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Tairita Waite

Position: Community-Based Special Education
School: Mililani High School
School District: Hawaii Central District
City, State: Mililani, HI

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Tairita Waite was nominated by her colleague Kaleolani Panganoran.

Ms. Waite left her job as a registered nurse to obtain her special education teaching license. She continues to maintain a 3.8 GPA while working toward her Masters of Education in the behavior analyst program. To reinforce her passion of supporting students with exceptionalities, Ms. Waite created a self-sustaining vocational training program for students with severe disabilities. This program, which she still implements today, gives meaningful skills to students who do not qualify for Department of Vocational Rehabilitation services.

Ms. Waite is a dedicated teacher who is expanding her knowledge by  conducting research, in hopes of expanding vocational skills training for students with severe autism. She works year-round to provide special education services to students. She works through traditional school breaks and has also coordinated a clothing drive for students in need.

"Her mission has been to support integration at our high school by starting and advising an extracurricular club that focuses on increasing interaction opportunities for students with special needs and their general education peers," Panganoran said.

Ms. Waite brings the arts to students with special needs, and has even supported a week-long workshop with Oily Cart Theater to bring multi-sensory theater to Hawaii. She has also collaborated with Honolulu Theater for Youth and Diamond in the Rough Theater to provide live theater experiences to students with exceptionalities. She happily volunteers as a mentor to other Community-Based instructors and provides disability workshops for volunteer groups.

Within her community, Ms. Waite provides activities for special education students to bridge the gap between middle school and high school students. This year, she was nominated for the Hawaii State Teacher’s Association Central Chapter Teacher Excellence Award. In her free time, she is a school representative for Central Theater Arts Academy and is an active member of the Council for Exceptional Children, Best Buddies, Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis, Diamond in the Rough Theater, and Peter’s Prom.

"Ms. Waite is a LifeChanger," Panganoran said.

Comments (55)

Lianne C. Posted over a year ago

Our experience with Mrs. Waite has been very positive. She is a professional, hard working and enthusiastic special education teacher. One of her ideas was her Perk-me-up project where the students had to prepare and sell coffee, tea and muffins to teachers and staff. This activity helped them communicate and deal with money. This activity helped our son improve his communications skills and he had fun doing it! She is very caring for her students and receptive to parents. Mrs. Waite, thank you for all you do! .

Tracie PK Posted over a year ago

I met this awesome friend and educator at Helemano Elementary. She worked hard to help the children in our small special education class. She brought stability to the flipped upside down class since the original teacher was not around. She fought to get the children things they needed in their IEPS and helped them to advance in learning and communicating. She was always understanding and helpful to both me and my student, along with the other students and staff. We all worked as a team to make sure the students were taken care of and learning. I also worked with her at Mililani High School and she continued to do what she did at this school for the students like she did at Helemano. Making sure these students would learn skills and education that could help them in school, home, community, etc. Mrs. Waite is a loving, caring, understanding, easy to work with, team player, fight for what needs to be fought for, and there to work with the students and staff if any concerns.

Lianne C. Posted over a year ago

Our experience with Mrs. Waite has been very positive. She is a professional, hard working and enthusiastic special education teacher. One of her ideas was her Perk-me-up project where the students had to prepare and sell coffee, tea and muffins to teachers and staff. This activity helped them communicate and deal with money. This activity helped our son improve his communications skills and he had fun doing it! She is very caring for her students and receptive to parents. Mrs. Waite, thank you for all you do! .

Jessie Graves Posted over a year ago

Tairita Brown Waite has excelled in all of her endeavors. During her undergraduate years, she was the President of the Student Nursing Association and graduated near the top of her class. She still maintains her Registered Nursing License. Tairita has a Special Education License. She is creative and innovative as she breaks new ground in her novel approach to reach the individual need of her students and they develop a trust with her. Through her studies, she maintains a 3.94 GPA. Soon to be added to her credits, will be her Board Certification for Behavioral Analysis. Additional to the above, Tairita Waite is the President Elect for 2018 Council for Exceptional Children for the State of Hawaii. I do believe she is your best candidate.

Lawrence Tatekawa Posted over a year ago

Tairita Waite is truly an exceptional teacher and person who always goes above and beyond in all aspect of her life. She works tirelessly to support the unique needs of her students and families. In addition, she is able to effectively blend empirically validated teaching methodologies with her creativity to maximize her students' learning and progress. Her work ethic also does not go unrecognized as she works tirelessly, often working in the late evenings and weekends. We are all very fortunate to work alongside this amazing person and Ms. Waite is truly a LifeChanger!

