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Heather Fischer

Position: Fourth Grade Science Teacher
School: Harmony Science Academy
School District: Harmony Public Schools
City, State: Garland, TX

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Heather Fischer was nominated by her colleague, Mandi Wofford.

Ms. Fischer works tirelessly to capitalize on the limitless potential of her fourth-grade students. She fosters an atmosphere of open inquiry and discussion for her students. Ms. Fischer's laughter is infectious, and her students not only have fun, but they master content that might seem daunting at first. Her calm, yet bubbly approach to classroom management allows students to participate in an environment that feels safe, relevant, and purposeful. Ms. Fischer leads the science department with the same fever she has for her own classes.

"Under her leadership, the science team has flourished and become a leading example in team planning and differentiation to the rest of the campus," Wofford said. "She is an asset to all 750+ people on our campus, and we are super glad to have her here."

Comments (2)

Tina Meis Posted over a year ago

From the moment we entered Garland HSA, Abby was excited to have Ms. Fischer as a teacher. She was sad to have to wait a couple of years, but her energy and love of the students was everywhere. Abby is very happy to have her this year and she is one of the most talked about teachers on a daily basis. We have been happy to have an equally excited child come home and recreate experiments with us and show us how much she is learning and trying. Thank you, Ms. Fischer for doing what you do! We all LOVE it!!!

Dulce mozley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. FISCHER is truly one of ALEXIS favorite teachers at Harmony science Academy Garland. We are truly honored to have her as our science teacher. The time she takes in and out of the classroom to spend with our students is beyond remarkable. As a parent and a volunteer at our school I see firsthand how hard she works and how much she really cares for our students. We are the lucky ones. Congratulations Mrs.FISCHER you are deserving of this award. Dulce Mozley