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Lenora Coleman

Position: Reading Coach
School: Garland Classical Academy
School District: Responsive Education
City, State: Garland, TX

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Lenora Coleman was nominated by Michael Walker, who served on many of the programs she designed for children and youth at the Salem Institutional Baptist Church.

Ms. Coleman worked with the Religious Education Department at her church. She developed, implemented, and sponsored many retreats for youth and children. Children and youth participated in seminars on: drug abuse, financial decision-making, courtship, college preparation, health issues, etc. She used her personal finances to take the youth to some of the best hotels in Dallas and Arlington. Many seminar participants have since graduated from college and have outstanding careers. They give personal testimonies about the impact the retreats had on their social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical development. They have also become active in community organizations.

Ms. Coleman continues to work hard with the students at Garland Classical, making sure that they get the best education possible. A senior/retired educators group once noted that Ms. Coleman spends time working with the principal, staff, students, parents and community. She is never too busy to help anyone. She exhibits patience, knowledge, charm, dignity, and a pleasant attitude at all times.

"Ms. Coleman is a LifeChanger in our community!" said Walker.

Comments (32)

michael wayne walker Posted over a year ago

Lenora M. Coleman is, without question, one of the most engaging and effective educators in our society. Only Ms. Coleman could weave together tales about Abbott and Costello, Dick Gregory, Zora Neale Hurston, Linda Goss, Jackie Robinson, John Johnson, Althea Gibson, William Grant Still, Nina Simone, Ann Plato and Anna Julia Cooper into a theorem for anyone who hopes to connect with today's juveniles. Just being in her presence bestows story after story, insight after insight, lesson after lesson, inspiration after inspiration. Just when you think it's impossible to find another important practice of a crucial pedagogical (or andragogical) principle, Lenora Coleman gives you another yarn of powerful, sensible, often surprising and charming stories and lessons.

Dr. Ouida Lee Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Coleman since a youth through the Salem Institutional Baptist Church and she has always exhibited excellence in all that she participated in. Congratulations Lenora, very proud of you.

Margo Atunde née Walker Posted over a year ago

I remember writing a letter to her ata very young age about how she had impacted my life. I thoroughly appreciate the vast opportunities for growth and exposure she continuously gave to me. I pray for an influential leader like her in my own children’s life as well.

Earlene Webb Posted over a year ago

I have fond memories of Ms. Coleman. She had many accolades growing up in High School. Ms. Coleman is intellectual, caring and kind. This award is well earned and most deserving.

Marie Wheeler Posted over a year ago

Congratulations n your nomonations. ?????

Tyrance Salter Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Coleman me and your son are the same age, but I remember being this shy little boy 8 or 9 years old and I went to my first retreat, which u made me feel comfortable and it was a great experience and the funny thing I still remember it from all these years

Michelle Wilkerson Posted over a year ago

I can't think of a more deserving person for this award. Growing up at Salem, the annual youth retreats was one thing I looked forward to yearly. The life skills that we received by attending the retreats is something that I will never take for granted. I have never been to a place where I felt out of place. I have the youth retreats to thank for this. When I was a teenager and experiencing common teenage challenges, I had the spiritual teaches learned from the retreats to fall back on to keep me grounded. Teachings from Mary Jo Evans and etiquette classes to this day still resonates with me. I have Ms. Lenora to thank for this. She is truly a phenomenal woman and I am truly truly appreciative and blessed to know her.

Audrey (Alexander) Raphiel Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Coleman. I was a member of Salem Institutional Baptist for many years, pretty much my entire childhood thru my early 20's. You were definitely impactful to me during that time. Those days are so memorable to me because of individuals as yourself. I remember you always being so kind and always giving of yourself and your time. You were an innovator, always coming up with new ideas for the youth making it fun for us. You deserve this nomination and more. If I've never said it THANK YOU!?