Norman Graves Posted over a year ago

Every since meeting Ms. Waite I have been impressed with her knowledge and her dedication to completing efforts she undertakes. She is a military wife who has raised 6 children, including an autistic son, to be positive contributors to society. She has also taken a position in the Hawaii educational system as a special education teacher, where I understand she has had a positive impact on her students that has been recognized by her peers.

Lianne C. Posted over a year ago

Our experience with Ms. Waite was very positive. She is professional, caring and innovative in her teaching. One of her ideas, the Perk-Me-Up project involved students preparing and selling coffee, tea and muffins to teachers and staff at the school requiring the students to think on their own, communicate and deal with money, life skills that are important to the students. Our son showed improvements especially with verbal communication while working on this activity and he enjoyed many of the other activities in her class. We truly enjoyed her enthusiasm and interactions with us. Ms. Waite, thanks for all you do.

Donna Rankin Posted over a year ago

I have come to know Tairita socially through our association at dance classes, theater performances and our through our daughter’s friendship. Tairita never ceases to amaze me whether it’s as an incredible, tireless mother of 6, or on stage with her stellar performances in lead roles, or as a dinner guest who brings the MOST delicious and abundant food for sharing. Although her schedule is packed, she makes the time for friendships and for fun, often being the one to organize. Although we have not been associated professionally, Tairita has shared her passion for her work and for the students in her care, on several occasions. She enthusiastically tells about the ‘amazing workshops’ she recently attended, or the successes and breakthroughs in her program. Her dedication to her work and commitment to her students is admirable and inspiring! I am grateful for her beautiful presence in my world. She is indeed a perfect candidate for Lifechanger of the Year.

John Waite Posted over a year ago

I may be a bit biased as I've been married to Tairita for 26 years, however, in that time I can attest to her "LifeChanger" credentials. While all of the comments below describe her impact on others in her professional life, I've seen similar impacts on my life and those of our 6 children. She is restless and relentless in seeking to make improvements in those around her and applies equally to those of us closest to her! I could certainly go through a quarter century of stories in support of this nomination echoing many of the sentiments below but the best case is the example of our family. I am unquestionably a better person because she has been in my life.

Denise Carpenter Posted over a year ago

As the Behavior Spe ialist for Mililani High for two years, I am quite impressed with Ms. Waite's professionalism and rapport with her students. She is very dedicated to her each one of them, helping them to reach out for their potential. She seems to have a personal calling for the important work she provides.

Carrie Rose Posted over a year ago

I met Ms. Waite in 2015. As a beginning special education teacher, I was immediately impressed by her passion for teaching, specifically the most severely impaired students. Ms. Waite is a champion for equality and inclusion. She assists her students in learning vital skills which enable them to be a part of not just the school community, but the larger outside community as well. She is so active in the world of disabilities that I hardly meet anyone in the field of special education who is not aware of who she is and the positive impact she has on her students. Not only does her style of compassionate, innovative, and driven teaching show great results for her students, but it also extends to their families and the greater society. As a colleague, I have the utmost respect and admiration for Ms. Waite. She is one of the greats.

John Posted over a year ago

Tairita has made many sacrifices to advocate for her students. She allows her students’ parents to contact her on weekends and evenings, writes her reports at home to give her utmost attention to her class during school hours, and provides advice to other teachers that write to her asking how she would create curriculum to support life skill and behavioral needs of their students. Working fulltime, providing meaningful experiences for her students, leading a 10-person support team, while carrying a 3.94 GPA during the last semester of graduate school, as well as caring for her own 6 children speaks volumes about her. She cares with her whole heart. Tairita may have begun her journey teaching special education because she has a son with autism, but she has left a mighty imprint on others through her willingness to walk-the-walk to advocate for people with special needs.

Kim Baker Posted over a year ago

I met Tairita Waite when we worked together at Central Theatre Arts Academy Foundation board. As a co-board member I saw diligence in her work ethic as she attended meetings, offered suggestions, and assisted in areas that needed help. As a fellow educator I saw her commitment to education as she discussed best teacher practices and shared special "a-ha" moments, like when her kids got excited about a garden she had made for them. As a friend I saw her passion and love not just for her own family, but for the board that she considered family, and for her students that she considered extensions of her family. I recently ran into a parent of mine whose daughter I taught in 3rd grade. When her daughter went to high school she had Tairita. That parent shared the successes of her daughter and talked about the love that Tairita showed to her special needs' daughter. She said the difference and change in her daughter due to her association with Tairita was "remarkable". Tairita truly is remarkable and well-deserving of this honor.

