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Khalea Moore

Position: Paraprofessional / Parent Liaison / Cheer Coach
School: L.P. Miles Elementary School
School District: Atlanta Public Schools
City, State: Atlanta, GA

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Khalea Moore was nominated by Deborah Lewis, the grandparent of a student.

"Meeting Ms. Moore was nothing but a treat from God," said Lewis. "From day one, we connected like sisters. Her charisma, words of encouragement, and dedication to the young people she serves is impeccable. She is truly somebody who not only say she cares, but shows it in her actions. Ms. Moore has given countless hours before and after school to help tutor my granddaughter, who struggles in reading. Last school year, she was able to help her move one grade level up towards reading at her grade level."

Ms. Moore has developed a loyal parent, student, staff, and community partner base in support of the dynamic Cheer Program she sponsors at her school. Her squad helps build Miles culture throughout the building, the community, and the cluster. After Adamsville Elemenatary School closed, Ms. Moore’s cheer squad was an important part of the glue that successfully brought two cultures together. She also advocated for the re-hiring of the kindergarten paraprofessionals, which made for a smoother transition when grades K-2 were added to the Miles student body. Her charismatic personality enables her to communicate with Title I parents and the heads of non-profits. 

In her role as part-time parent liaison, Ms. Moore provides a full-time service to her school. She coordinates and facilitates innovative programs to engage Miles parents. The FBI Program brings fathers into Miles who may have never visited the school before. The look on the children’s faces is priceless! Today, fathers are coming back on their own to support their little ones. Grandparents Day is another program that she spearheaded, and it  continues to be a huge success!  She credits her own grandparents for her success.

Ms. Moore is also a kindergarten paraprofessional, with an emphasis on “professional." She has an uncanny ability to identify and support students who require additional help. Her meticulous recordkeeping is so impeccable. She can tell you which students know their letters, sounds, and the number of sight words. Overall, Ms. Moore loves Miles, and she truly believes that its students are the future!

Comments (8)

Carmen Searcy Posted over a year ago

I've had the pleasure of not only being the co-coach with Ms.Moore, but being a friend and no one is more deserving of this reward and dedicated than her. Not only does she meet her duties but she exceeds them and goes beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of. Her impact on the children and everyone she interacts with will never go unnoticed!

Jessica Favors Posted over a year ago

Me. Moore has played a tremendous role in my kids lives. She helped my now sixth grader break away from the shyness as she was the captain last year. Moore has always been there for not just the school but for me as well. We truly love her and words can’t explain it enough.

Michelle Posted over a year ago

I don’t know a single person more deserving of this award than you! You have taken all of our babies and treated them like your own and guided them to leaders and winners!! Thanks for all you do!!! ??????

Danny Bell Posted over a year ago

Khalea is a true life changer using her expertise and experience and the compassion that she has to empower the lives of all young people. A True Life Changer.

Mia Bell Posted over a year ago

Khalea is my oldest sister. While living in G.A. I had unfortunare health scare. While I was hospitalized my sister cared for my then 7 year old and 11 year old. Both of my children are musically inclined and involved in Drama. Khalea was able to find them a free Drama Camp to attend at a library each day. Sonce then I've had to move back to our home state N.C. to get better care and be closer to our parents. She sent reading material as well as workbooks to help keep the kids on task. They love Aunt Khalea and are very anxious to move back closer to her. She is passionate about learning and does everything with Love. No one better deserves this award! ??

Sieja Harrison Posted over a year ago

This is an exceptional young lady she has accomplished a lot very inspiring to talk with always encouraging and a true woman of God to know her is to love her!!!!! She has changed a lot of people’s lives especially the young students she has taught over the years!!!! Beauty and brains to say the least!!!

Kieuntae Ector Posted over a year ago

Ms. Moore was my daughters Kindergarten teacher and she made a very great impression on my daughter. Now she’s her cheer coach and she’s even more inspirational now. We need more teachers/coaches like her. She’s amazing! She deserves nothing but greatness.

Latavia Posted over a year ago

Thank you for being great to my girl ?? thank you for everything you r the best