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Lisa Hornsby

Position: Vice Principal
School: Reeltown Elementary
School District: Tallapoosa County
City, State: Notasulga, AL

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Lisa Hornsby was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Lisa Hornsby was recently named vice principal of Reeltown Elementary School, where she has had her nose to the grindstone ever since. Over the last couple of years, she has transitioned from a classroom teacher to intervention coach, and finally became vice principal. Throughout these transitions, Ms. Hornsby was also in school as a student, completing an advanced degree in order to to be the best instructor for her students and staff. She can always be found advocating for her students and fellow teachers, working to provide them with the needs to be successful. People often ask: "does she ever go home?"

Whether in school or at home, Ms. Hornsby is constantly working to make sure that the needs of her students and teachers are met every day. The tasks she completes everyday may seem small to some, but without her completing those tasks, many lives would be totally different.That's why she's a LifeChanger in her community!

Comments (32)

Haylee Veasey Posted over a year ago

She is my principle and I love her!!!!!! She loves us and she so deserves this award!!!! She is one of the best people I have ever met! Every since I moved here last year I have loved her.. She works so hard at school and she is so dedicated to every thing she does for us at school........Its Happy Assistant Principle Week for us and we are going to show her lots of love!! We so appreciate everything she does for us! Love you, Mrs.Hornsby

Ashley Ray Posted over a year ago

Cannot think of someone more deserving than Lisa for this award. She is such a selfless, hard working, loving example of a leader and so much of an inspiration to all who know her. She is definitely a life changer to all she serves!! #LCOY

Cindi Knox Posted over a year ago

Lisa is an amazing person! She leads by example spending countless hours attending to whatever tasks are needed to improve our school, help students, and support teachers. She is very deserving of this recognition and honor!

Heather Posted over a year ago

Lisa is an amazing individual. I’ve known her all of my life and she has always been an inspiration to me. Your committee could look far and wide for a better candidate but they would be hard pressed to find one.

Ann fincher Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hornsby has been an inspiration for her students both in the classroom and out. She has shown her love and support for students, school, and community, leading by example ,not just words. She is truly deserving of this honor.#LCOY

Kayli Hornsby Posted over a year ago

Seeing all these wonderful comments about “Mrs. Hornsby” just confirms what I have known my whole life!! As her daughter, I see firsthand how hard she works and how selfless she is. One day I hope to be half the Mama, friend, sister, wife, leader, and woman that she is. I could think of no one more deserving for #LCOY.

Laken Posted over a year ago

We love mrs Lisa!!

Carrie Holt Posted over a year ago

An amazing asset To Reeltown Elementary. She is sweet, kind, thoughtful, and Strong in her faith. She is very deserving for this award and many more to come.

Selena Bunn Posted over a year ago

Love the positive and loving role model she is to the students and especially my granddaughter! Making her feel safe in Pre-K at 4 years old means everything to our family.

Felicia Macon Posted over a year ago

The statement above couldn't describe Mrs.Hornsby any better. Always smiling and ready to assist in any area that's needed, whether its coaching the cheerleaders, teaching in the classroom, directing traffic in the mornings and now the gratitude that is shown as being assistant principal. Mrs.Hornsby certainly has my vote!

Billie Shae Gray Posted over a year ago

This lady is a true blessing to our community. If it has to do with Reeltown she is there and working!! We are proud to have this lady as a role model for our youth! Thank you for all that you do! #LOTY

Hilda Rothstein Posted over a year ago

Great teacher and a sweet person. Support all events at Reeltown High School.

Cecilia Posted over a year ago

All the kids love her. She's been a very caring and helpful teacher to the kids and while helping those who needed a little extra. We're glad she's part of our school.

Wendy Kirkland Posted over a year ago

Lisa is the most selfless, caring, and devoted person I know. I have watched her care for her Reeltown students, co-workers and community members for many years. However, her devotion to others started many, many years ago. When our parents divorced over 30 years ago, Lisa stepped up to the plate and become so much more than a big sister to me. She always made sure I was taken care of whether it was clothes for school, help with homework or making sure I had a warm meal on the table. Even when she moved away for college, she always made sure I had everything I needed. That loving, caring nature continued when she had a family of her own. Lisa always puts others first and will be the first to tell anyone she isn't special for doing what she does every day. Having witnessed her passion for others firsthand, I am here to tell you she is very special to all who know her. I certainly would not be where I am today without her in my life.

Jake Cowart Posted over a year ago

Good luck mrs.Hornsby!!

Anna Cochran Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hornsby is definitely a life changer!

Christie Winslett Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hornsby is a wonderful asset to our school system and community. My children had the privilege of having her as a teacher, and now that I am employed as a teacher at Reeltown Elementary, I now have the privilege of working with her. She was an outstanding teacher and great role model for her students. She also does an oustanding job as an assistant principal. She makes sure our needs as teachers are met and that we are taken care of. She also does the same for the students. She goes above and beyond for her job!

AnnBooth Posted over a year ago

Whether Lisa is on campus or at a sporting event she has the students best interest at heart. Her interactions with the students are amazing to watch. She is definitely a life changer. #LCOTY

Laurie Kenney Gann Posted over a year ago

Ms. Hornsby continues to make a difference in the lives of those she encounters. Students, staff, and parents alike have all been blessed to have her a part of our school and community.

Brittany Spencer Posted over a year ago

I can't think of anyone more deserving than Lisa Hornsby! I'm so proud of her dedication and drive to make RES better day in and day out! #LCOY

Megan williams Posted over a year ago

She is a life changer that's for sure!! She has made a huge impact in our school in just a few short months as an assistant principal! She is amazing!

Carol lynn Posted over a year ago

Very deserving! I support her nomination.

Leah Solomon Posted over a year ago

Lisa Hornsby works hard for the teachers and students at Reeltown Elementary. She's always on the go, as busy as a bee. We don't call her "hornet" for nothing. :-)

Page Cotten Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hornsby is an awesome example of a great teacher willing to go the extra mile for her students, as well as, an awesome instructional leader!! Mrs. Hornsby is always willing to help others improve inside and outside the classroom personally and professionally. She is someone I have looked to for guidance and assistance in my pursuit of a higher certification as well. She is A true life changer!!!

Jane Hornsby Posted over a year ago

Congrats Lisa you have worked very hard and you are so dedicated to your students and fellow teachers AND still have the time and engery to participate with your family activities. . I am so very proud of you..

Callie Giles Posted over a year ago

Lisa is such a great person and leader. So thankful everyday that she is an influence in my children's lives. #LCOY

Holly Spain Posted over a year ago

Lisa is a great mentor, friend, teacher, mother, and vice principal. She constantly works for the students of RES in the office, classroom, community, church as well as her home. Mrs Hornsby is an excellent choice for the life changer award.

Melia Hall Posted over a year ago

Lisa Hornsby is a devoted person. She gives 100% at work. After school she works with many different activities. Thanks for all you do!

Kristin Hill Posted over a year ago

High energy, very involved in school and community

Judy Barber Posted over a year ago

This young woman is so deserving of this nomination. She not only is an awesome school administrator but so active in serving others in her church, community and numerous school related functions outside her assigned duties. She is a voice of reason and her sweet smile and spirit radiates to other.

Kelli Thigpen Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to a special lady! What a blessing it has been in the past to work beside you, raise our girls together and be apart of community activities together! I always joke with you and continue to say well at least Reeltown got something good out of Cottonwood! ??

Jennifer Noble Posted over a year ago

Such a precious giving person. She exemplifies what a teacher should be because she genuinely cares so much for everyone.