Tim Webb MBE Posted over a year ago

I am the artistic director of Oily Cart, and English theatre company that creates productions for young people with complex learning disabilities which we tour throughout each year to schools and theatres in the UK, Europe and the USA. In April 2017 I was invited to visit Hawaii by Professor Mark Branner of the University of Hawaii Manoa to lead workshops with the students from the university together artists from the Hawaii Theatre for Youth leading to the creation of two performances specifically for neuro-diverse young people. The workshops took place with the students in Tairita Waite's class at Mililani High School. When I met Ms Waite and I was most impressed and thanked my lucky stars that I would be working with such an energetic teacher. Later I discovered that this was nothing to do with luck; Ms Waite was the first to spot this opportunity for her students and seized it with both hands. Over the course of the next week I was tremendously impressed by her charisma, her dynamism and the wonderful energy that prevailed amongst the students and staff members in her classroom. Under her leadership the whole setting was buzzing with ideas - learning combined with enormous fun. Oily Cart, my company, has been creating theatre for neuro-diverse young audiences since 1988 and in the years since then I have visited numerous Special Education needs schools and other institutions throughout the UK and around the world. I have seen many dedicated and some inspired teachers at work, but none who generates the same wonderful atmosphere of inclusivity, commitment and care that surrounds Ms Waite. She is truly a life force and students, her school and her community are graced by her work. Oh yes - she's a life changer.

Gloria Niles Posted over a year ago

Ms. Waite's dedication and commitment to serving youth with disabilities and their families extends far beyond her classroom. Ms. Waite has recently been elected as the President-Elect for Hawaii Council for Exceptional Children (HI CEC) for 2018. HI CEC is the state unit of an international professional association that supports quality education for children and youth with exceptional needs. I look forward to Ms. Waite's leadership. I have every confidence that she will extend her life changing dedication throughout Hawaii as she leads CEC in our state.

Betty Arai Posted over a year ago

Tairita Waite is an exemplary educator who is truly a "lifechanger" for her students. Having worked with Tairita for a year at Mililani High School, I can attest to her diligence, creativity and positive, “can do” attitude which makes her an inspiration for all who work with her. Motivated by a deep concern for her severely disabled students, Tairita creates dynamic lessons and activities which she knows will benefit them in their daily lives. I am especially impressed by "Perk Me Up Cafe," a hands-on program that she designed and first began implementing last year to provide her students with an opportunity to learn real-life skills. For this program, students assist Tairita in the preparation of various goods to sell (e.g., coffee, tea, muffins, cookies, etc.) and delivers them to classrooms across the campus. Until today, I eagerly look forward to the days when the Perk Me Up Cafe will be stopping by the library. Watching the students gradually improve their communication skills as they practice appropriate sales conversations is truly gratifying. I can think of no one who better exemplifies the title of "lifechanger" than Tairita.

Maile Holck Posted over a year ago

I first met Ms. Waite last spring in a workshop with a London based theatre company called Oily Cart that specializes in producing theatre specifically for young audiences with special needs. I was immediately struck by her passion for her students and her knowledge and understanding of what it means to bring art to a community that all too often gets pushed to the wayside and forgotten. Her dedication to and care for the students in her classroom are inspiring.

Deanna Ferrick Posted over a year ago

OMG What can I say about this incredible teacher. Mrs. Tairita Waite, not only goes above and beyond for her students during school, she thinks outside the box to get her students involved in a wide variety of activities. She's very interactive. She also volunteers for a project called Peter's Prom, a special needs prom. Especially helping those with social anxiety, so they can enjoy their prom experience. She's even known to get up on the dance floor and boogie the night away if it gets our guests moving and shaking, she's alot of fun to be with. What ever needs to be done to help individuals with special needs, she is right there in the thick of things. Awesome woman with a heart of gold and a beautiful family. Definitely a life changing individual.

