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Thomas Braddock

Position: Principal
School: Evergreen Avenue Elementary School
School District: Woodbury City Public Schools
City, State: Woodbury, NJ

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Tom Braddock was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

For the past ten years, the nominator has known Mr. Braddock as a colleague at Woodbury Public Schools. As a fellow administrator, the nominator looks to Mr. Braddock for ideas, feedback, collegial support, problem solving, collaboration, brainstorming and more.

"I think many principals and teachers across the state have similar colleagues in their lives who they connect with," the nominator said. "What sets Mr. Braddock apart, however, is that I look to him for inspiration and motivation, because that is who he is; someone who brings out the best in you through his positive attitude, persona and optimistic outlook on life."

Mr. Braddock has not only made an impact on his nominator as a fellow educator over the years - he has made an impact on students, staff, parents, community members, and even small local business owners. Mr. Braddock truly lives for his students and community. He has cultivated and grown an atmosphere in his building that thrives on personal relationships, camaraderie, love, support and chasing dreams.

Every Friday, Mr. Braddock celebrates the "Stand-out Students of the Week" by stopping by their house and hand delivering a congratulatory certificate. He takes the time to recognize and celebrate the success of every student. His goal is to excite students and lift their lives by acknowledging their success.

Mr. Braddock is actively involved in his school and community. He has created a reading program with local barber shops to infuse literacy into the community, as well as the PRIDE program, which fosters a school-wide culture around positive behavior where students and staff celebrate success and goal setting. He has also implemented PLC meetings, which focus on the social and emotional growth of students. These meetings influence teachers to love each student for who they are as an individual, beyond simply teaching them the curriculum.

Thomas Braddock in the News:
Woodbury teacher nominated for LifeChanger of the Year award

Comments (58)

Kymia L. Posted over a year ago

Awesome colleague, Awesome principal to my children. He makes them look forward to going to school each day.

Leo Hornbach Posted over a year ago

We our pulling for Mr Braddock to win.. He goes above an beyond for his students..No one is more rewarding for this award them him...

Chelsea Shiloh Posted over a year ago

Jeff Adams Posted over a year ago

Another example of Mr. Braddock going the extra mile. Elf on the Shelf

Ian Serra Posted over a year ago

When i first talked to Principal Braddock back in jr. High, he had already knew who I was. He helped me better myself and get me through my depression. A man who takes that much effort to know his students before even meeting them and helping them through their hardest times, is clearly a man who cares about his students. Thank you Mr.Braddock, out of everyone I know, you are the person who deserves this award the most.

Meghan Anderson Posted over a year ago

I don’t know Tom personally, but as a Woodbury Public Schools graduate & former employee, I truly enjoy reading & hearing all the wonderful things he is doing, to bring positivity & pride to the students & community!

Denise Currie Posted over a year ago

Wonderful, caring administrator who makes a big difference in the lives of students (and staff)!

Kelly Eaise Posted over a year ago

Great guy who is part of one of my favorite families!

Dawn Seigel Posted over a year ago

Tom has all the students in Evergreen as his highest priority. He makes everyone feel special and loved. His positively is contagious and he has truly made a difference in many lives here in Woodbury.

Lenny DI Bari Posted over a year ago

The photo of Tom dressed as a Turkey for his students says it all. He checks ego at the door and replaces it with selflessness. People look at life many different ways, Tom leads by example and never stops smiling. He is always positive and genuinely cares about everyone. We need more Toms in this world! Lenny

Manuel Vartanian Posted over a year ago

Amazing person, I wish Tom was teaching in my district to have his positive influence on my son as well as everyone else. Manuel Vartanian

Jennifer Bove Posted over a year ago

I recently had the honor of meeting Mr Braddock and having the gift of time getting to know him. He inspires me! I am an older teacher just beginning my career, yet, I believe he is the type of leader under which so many succeed! It is my hope to have a leader, such as Mr Braddock, who I know will nurture my love for educating the whole child, and who helps each child reach for the best version of themselves! He is an absolute gift to every human being whom he encounters!

Irene Cockerham Posted over a year ago

Would love to see a positive person like Mr. Braddock win a award like this one...

Debbie. Cullen Posted over a year ago

I have the honor and privilege of knowing Tom for many years. He is hard working, and dedicated and has made a difference in the lives of his students and his staff. He is a caring, kind man who is passionate about his work and seeing children succeed! He is an amazing principal and leader!

Daniela McCracken Posted over a year ago

My family is lucky to have Tom in our lives. He is an amazing role model to my children.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

You lift up every life Mr. Braddock!

