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Dustin Dearman

Position: Sixth Grade Literacy Teacher
School: Bryant Middle School
School District: Bryant Public Schools
City, State: Bryant, AR

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Dustin Dearman was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Dustin Dearman has worked as a teacher at Bryant Middle School for the past five years, with a primary focus on sixth-grade literacy. As a member of Arkansas Association of Middle Level Education, he recently presented a unit on Literary Analysis through a Film Festival.

His captivating instructional methodology engages students at all levels, while also providing peer support within the literacy department. His professional approach to literary studies provides students with a variety of learning skills, focusing on varied learning styles and stimuli geared toward promoting success and emotional support students. 

Mr. Dearman has been integral in developing an advisory unit for students at Bryant Middle School. The advisory period allows all 1,200 students to focus on climate change within BMS using Sean Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. 

"Mr. Dearman's leadership and guidance have played a significant role in promoting this program throughout the school," the nominator said. "His creativity, incentives, and leadership skills are a game-changer for Bryant Middle School. His exemplary professionalism permeates throughout his classes, as well as with his relationship with students, parents, faculty, and administration. Bryant Middle School is fortunate to have such a motivated faculty member."

Comments (13)

Simon Carter Posted over a year ago

I think Mr. Dearman really deserves this award.One way he changed my life is by giving me someone to talk to.YOU DESERVE IT MR.DEARMAN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Mr. Dearman was my teacher and he is the best literacy teacher I have ever met. He worked with me when I got sick in his class and gave me ample time to finish my work. He had a riveting teaching style, unlike any I have ever seen. He really was a very devoted teacher. I always enjoyed his class and was excited. He is also the quiz bowl teacher and is amazing at it. He always goes over answers we don't know. He is really smart and probably the best teacher overall I have ever had.

Parker Posted over a year ago

he was the best English teacher I ever had he made a huge difference on how I write and we had a bunch of inside jokes. He made my 6 grade year awesome.

Lisa Dicus Posted over a year ago

Mr. Dearman is beloved by students and parents alike. Knowing his value to BMS admin, there is no doubt his nomination is well deserved. It is exciting to hear from my co-workers in Little Rock, families in the Bryant community, the office staff of BMS, current students (including my grandson) and former students/parents express their admiration for his leadership & encouragement to students. Mr. Dearman is already a LifeChanger celebrated by the community; congratulations BMS and thank you Mr. Dearman!

Greg Crawford Posted over a year ago

Excellent teacher, challenged my son Clay to excel but also became one of his favorite teachers. He not only was great with the kids at school, he also came and supported his students in outside activities such as watching them play postseason baseball. I am glad he taught Clay and continues to make a positive impact on the children of Bryant.

Jason Hay Posted over a year ago

Mr. Dearman goes above and beyond for our students everyday. Great teacher but an even better person.

Jana Ferguson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Dearman has made the transition into middle school a wonderful experience for both of my children. When my kids come home and tell about the highlight of their day it always includes a story about Mr. Dearman' class. It is obvious he works very hard to make learning seem to be such an easy process in his class.

Peter Cunningham Posted over a year ago

My family loves Mr Dearman's dedication to his profession. It is obvious he loves challenging and encouraging his students, even after they move on to higher grade levels.

Spencer Lawrence Posted over a year ago

Mr.Dearman change my life by motivating me to get my grades up. When I was in quiz bowl, he told me I could only participate if I had A's, B's, and C's. By doing this, I got my grades up, stayed in quiz bowl, and now I have all A's and B's. THANK YOU MR.DEARMAN!!!

Natalie Come Posted over a year ago

My son came into Mr. Dearman’s class as a nervous sixth grader. He is a great kid but had never really been the kid that teachers bragged on. He seemed to just blend in all year but I read what he wrote in my son’s yearbook and was so grateful he spent the year with such a caring man. He wrote, “It’s kids like you that make me want to be a teacher everyday.” I teared up seeing he sees what I see in my son. Way to go Mr. Dearman. It is teachers like you that make me feel it’s okay to send my child to school everyday.

Robin Jones Posted over a year ago

One of the most devoted, caring, and involved teachers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Mr. Dearman kept a spark of love for Quiz Bowl going in my son and that has grown more and more each year. He always makes kids feel unique and truly special and is always at school events, whether they pertain to his actual position or not. Mr. Dearman is a wonderful, compassionate, and intelligent role model for the young people of Bryant, especially the young men.

Renee Curtis Posted over a year ago

In the words of Dustin Dearman, I went to college to learn how to teach students no matter the subject area.

Susan Berry Posted over a year ago

Amesome! One of the hardest working devoted teachers I know. Very innovative, intelligent and mostly cares for his students and what he does!!