Danielle Erickson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Waite is an amazing person and wonderful teacher! She has a heart of gold and has created a program that brings so much pride to her students. She is such a positive individual and we are lucky to have her working at Mililani High School. S

Nathaniel Niemi Posted over a year ago

I first met Ms. Waite last year when the theatre company I work for had a guest artist in who specializes in creating theatre for special audiences. We partnered with Ms. Waite's and her class to create a theatrical/interactive experience for her students. Ms. Waite's passion, work ethic, and dedication to not only the education of her students but inclusion in experiencing the arts is truly inspiring. She is passionate and caring and fights to provide full lives for her students. She also brings her students to see shows at our theatre (field trips are no small feat!) and this Fall we were able to return to her school and bring a modified version of one of our shows to her students. We hope to continue this relationship with Ms. Waite in creating work for her students. I'm truly grateful for the experiences I have had with her class and leave moved by the way that Ms. Waite is changing her students' lives, enriching them with joy and the arts.

Valerie J Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Waite is a wonderful teacher. She makes things happen. When she came to our classroom things really changed. She provides her student with many oppertunites. Be it, clubs, work programs, campus small business, or the arts. Mrs Waite strives for her students to grow, learn, and experience new things. Great job Mrs Waite

Belynda Miller Posted over a year ago

Ms. Waite is a dedicated teacher who takes the time and initiative to make school interesting and fun for her students. She is friendly and outgoing and always takes time to talk to parents. She welcomes parents and family into the classroom - a welcome change from past practices. She is an eager teacher who truly is excited when her students make a breakthrough. It is heartwarming to see her interact with the students and staff with respect and without favoritism and everyone responds to her friendliness and professionalism in kind. Ms. Waite made my daughter's time at Mililani High school worthwhile. She is truly a lifechanger.

Sarah Man Posted over a year ago

I first met Ms. Waite this past summer at the Best Buddies Leadership Conference at Indiana University. Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization consisting of volunteers that create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Ms. Waite is a Faculty Advisor for one of our newest chapters at Mililani High School. I was immediately drawn to her positive demeanor and the dedication and care she showed not only her students but other students at the conference whom she didn't even know. She is a strong advocate for the special needs community and always goes that extra mile for her kids. We need more Tairita's in the world. She is absolutely a LifeChanger!

Chris Bayot Posted over a year ago

Tairita Waite is an incredible individual who goes above and beyond in every aspect of her life. I admire her as a wife, mother, teacher, performer and friend. We work closely together as a part of the Central Theatre Arts Academy where I"ve been blessed to observe her natural teaching abilities first hand. Students are drawn to her effervescent personality which both excites a love for learning and instills confidence in the students with whom she works. She is family oriented, community focused and tirelessly works toward providing the best possible opportunities for students in Hawaii. I can think of no one more deserving of this recognition than Tairita Waite. She is an inspiration, and without a doubt, a life changer.

Lynda Stetser Posted over a year ago

Ms.Waite is an amazing teacher My daughter has been exposed to so many new activities, life skills , job skills , friendships all thru Ms. Waite. She has given so much of her own time and implemented many fun and unique ideas. We feel incredibly lucky that she is our daughters teacher . She is a life changer.

Rhonda Black Posted over a year ago

Ms. Waite is an extremely dedicated professional. As her university supervisor, I observed her interacting with her students and with the staff. She provided opportunities for her students that few students have. She is warm, caring, and knowledgeable. The students' needs always come first. We are proud to have Tairita as a graduate of our post-baccalaureate program, and a current student in our master's program. She is innovative and always seeking to provide better experiences for her students. I hope that Ms. Waite receives recognition for her tireless efforts to help young adults with disabilities and their families.

Bethany Harrington Posted over a year ago

My daughter Naomi has been fortunate to have Mrs. Waite as her teacher for three years in a row. Naomi’s life as a beautiful, special girl with autism has been enhanced by Mrs. Waite every day. She is a go-getter and knows how to advocate effectively to change her students lives for the better. I am amazed by her level of knowledge in the field of special education and also how she just seems to understand the kids, as if she can see within them, and identify their strengths and needs. She is extremely realistic and practical in her approach to education, yet thinks of new and innovative ways to design her learning activities in and outside of the classroom. I know she truly cares, which is hard to find sometimes. There is no question that Mrs. Waite is the life changer of the year.

Robin D. Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Waite for the past three years, in a teaching capacity as well as classmates in higher education. Her commitment to everything she does is remarkable. No matter the task, Ms. Waite is passionate, thorough, thoughtful, and kind. She always strives to be her best self for her students and her colleagues. Her devotion to her students and their learning is second to none and she is truly deserving of this recognition.