Harry Verna Posted over a year ago

Tom is a wonderful person father and friend and I am glad that I know him and that he is in my life

Jen A. Posted over a year ago

Tom is my brother-in-law. He is a magnetic individual and so deserving of this and all of God's blessings. His dedication to his school and students is topped only by his dedication and love for his family. Every day is a hustle to make it greater than that which came before it. Clearly, his impact transcends the walls of his school building and even that of his school district.

Lynne Sanders Posted over a year ago

We recently moved to Woodbury and my son was standout student of the week. He worked hard to earn that honor because of the motivation provided by Mr. Braddock personally. I have never met a more involved, encouraging, and inspirational principal—and I myself have been teaching for over 15 years!!! This guy is the real deal and every accolade is well-deserved!!

Chandni Langford Posted over a year ago

Simply stated, Tom lifts lives. He completely deserves this.

Jennifer Stell Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock is an amazing principal with a heart bigger than life. He is a principal and colleague that leaves a lasting impression of kindness and positivity on anyone who is fortunate enough to know him.

Mark Grundel Posted over a year ago

Tom is the embodiment of a transformational leader! Tom exhibits a passion for students, teachers, and learning far beyond that of a traditional school leader. His hugs and high-fives are famous throughout the community. His willingness to let teachers take risks and try new things is a priceless asset to the community. Tom is more than a leader, he is a friend and I am deeply honored to know him and proud to have worked with him. I hope to continue a professional relationship with Tom throughout his bright career. Tom Rocks!

Neighbor Posted over a year ago

I am a neighbor of Evergreen Elementary and each morning we are greeted with Tom's light and positivity through the loudspeaker. We just moved to this area over the summer and the example and intention Tom sets for his students through that exercise alone is truly inspiring!

Nichole Posted over a year ago

Principle Braddock. Truly cares about each of his students. He makes the effort to get to know each of them by name which makes my son especially feel special!

Mary Moody Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock is the type of administrator who inspires and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Tom has created a culture of pride and respect at Evergreen both for the students and the staff.

Jac Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock is a wonderful principal with a heart of gold! He truly loves his students (even the youngest ones, our pre-k 3) and his faculty under his wing. It is a privilege working with him!!!

Jac Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock is a wonderful principal with a heart of gold! He truly loves his students (even the youngest ones, our pre-k 3) and his faculty under his wing. It is a privilege working with him!!!

Allison Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock is really changing lives and helping this community.

Marissa Cleminson Posted over a year ago

Tom Braddock is a kind and caring principal and co-worker who dedicates his time to his students, their families, and his staff.

Lynne Bookstaber Posted over a year ago

Every school needs a Mr. Braddock !

Liz Mcilvaine Posted over a year ago

Great educator and principal. He truly deserves this award.

Tyler Alberti Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock was always a great face to see in the hallways of Woodbury High School. You can never walk past him without him asking how you were doing or telling you to keep up the good work. Mr. Braddock always has a smile on his face (even when I was in his office for being bad haha) hed always teach you a lesson without you even realizing it. Now my step child has the honor to have him as his principal. He has told me time and time again how much he likes his principal and how everyday Mr. Braddock has something fun to do, or is wearing a funny hat, or made a funny joke. Thanks for being a great role model for many students and people in this community. Keep up the great work!

Cynthia Cheyney Posted over a year ago

I've had the pleasure to work with Tom. He's the nicest guy. So inspiring!

Kathy D Posted over a year ago

Tom is the best principal I have ever had the privilege of working for. He's awesome to both students and staff.

Cheryl Baker Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Braddock since he came in to the district. My children have since moved on to college. Mr Braddock is an amazing administrator and works tirelessly to not only be there for his staff but for his students as well. He is loved by all in the district.

Crystal Moore Posted over a year ago

Me. B. is an awesome Principal. His drive and dedication is outstanding. He was the Principal for my daughter, Samiya, and has always been available when and if we needed him. His ideas and plans to make each and every kid better and engaged is one of the reasons why I appreciated him and loved that my daughter had the opportunity to follow his lead

Amy Posted over a year ago

Tom Is an inspiration to students, educators, staff and parents. He motivates people by his positive energy and caring ways!

Rachel Martin Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock is a fantastic principal and administrator. He allows shows his love and support for the students, and the school community.

Laura Lee Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock is one of the most amazing people I have ever known! Goes out of his way to help these kids be successful. He treats every one of his students as his own! Truly one of the greatest educators in life!