Joyce Traylor Posted over a year ago

Lenora Coleman you are beautiful inside and out!The love and caring spirit that you have,makes everone you come in contact with smile.May God continue too bless you and congratulations!

Gwendolyn Coney Posted over a year ago

Congrats Lenora! You deserve it :-) Sorry for the question marks(meant to be emojis)

Rev. Todd Atkins Posted over a year ago

She desires this honor. Not just for the things she does in public but for the countless things she does in private that go unrecognized. An educator is truly a gift from God and Ms. Coleman is one of the best!!!!!!!!

Mario Stiggers Posted over a year ago

Congrats to you Ms. Coleman, you are one of the most caring women I know. Just from seeing you around Salem Institutional Baptist Church, and your children I've learned so much about you. I know you are stern on Education. WE NEED MORE LIKE YOU.

Brenda Berkins Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination family. God bless.

Kimberly Hayes Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to Lenora Coleman! I don't know if anyone more deserving of this award. I feel like it's long overdue. Ms. Coleman is always willing to help out by any means necessary. You are a true gem and I'm so thankful for you. Congratulations and YOU are the BEST!

Jasmine Kelley Posted over a year ago

Lenora is very deserving of this award! She is always there to lend a hand! She is very supportive, her words would always be “tell me what you need, or what can I do”. I was fortunate enough to attend some of the programs she created years ago for youth like the annual retreat where we learned about financial literacy, etiquette, setting goals and so much more! I still hold dear to many of the lessons taught and so thankful for the exposure at such a young age. She has influenced so many and displays so much grace. I am very excited for you and want you to know that you are very deserving of being named a Life Changer!

Charity Lewis Posted over a year ago

I may be a little biased because she’s my mom, but I believe the title of Life Changer is very fitting for her. As a teen I looked forward to the annual youth retreat that my mother started with the children and youth at our church. We all did. My peers and I STILL talk about the youth retreat and the wealth of life skills we learned each year. We learned how to invest, study, maintain healthy relationships, show proper etiquette, and be young Christians. And we had FUN doing it! Those experiences were life changing. We have even talked about bringing the youth retreat back for the children and youth of today. The older I get the more I understand just how much my mom has given of herself to help others, especially children. She gave her heart, time, finances, and effort, with the help of her friends. And even though she gave all of that, my brother and I never lacked. We never missed any love (or material things) because she had that much love to give. As a single mother of two kids, I know that wasn’t easy for her. As a matter of fact, during one of our recent conversations she told me that she once used the mortgage money to pay for the youth retreat. THAT is what life changers do. They sacrifice. And she’s still giving today. As an instructional coach in public and charter schools she continues to give her heart and her money to what she is passionate She is an inspiration to me and I’m sure others, showing a great example of how to give back what’s been poured into her. Congratulations Momma!!

Derrick Miller Posted over a year ago

So deserving of this recognition. Ms. Coleman has a passion and a heart for youth. She does it with such grace and humility that can capture any youth no matter where he/she are from or the up bringing they have had. The investment that Ms. Coleman deposits in youth is definitely worthy of this honor. This educator and woman of excellence is definitely a life changer. Congratulations, Phenomenal Woman....

Gwendolyn Coney Posted over a year ago

Congrats Lenora ?? You deserve it! ??????

Cheryl Holbert-Brotherton Posted over a year ago

Ms. Coleman, Reading about you and all you have done is just AWESOME! I can see you in Charity, who is equally amazing. What an Awesome example of excellence you are. Congratulatuons!??????????

Dr. Alicia Luna Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Coleman, Congratulations! It is my pleasure to have you on my Team. You do so much for our teachers and students and I want you to know that I appreciate all of your hard work and thank you for always going above and beyond, inspiring our teachers each day and collaborating to ensure that our students have a meaningful learning experience. You are most certainly a LifeChanger! God Bless You Always.

