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Heidi Washington

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: North Ridge Elementary School
School District: Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District
City, State: Grimes, IA

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Heidi Washington was nominated by Darci Reggio, the parent of a student.

Mrs. Washington is a second grade teacher at North Ridge Elementary School in the Dallas Center-Grimes School District. She comes from a family of teachers and has been teaching for over 16 years. Reggio met her two years ago, when her oldest daughter had Mrs. Washington as her second grade teacher.

Mrs. Washington incorporates technology in her lesson plans to not only connect with students of all learning styles, but to help familiarize them with different platforms. She's a leader in her school who guides other teachers in using technology in their classrooms. Students learn how to record videos on the iPad, use apps for education, and navigate reading books online. 

"Mrs. Washington is known as the tech guru and assists other teachers with their newsletters, online class pages, etc," Reggio said. "She has taught me about the benefits of Twitter and using Google Hangouts for teachers to learn about some new techniques in classrooms."

In the summer, Mrs. Washington offers a technology class for elementary students who want to learn more about using apps. She also spends time as a volunteer coach for her daughter's basketball and softball teams.

Mrs. Washington has a son in his freshman year of college at NW Missouri State, and a daughter who is in third grade.

"Heidi has such a warm presence with every student who passes her in the hallway," Reggio said. "She has made it a point to get to know every student by name and greets them as they pass her doorway in the morning and after school." 

After getting to know each other, Mrs. Washington encouraged Reggio to go back to school for a second degree so she could get her teaching license.

Heidi Washington in the News:
Dallas Center-Grimes educator nominated for National LifeChanger of the Year Award

Comments (24)

Kathy Morrow Posted over a year ago

Heidi's classroom is at the entrance to the hall to all the kindergarten and first grades classrooms. Since day 1, she has greeted the students every morning and sent them off with high fives at the end of every day. She has gotten to know each K,1 student's name and is an important part to starting their day off well and sending them off with a smile. Thank you Heidi!

Ben maier Posted over a year ago

There could not be a better nominee.. If it was not for Heidi my family would have possibly not made it through the worst year of our lives. ( 2017 ) Her fast action & quick thinking helped us survive a devasting year. She did it all with no thought of the time, effort and toll on herself. We will always be in her debt .. Thank you Heidi .. The Maier family

Jordan Paup Posted over a year ago

Heidi is always more than willing to help others! She shares her ideas willingly and loves to try new things in her classroom. I have learned so much from her by being across the hall and from what the kids have told me. She truly is an inspiration to her students and coworkers.

Emory Stewart Posted over a year ago

Mrs Washington is not an 8:00 to 4:00 teacher, not only does she put in her normal hours but she puts in hours and hours after school, during breaks and during summer months preparing herself for each school day. She is on the cutting edge of using technology in her classes and her students are engaged in their learning and love her class. She goes above and beyond to try to make each student feel loved and valued.

April Heitland Posted over a year ago

I am lucky enough to work with Heidi and see how she impacts students, staff and families each day. She is always willing to try new ideas. She works to build lasting relationships with her students and knows how impactful a simple smile or hello can be to everyone. She works to engage students in their learning and gives them choice. She is a wonderful person!

Erin O'Leary Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to see first hand the impact Heidi has on her students and their family during my student teaching experience. She advocates for all learners and creates a creative and supportive learning environment within her classroom. Every morning you can catch Heidi outside of her classroom greeting, not only her 20+ little learners, but the rest of the kindergarten and first grade students by first name! She inspires students each and every day to excel in their academics and every day lives. I am very fortunate to have learned the ins and outs of teaching from such a passionate professional!!

Britt Morris Posted over a year ago

I love Mrs. Washington! My daughter had her for a teacher when she was in 2nd grade and she is now a Junior in HS and still talks about her! She is such an inspiration to the kids and puts parents as ease to know they are in good hands when they are in her care! I was blessed enough to be a homeroom mom and see her work with the kids and she loves them and they love her too! She is a wonderful choice for a life changer award!

Kylie Calease Posted over a year ago

Heidi is so much fun to work with and very deserving of this honor. She is always there for her colleagues when they need help with technology or classroom ideas. I am proud to be her teammate and be apart of all the great things she is doing for her classroom, our building, and our district!!