Jennifer Demby Posted over a year ago

I can't think of anyone more deserving of this honor. Mr. Braddock not only speaks in the community against bullying.. he's personally help my daughter through a bullying situation in the junior high. I see him go out in the neighborhood for his elementary standout student and people are excited when comes to their home to share the success of their students. A million votes for Tom Braddock !

Susan Berting Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock is an amazing educator who will do WHATEVER it takes to bring out the best in his students and his staff! I am a stronger, more compassionate educator because of my time working with him.

ROBERT MCCULLOUGH Posted over a year ago

He takes time to listen to the kids and goes out of his way to make them smile.

Christine Dare Posted over a year ago

I have known Tom for 17 years, as a colleague and a friend. He also taught my son, who even at 25 remembers Tom as one of his best teachers. Tom lifts people up and gets them to want to be better. He is always positive, smiling, and motivating. I know I am a better person for having known Tom all these years.

Shannon Posted over a year ago

Tom is a great influence on everyone around him and he truly cares for everyone. He will do anything in his power to help. Amazing man!

Christine Bruno Posted over a year ago

Tom is dedicated to making a difference in every student’s life. He’s an inspiration to his staff and a wonderful person to work with.

Kymia Lloyd Posted over a year ago

He makes learning fun as a teachers and as well for students. I have two under his wings and heis amazing as a leader...

Lou Ventresca Posted over a year ago

Tom is truly changing lives one child at a time!

Denise Dunham Posted over a year ago

Tom Braddock is selfless when it comes to serving his school community. Effortlessly, he becomes the sustaining thread in the fabric of the community and then works tirelessly and joyfully to maintain a caring, ki d, and productive culture.

Mikkalisa Lefkowitz Posted over a year ago

TOm Braddock is the best principal ever. He is a humble, loving caring man that puts the needs, wants and desires of others before himself. He also wants to make sure his children, staff and everyone around knows they are great, worth, feels loved, celebrated and rewarded. He is a unique, special, charismatic man that any child or adult would be honored to have in their life or in their corner. A man of faith, loving son, brother, husband, dad, friend, mentor and leader who deserves this award and any other award out there. He is a hero & role model for all.

Dana Frazier Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock is such an inspiration to everyone he meets. His caring, genuine personality makes everyone in his presence feel loved and his lighthearted yet motivating personality makes you feel relaxed and ready to take on the world at the same time. He makes you want to do more and be more. The effort and love he has put into our school and the community is felt by everyone he comes into contact with. His Standout Student program alone will no doubt have lasting effects on the students and their families. Mr. Braddock is truly a life changer!

Lauren Stankiewicz Posted over a year ago

Mr. Braddock has a special way of motivating and inspiring a person to a level of which they never thought possible. He is your biggest cheerleader and support through the good and the bad. Mr. Braddock is an inspiration and deserves all the best that life has to offer.

Leonard Levin Posted over a year ago

I have known Tom for about 5 years now and throughout that time, he has exemplified the best qualities you can hope for in a friend, mentor and someone who I hold in the highest regard.

Claire Frapaul Posted over a year ago

Tom's the BEST!

Patti Zucca Posted over a year ago

I am working at Evergreen as a long term ESL sub this year and I see how much the children value PRIDE recognition that happens daily, weekly and monthly here. I love the focus on kindness, caring and respect. It's clear that Tom Braddock really walks the walk and demonstrates a model of caring for every kid.

Tina Haydu Posted over a year ago

It's an honor to work for a person who truly cares about his students and community.

Diana Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

One of the great things about working at Evergreen Elementary is the opportunity to work with such a great principal and the ambiance/school culture that he has help create. At the beginning of this school year, he told the teachers to get ready for a year of miracles. He motivates everyone: staff and students to do our very best, to stretch and reach higher than we have before. He leads by example....never asking anything he wouldn't be willing to do himself. In am so happy and proud to work at a place where children are loved and celebrated not just by their teachers, but by their principal. When he walks the hallways kids rush to high five him or hug him or tell him something they are proud of. I have never heard of a principal that takes time to visit his students at home each Friday! The kids love him, the staff loves him, and he loves them because he is committed and he actually walks the path he talks. When I come to work, I am motivated more than ever to be better than I ever have before. I am driven to achieve higher because of the trust and believe he has in his staff to help him in our collective mission to educate these kids and help them succeed. It truly is amazing and an example of how one person can make a huge difference.

anonymous Posted over a year ago

Since arriving at our school Tom has made a tremendous impact on the moral of the staff. He has made a significant impact on the lives of the students by treating them with love and kindness. He makes weekly home visits and supports the families in any way possible. He has also reached into the community to coordinate with local organizations for the betterment of the school and community.