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Stephanie Stoebe

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Teravista Elementary School
School District: Round Rock ISD
City, State: Round Rock, TX

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Stephanie Stoebe was nominated by Tammy Stephens, the parent of a student.

Mrs. Stoebe has had many successful leadership positions throughout her career. She was an interrogator in the US Army from June 1993-January 1997. She moved on to be an Education Director at a corrections facility from August 1997-August 1999. From 2007-2009, Mrs. Stoebe took a position as a reading specialist at Snelson-Golden Middle School in Georgia to help struggling students succeed. 

In August 2009, Mrs. Stoebe became a teacher at Round Rock High School and later moved to Teravista Elementary School in 2014, where she remains today. This would prove to be to the school's great advantage. In her time at Teravista, Mrs. Stoebe has not only held a variety of roles, including:

  • Cohort member of the RRock Stars (aspiring assistant principals)
  • NextGeneration classroom teacher, which integrates a culture of technology within the classroom 
  • National Writing Project consultant and a state writing coach for the Texas Education Agency's Write for Texas Literacy Initiative
  • Working closely with the Commissioner of Education and TEA officials to advocate for students and teachers 
  • Serving as a member of the committee that created the T-TESS, teacher appraisal system 
  • ATPE (Assoc. Texas Professional Educators) campus representative
  • Serving on the Advisory Board for the Texas Comprehensive Center (a nonprofit education research, development, and dissemination organization)

Additionally, she has been recognized for her various accomplishments, such as:

  • Developing a year long professional development plan for Lake Travis ISD in writing 
  • Writing a chapter for Harry K. Wong in The Classroom Management Book
  • Contributing to James H. McMillan's book Principles and Practice for Effective Standards-Based Instruction 

Mrs. Stoebe's recent honors include:

  • 2017 HEB Rising Star Nomination
  • 2017 Round Rock ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year
  • 2014 ATPE Educator of the Year
  • 2013-2017 Veterans of Foreign Wars Teacher of the Year 
  • 2012 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year

"I am very fortunate in that Mrs. Stoebe has taught two of my boys," Stephens said. Stephens has seen first hand how Mrs. Stoebe has the ability to not only connect with advanced students and keep them challenged, but to motivate, encourage, and foster the struggling students at the same time. She has a way of making learning fun and engaging all of her students in her own unique style.

Overall, Mrs. Stoebe is an outstanding LifeChanger. She is a leader at Teravista Elementary School, Round Rock ISD, and at a statewide level.

Stoebe's accomplishments, awards, honors, and recognitions exemplify her professional excellence and commitment to her profession and her students. In addition, Mrs. Stoebe upholds high moral and ethical standards and serves as a role model for her students, coworkers, and teachers nationwide. Most importantly, Mrs. Stoebe loves to teach, which is evident in her daily interactions with her students and when she celebrates their successes

Comments (9)

Fermin martinez Posted over a year ago

Hello, my name is Fermin martinez and I am here to tell you a litle bit about this wonderful lady that I see as a second mother. I have known Mrs. Stoebe since 2009 when I had her as a teacher. She has always been there for me; whenever I needed someone to talk to, she is always there for me. She has always helped me to be on the right path in life. She has helped me find jobs when I needed a job. She is there to help me. She would take time out of her day to come and visit me and to check if me or my family needed anything and she would not hesitate to help us with what ever it was we nedded. She has a special space in my heart because no one ever showed as much interest in me as she does. She does not hesitate to help people when they need help.

Mia Weber Posted over a year ago

Where do I start with Mrs. Stoebe??? Mrs. Stoebe was my 5th Grade teacher and made my last year at Teravista the best one yet. She has advanced me so much in writing, and I just wouldn't be the same without her. Mrs. Stoebe is the best teacher any kid (or adult) could ever ask for, and because of that, she really is a LifeChanger! Love you Stoebester!!!!!!

Loryn Windwehen Posted over a year ago

Stephanie Stoebe is one of the most unique individuals I've ever known. It wouldn't seem possible that someone could have such sustained passion for children year in and year out, but she has. Daily, she does the impossible. In fact, challenges only make her shine more brightly. Give her theost privileged kid and she'll make them fall in love with learning. Give her the least privileged kid and she'll do the same. Her ability to teach a diverse group of students is innate but is also strengthen by her own love of learning. She refuses to ever let learning be boring. She goes out and seeks learning opportunities to always be a master of her craft in the most cutting-edge way. Outside of the classroom, she leads teachers to be just like her. She is a part of advocacy groups, constantly trying to make the profession better for kids, and also surrounds herself in content and pedagogy training and teaching. Her resume speaks for herself, but I'm here to say that she's the real deal and I aspire to have her same level of passion. She's a natural talent, an incredibly hard worker, and a gift to education that I hope this state holds onto forever. My life is changed because I know her.

Joe Weber Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Stoebe is an absolute gem of a teacher. My wife and I are blessed to have a daughter that loves school and is completely self motivated to do well in all things. For us, Mrs. Stoebe stoked the fire in our daughter, truly pushing her to her full potential. She challenges students to be the best they can be. She does it in a caring and loving way. It's no wonder she has all of her "kids" come back for visits with their favorite teacher. By emphasizing the use of technology in the classroom she is preparing her students for the future. She seems to have endless energy and enthusiasm for her work and her students. If teachers were paid on their overall success and production Mrs. Stoebe would be a millionaire.

Tammy Stephens Posted over a year ago

I was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Stoebe teach 2 of my children. She was able to challenge one of my boys one year and then able to be patient, encouraging, and supportive with my other son that struggled and need some extra time. While being able to teach such different children, she also increased their self confidence without making one bored or the other feel overwhelmed and as a result they both succeeded. Mrs. Stoebe made a huge difference in their lives and their attitudes toward school. Thank you again Mrs. Stoebe of all you have done for my children. We love you!

Erica Fos Posted over a year ago

I'm a graphic designer at ATPE, and I've had the honor of working with Mrs. Stoebe on several projects for the association. Stephanie has an undeniable passion for teaching and learning that she shares with her students and everyone she meets. Every time I see her with her students, my heart swells as I see the connection she has with them. I've never seen kids so happy to be in class as they are with Mrs. Stoebe. She never fails to find an innovative way to make learning FUN! She's always the first to volunteer to help us out with a project, whether it be after a full day of classes or at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I pray that my son is fortunate enough to have a teacher like her one day.

Pauline Jin Posted over a year ago

Ms Stoebe is an amazing teacher and advocate for education. My son was so lucky to have her as a teacher and experience her enthusiasm and love for teaching and learning. She really goes above and beyond for each of her students.

Kathyren Webb Posted over a year ago

I worked at Snelson Golden Middle School in Georgia with Stephanie. She was a very good teacher and was held in high esteem by faculty, staff, and students. I have followed her career after she moved to Texas. I believe she has earned this honor.

Stephanie Stoebe Posted over a year ago

I am deeply honored to have received this nomination for the National Life Group Lifechanger of the Year. I strive to not only help my students find their voice in school, but to help my students' parents and fellow teachers find their voice. When we work together as a community to educate our children, we can then go on to educate our policymakers and make real changes in the future of every child.