Gwendolyn E. Hunt Posted over a year ago

You could not have chosen to nominate a more deserving person as Ms. Lenora Coleman, for this prestigious award. I have know Ms. Coleman for over 30 years, and I have never not seen her involved with uplifting and changing the lives of young people. Ms.Coleman has always been a visionary when it came to educating and exposing young people to issues that would prepare them for life. As a result of Ms. Coleman's hard work and tireless dedication to young people, God has allowed her to witness the fruits of her labor. God Bless You, and I am so proud of you.

Wanda Hunt Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lenora Coleman is so deserving of this nomination for the Life Changer of the year award. I have known Lenora for over forty years and have personally witnessed her desire to be involved in making the lives of young people and others strive to be and do their best. She is constantly coming up with great ideas and ways to improve learning techniques. She beams to see and hear of the successes of all that she has been blessed to come in contact with in her teachings. You would not go wrong with bestowing this award to Ms. Coleman, she will not let you down!

Minister Reginald V. Hurd Posted over a year ago

It is with honor that I acknowledge the outstanding life changing work of Ms. Lenora Coleman. Ms. Coleman has a true heart for the development of youth as is noted by her chosen profession whereby she is afforded the opportunity to pour into the lives of hundreds annually. Her commitment and passion extends even further as she also works with our future leaders in volunteer service. She gives of herself working with the youth department at the Salem Institutional Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Believing youth grow through exposure new experiences, Ms. Coleman established the Salem Youth Retreat nearly three decades ago. From this experience, several of today’s young professionals were expose to financial literacy, career options, general etiquette, goal setting and much more. Another positive outcome of the Salem Youth Retreat was the “Dreams” Youth Investment Club which served as a excellent foundation for the youth participants understanding of investment options and strategies. It is safe to say Ms. Lenora Coleman has influenced many lives, and she is indeed a LifeChanger.

Darlene Williams Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination for the National Life Group Foundation’s 2018-2019 Life Changer of the Year Program. You are an awesome amazing person deserving of this recognition for all of your outstanding efforts. Congratulations with prayers for continued joyful blessings.

Ericka Johnson-Allen Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Coleman on this well-deserved nomination. Ms. Coleman you go above and beyond for children every day. I want you to know that you are appreciated and valued. You are a team player with a passion for the students and teachers you serve, and for that I say "thank You". Thank you for all you do and I believe in you as a LifeChanger, because that is who you are! Congrats!

Beverly Hampton Posted over a year ago

Honors to you for all that you do. You continue to press toward the mark of a higher calling. No one is more deserving of this pestigeous recognition.

Pastor Kavin Eugene Posted over a year ago

I would like to extend my personal congratulation to you on your recent achievement. I wish you well in all your future endeavors and my you continue to be open to God's guidance. (L G Pinkston class of 1974)

Tony Anderson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on being nominated as LifeChanger of the year. Although, I have never had the pleasure of working with Ms. Coleman in a professional environment, I can attest that she is a very warm-hearted, caring human being. I have only encountered her in non-formal settings but she is always consistent, demands excellence and will go out of her way to help you succeed. I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of this honor.

Patsy Campbell Posted over a year ago

Lenora, you are long overdue for such a well deserved honor. I am extremely proud to be a part of your life and to have experienced so many of your talents, gifts of love and devoted dedication shown to all you encounter. You are a beautiful example of a positive life changer. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

FTWYCHE Posted over a year ago

Ms.. Coleman is a devout Christian , Mother and teacher who goes above and beyond the norm. If anyone should be affiliated with the title of life changer only those individuals who have given a life time of commitment to change through service like Ms. .Coleman should be considered. .She is and has changed and touched many lives.

Ashley Smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Coleman is so helpful! She is always willing to lend a helping hand. Mrs. Coleman is happy to model and coach guided reading, classroom management and any lesson that teachers have trouble with. It is very nice to have such wonderful reading support from a veteran teacher/coach! :)

Chery Gilbert Posted over a year ago

Congratulations and well deserve, you are definitely a hard worker always setting goals to learn more.