Patrick Sheehey Posted over a year ago

When you mention the name of Tairita Waite I immediately think of the term dedication- dedication to her students before all else expressed in a caring attitude and a commitment to provide the best possible educational experience for her students. She is a determined force at Mililani High School who is a strong advocate for the students in her class. I would have been glad to have had her as our son's teacher when he attended high school in a setting very similar to Tairita's class at Mililani.

Patrick Mau Posted over a year ago

Ms. Waite demonstrates the best ideal of a teacher. Her love of her profession and dedication to her students is incredible. She is not only a great teacher to her students, but she also is a great teacher (and inspiration) to the parents of her students. I have noticed a great improvement in my daughter's progress. it has been a privilege and pleasure working with her.

Jamie Stroud Posted over a year ago

I first met Tairita several years ago when she offered to do a role in Central Arts Theatre Academy. It was a joint production that included parents, teachers and students. Tairita jumped in generously as a parent helper. After that production, she did not stop offering her assistance as a volunteer. Eventually she worked more closely with the kids as I hired her as a part time teacher to teach costume design and construction. She was also a part of birthing the non-profit status of CTAA and became a board member on the Central Theatre Arts Academy Foundation, where again she volunteered to help publicize and fundraise for the organization. She continues to show her love for kids and support for her colleagues as a special education teacher at Mililani High. She is tireless in her efforts to make her school and community a better place. Tairita is a special person, and Mililani is blessed to have her.

Theresia Howe Posted over a year ago

We have known Tairita Wait for 6 and half years. We met her through after school activities in the Central Theatre Arts Academy where she was in charge of costumes. It was at that we recognized her dedication to the students and children she worked with. Her positive energy, her ability to encourage creativity and the ability provide gentle discipline without squashing their spirit helped many of the children explore their imagination and become confident in their; role, designs and the expression of ideas. We became aware of her teaching special needs children, through this program. In this arena, she consistently pushes to involve the special needs children into everyday activities. From hiring characters to provide in class workshops, to having the class attend theater performances, to giving the students the avenue to explore activities not normally provided by a standard school system. Tairita will not let her students down. She wants them to experience more than the average high school student, resulting in pride, confidence and respect. In this regard, she has changed not just one, but many lives..

Andrea Sikkink Posted over a year ago

Ms. Waite is a great example of a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. I have worked with her as a parent volunteer on the Executive Board of the Central Theater Arts Academy Foundation (CTAAF) for over 9 years and seen her dedication to supporting that program, the theater community and all students. She truly is a caring and committed educator who works tirelessly to help all students to reach their potential.

Kristin Tourot Posted over a year ago

As an occupational Therapist I have had the pleasure of working with a number of exceptional teachers, in both the general and special education settings. While each teacher has wonderful qualities, Tairita stands out with her holistic approach. Tairita has managed to positively impact the people around her, making each person feel like family. Whether Tairita is advocating for resources within the classroom or ensuring her students have equal treatment in the community, she always goes above and beyond to ensure her students have what they need in order to achieve their highest potential. Tairita is able to look at each situation and provide support and adjustments as they are appropriate. Tairita uses her creativity daily with the belief that no two students or situations are the same. She is never too busy, tired or sick to make a difference.

Leinell N Posted over a year ago

In the short time that Mrs. Waite has worked here at Mililani High she has made a huge impact on her student's lives in school and for their futures post high school. As a speech language pathologist I have have had the pleasure of being able to collaborate with her. She understands that language is a key skill that students need in order to navigate and succeed both academically and socially. She has brought a variety of experiences to her students that enrich their lives and provide opportunities for them to share the information with their families. Her passion for her students does not waiver.

Susan Kitakis Posted over a year ago

She is great with my grandson!

Jennifer Kitakis Posted over a year ago

Mrs Waite is beyond amazing. She constantly goes out of her way for our children. She is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. My son loves going to school and I know one of the biggest reasons is Mrs Waite. We are so grateful to have her in our lives

Charleen Choi Posted over a year ago

It takes a special person to be a SPED teacher, not just anyone can do this job. Mrs. Waite is one of those special people who has been called to this profession! Her passion is clear, her love for my son and her other students is undeniable. My family cannot thank Mrs. Waite enough for all she has done to better our sons life and his future. Our schools need more teachers like her!

