers is a great person to begin. She was my 11th grade English teacher and I can tell you that she is a fun, positive and blessed person. She deserves this award because she is always supporting her students not just academically but also emotionally. During my time at Withrow, I've only seen her show love and appreciation towards her students. From the pep talks to the candies she passed out to the class only made us love her more!

Davona Williams Posted over a year ago

SHE DESERVES THIS FOR A FACT!!! it ain’t a student in withrow that can stay she ain’t changed their life are even tried to help change their life.. I’m a prime example of her life changing skills she really changed my life word if it wasn’t for her I would’ve never graduated and that’s a FACT. she pushed me everyday even the days I was doing wrong sleeping in her class, talking, not paying attention, disrupting her class she still NEVER gave up on me..Word I respect her so much for that

Ronay Lyons Posted over a year ago

Thank you Ms. Powers for always being the motivator! You're the teacher that we look forward to seeing around the school everyday! Keep shining!

Bria Canada Posted over a year ago

She deserves this award because she is a real motivation in my life. There where time that i wanted to quit school and drop out but she always there to help me and keep pushing me to do great. If it wasnt for her i wouldn't bave graduated high school or would going to college i love this women with all my heart.