Ann Kurth Posted over a year ago

I worked with Heidi Washington for years at South Prairie Elementary. She is always willing to help others. She brings technology and hands on learning to her students. She is not afraid to try new things and has fun with her students daily. If you need help or an idea she is there for you. Heidi is much deserving of this award. I love this lady!

Nancy Sayles Posted over a year ago

Heidi Washington was the first teacher I worked with when I started working at DCG as a SPED associate. She is a wonderful teacher who tries to connect with each of her students individually. She truly enjoys working with students and has fun with her class. The students, in turn, enjoy attending her class. Heidi is also very open to sharing her knowledge with other teachers and other associates. I learned so much from her on classroom management! It helped me in dealing with large groups of students in the lunchroom or outside on the playground. The most important thing I learned was to be flexible and remember that young people learn when they are having fun, and when they are having fun, they learn.

Sandi McCulley Mueller Posted over a year ago

This lady comes from a family of teachers and is without a doubt both teacher and mentor to her students. I really hope she wins this award as she is extremely deserving. Thank you.

Marte Carlson Posted over a year ago

Mrs Washington was my daughters 3rd grade teacher. She was always happy, positive and so loving. My daughter absolutely LOVED her as a teacher. She was the “cool” teacher with all the latest and greatest gadgets! They had connections with 3rd graders in another state and got to meet them all virtually along with sending mail to each other. She always goes above and beyond the roll of a teacher! The impact she makes on kids at such a young age is LIFE CHANGING!! We love you Mrs Washington!!!

Sulley Blessman Posted over a year ago

My daughter had Mrs. Washington for 2nd grade. She is in 8th grade now and still talks about 2nd grade and how Mrs. W has been her favorite teacher. She loved her use of music and technology in learning!

Angie Rubel Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Mrs. Washington the last couple years. I am a 9th grade advisor, I bring my kids to Mrs. Washington's class. Our kids work together on STEM activities four times a year! All of our students love it!

Rebecca Falk Posted over a year ago

Heidi Washington is an inspiring and engaging teacher. My daughter had her for second grade last year and she grew so much in one school year. She learned how to code, how to read fluently and how to be a worker in the classroom through assigned duties. I cannot think of a more deserving teacher for this award!

Brittnie Coveney Posted over a year ago

I was fortunate to work with Heidi for three years at South Prairie Elementary. Heidi is always finding ways to improve her teaching to make a positive impact on her students and those lucky enough to teach with her. She is an amazing teacher and an amazing teacher leader.

Nicole Baier Posted over a year ago

My son currently has Mrs. Washington for 2nd grade. He is excited for school everyday! I love that she uses positive reinforcements and encourages fun in the classroom. She deserves this award!

Nick Reggio Posted over a year ago

Miss Washington is one of those teachers our children will remember Way after they get out of college...she just has that impression. Thanks for all you do for them!

Morgan Ainsworth Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Washington is the most amazing teacher! My son loved her in class and still goes to see her everyday because that is the impact she made on him! AND... my daughter wants to be in Mrs. Washington’s class next year because of how much her brother loves her and the interactions she has had with her! Heidi is amazing w students and parents!!

Jodi Benberg Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Washington has such a way with kids. She had my son 5 years ago and literally changed his life. She helped him learn how to study and the importance of applying everything to everyday life. She held my hand as a parent in making some life changing decisions for his academic and social future and for that, I am forever grateful. She deserves the award more than any other teacher I know. She was our "Lifechanger"!

Kristy perez Posted over a year ago

Great teacher !! My daughter who is now in 4th grade still talks about Mrs. Washington all the time. It’s always a great thing to see how one teacher can motivate a student. Great job !!!

Mom. Posted over a year ago

You are awesome!!! Love u so so much. Congrats. What an honor ! I know u have made such a difference in your students lives. I hear so many great words from parents in your district about how you have touched the future in their children. Keep that beautiful smile.

Sandi McCulley Mueller Posted over a year ago

Very deserving,Heidi!! Good luck.

Tony Stewart Posted over a year ago

Heidi is a great role model as a younger brother to her as well as a teacher. It is easy to see the good teachers by how much time and effort they put in to growing themselves but more importantly how they develop relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. Heidi is a great model for all of these things. Very proud of her