Jodi W. Posted over a year ago

As a parent of a special needs high school student, I have observed a tremendous growth in the maturity level and socialization of our son. We are so very fortunate to have Mrs. Waite as his teacher because she is caring, devoted, innovative, enthusiastic and energetic and most of all she has heart! My son is exposed to so many life skills and activities, in and out of the classroom setting. I absolutely agree that Mrs. Tairita Waite is a Life Changer!

Chantal Keltz Posted over a year ago

I Love how she smiles & is fully there with Tairita!!! I can tell Erin Loves her!!!! Erin has made Huge strides in just the short time she's been in her class! I can not say ThankYou enough!!! There should be more teachers like Tairita We Love her!!

Tiresa Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Waite is a great teacher. She cares and thinks about all aspects of her students needs. She is a devoted mother and brings the same devotion into her classroom. Tairita is a strong advocate for her students and their families. She is a life changer!

Ben P. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Waite is an unbelievably dedicated teacher. She is constantly searching for opportunities to improve the lives and futures of her students. I’ve had the pleasure of working in numerous schools in the last 10+ years and can honestly say that her students are exposed to more real life situations and opportunities than most. Her students and their families are very lucky to have her and will reap the benefits of her teaching for the rest of their lives.

Richard E Bacher Posted over a year ago

Tairita Brown Waite approaches her students with sincere interest in their academic, social, emotional, physical and psychological progress. Her devotion to each of her students is evident to anyone who spends time in her classroom. Having worked with most of her students during their earlier schooling, I am made aware of the remarkable improvements in their lives since they have been under her influence. She supports her team of educational aides and skills trainers with understanding and efficiency, and orchestrates a variety of group activities with amazing positive outcomes. Over the past 26 years, I have worked in 23 of the 42 schools in Oahu's Central District, and rarely have I observed the kind of successful results as those achieved under Mrs. Waite's leadership.

Jade K. Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Waite is an amazing teacher. She has as great bond with the special needs children. She shows passion in her joy for teaching!

Kali Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Waite is the most passionate and caring person inside and outside of the classroom. I have seen her come to tears many times because of how proud she was of a student. I was very lucky to work by her side, her compassion and dedication to the kids always inspired me!

Rieko Goo Posted over a year ago

It's such a pleasure to work alongside Tairita Waite! Her energy and enthusiasm is amazing and it never ceases to amaze me how positive and upbeat she is. We, in the library, love working with Tairita and the students she teaches, whether it is interacting with the students when Perk Me Up Cafe visits us or when we read and do crafts with them. Tairita is always willing to meet with us to discuss the activities and crafts we plan so her students will feel successful doing them. I am so happy and feel so fortunate I get to work with her! She's simply the best and really is a lifechanger! Tairita Waite is so deserving of this recognition!

Alecs Olipares Posted over a year ago

In my three years of working with her, she has never stopped trying to improve the lives of her students.

Manu Posted over a year ago

Her background in this field has brought the necessary growth and educational development in her students and staff. Let's continue this momentum so that she can touch many more lives with her smile and experience.

Will Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Waite is definitely a pioneer and role model in the field. Her continued quest for learning and helping others is definitely something to be admired. Staff, students, and parents alike love her enthusiasm, passion, and unique charisma. Although she has already made significant accomplishments in her classroom, I am confident that she is only just beginning.

Jade Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Waite is a wonderful teacher to all. She shows true passion in her work and loves what she does! All the children love her and she works very well with them.

Michelle Igarashi Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Waite is the most dedicated individual to special needs children and teens. She also volunteers her time and expertise in helping special needs students enrolled in institutions of higher education. I marvel at her drive, determination, and tireless effort. She is an amazing asset to our community.

Andrea Moore Posted over a year ago

Tairita Waite is an amazing educator and incredibly hard worker. I have observed her in action in her CBI classroom and am impressed with her positive energy, attention to increasing the active quality of her students, and her ability to create a positive community for everyone involved in her classroom. She is inspiring, honest, and hopeful. I’ll work with her any day.

Taimane Posted over a year ago

Awesome teacher!!! Love her.

Ervin Posted over a year ago

She’s a great teacher and person! Thankful for all the hard work she does in the classroom.

Maralie Cleaver Posted over a year ago

She is an extraordinary teacher! I admire her motivation and determination to make her program top notch! We are so lucky to have her in our school, special education dept. And being able to work directly with her! It is amazing to personally witness the wonderful things she is doing with her students! She's the best!!!!!