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Nicole Kelly

Position: School Nurse
School: Piscataway Campus
School District: Middlesex County Vocational & Technical Schools
City, State: Piscataway, NJ

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Nicole Kelly was nominated by her colleague, Elissa Goldstein.

Ms. Kelly takes the time to get to know each and every one of her students. She makes a difference in their lives. She goes above and beyond, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Kelly always makes sure to look out for other people, even when she's extremely busy. The students and staff love her. She is an amazing person! 

Comments (24)

Karen A Cretella RN Posted 7 months ago

Nicole and I have been colleagues for several years now. Upon meeting Nicole, one is drawn to her warm personality and magnanimous smile. As a professional Nurse, Nicole is quick to assess new situations and pullup her sleeves and tackle any problem she comes in contact with. All of the nurses in our district are confident of Nicole's knowledge and we do utilize her expertise to help us with our daily school issues. Have I mentioned her technical abilities? This too is her strongpoint, to walk us through technical challenges in dealing with charting and developing spread sheets etc...Always a pleasure to speak with her, and I am happy to add to the comments aforementioned. Thank you Nicole for being who you are! I am confident you will strive in your role as a School Nurse and am honored to work along side you! Please consider Nicole for this wonderful award.

Cristina Kelly Posted 7 months ago

Nicole is an absolutely amazing nurse colleague and I cannot emphasize enough how appreciative I am of her friendly resourcefulness, vast knowledge of school nursing, and willingness to help by answering my frequent questions, as busy as she is each day. She is compassionate, patient, and truly an asset to our district nursing services. It is clear how much her staff and students appreciate her professionalism and kindness each day, and even though I work in a different campus, Nicole has had a tremendous impact on my practice and development of school nursing skills and knowledge, and I am truly grateful to her for everything she does.

Rosemary Simmons Posted 7 months ago

Nicole Kelly is more than a great nurse! She is a supportive and reliable colleague to our school district 's fellow school nurses. She is deserving of a Lifechanger award!

Melissa Gomez Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly goes above and beyond the call of duty for both students and staff! She is a kind and respected individual; who through the challenges of COVID has helped to keep our school safe and healthy.

Andy Carvalhais Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is amazing! She has truly show leadership, professionalism and passion for her Job. Nurse Kelly has devoted outrageous amounts of time in and out of school to ensure the safety and well of each and every student and staff member. She has really set herself apart from other school nurses especially throughout the COVID pandemic! Thank you Nurse Kelly for being who you are and I hope you receive the recognition which you most definitely deserve.

Kathleen J. Book Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Nicole Kelly is an excellent school nurse for all students and staff in the building. The students love to go to her office, even just to say hello. She has great people skills that are heartwarming, pure and quite simple. She is extremely organized which especially showed during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Nurse Kelly exhibits compassion and kindness to all who enter her office. She is selfless and supportive and calls you at your home offering caring words and advice. Nurse Kelly truly deserves the nomination, she is excellent at what she provides all of here in school. She is extremely professional and is the best nurse I've had the pleasure to work with!

Karen rodriguez Posted 7 months ago

Ms.kelly our nurse is so great . Besides being there for our students she takes great care of the staff as well . She goes above and beyond the call of duty .

Justin Bertolozzi Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is always helpful and accommodating to all students and staff. As a coach, she has always been incredibly reliable and helpful in providing data on the health and status of my players, so that we're always ready to play our season without any worries or concerns.

Sandra Tinsman Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly has gone above and beyond in the last 2 years to keep all of us safe. Besides her busy daily nurse duties, she educates all of us on the latest covid protocols, and other medical awareness issues, is constantly contact tracing the classes, the shops, the busses, and even takes after hours calls when there is an emergency. She is a dedicated professional that truly cares about all of us.

kathie pelayo Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is one the most dedicated school nurses we've had. Her office is always warm and welcoming to staff & students. Nurse Kelly has helped me tremendously with Covid related questions for my own family and she will actually take the time to answer any questions you may have. We are lucky to have her and she is absolutely the most deserving of this nomination.

Samantha Becerra Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is an incredible and well respected colleague. She is kind and compassionate and is always there to lend a an ear or hand to those in need, both students and staff. She has tirelessly puts in constant hours to make sure the population at our school is accounted for during the pandemic and always keeps us well informed on update to changes. She is more than deserving for the Lifechanger of the year.

Gene Gugliotta Posted 7 months ago

Being a school nurse through the pandemic was a huge challenge. There were so many new protocols to be followed, so many new procedures, so much more work doing contact tracing and following up with students, parents, and staff. That was all added on top of the regular, day-to-day things that students need the school nurse for. Nurse Kelly did an amazing job, never showed any stress or pressure, and maintained her ever-present pleasant personality throughout! I have been a teacher here for 35 years, and Nurse Kelly is the best nurse we have ever had, in my honest opinion!

Eugene Leahy Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is wonderful. The true reason she is so awesome is the intuitive understanding she demonstrates about and with our students daily. The reassurances. The daily medication interactions that are personal and professional. Using humor to make a situation better and give that student personal attention.

Helen Baez Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is patient, caring and kind to students and staff. She is always professional and has been very knowledgeable addressing all of our Covid concerns. We are lucky to have her.

Roxann Day Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is very kind and caring hard working dedicated staff member at Piscataway Campus. She is calming and also a take charge person during a crisis or any situation that arises in our school. Nurse Kelly goes above and beyond and has not stopped...........even during COVID!

michael mckinney Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly, what else needs to be said. Always smiling, friendly to all students and staff , professional ethic has the ability to make everyone feel important. All around great person and nurse.

Julia Henry Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly has been a blessing to our school before and especially through this pandemic. She goes above and beyond for all students and staff and deserves so much more than we could ever give her. She is putting in the work at every hour of the day to make sure her students and staff are well cared for and informed. She is truly a wonderful person and I'm so happy to help support her for the "Lifechanger of the Year".

Kevin Diemer Posted 7 months ago

Great nurse

Phyllis Colabella Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is the Best!! I love her she goes above and beyond for everyone. Truly an amazing person, and it is a pleasure to work with her at the Piscataway campus. She knows her stuff a real professional who you can, comfortably, approach with any of your health concerns. She is reliable too.

Christine Lucas Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is the BEST!

Sonja Paprota Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is without question one of the best school nurses I have had the pleasure to work with. She is revered by students, staff and parents. In these difficult times she has managed to maintain a sense of professionalism and is our calming influence during all the COVID related additional duties and responsibilities. Her easy manner and vast knowledge have helped us to maintain our school's ability to contact trace and maintain a safe and welcoming campus. Any school or community would be blessed to have her as a member of their team.

Michelle Jarosiewicz Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly goes above and beyond her call of duty. She is an empowered individual that makes a difference in each students lives, regardless of the time and frequency they are in her office. Her drive to help everyone is truly noticeable and appreciated.

Elle Hatipoglu Posted 7 months ago

Nurse Kelly is not only an amazing nurse, she is also a reliable resource for Covid related issues. Whenever I have had a concern or question regarding Covid Protocols, symptoms, or procedures she has always been informative and up to date with the latest information. Her presence in our building has given me a sense of security during this uncertain and stressful time. Nurse Kelly, thank you for everything you do.

Rachel Henderson Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Kelly worked tirelessly prior to CoVid, in order to ensure that students' medical needs were adequately cared for, irrespective of circumstances. Since CoVid, her magic has multiplied exponentially. I don't think people realized just how many more tasks she has undertaken, and still she provides warmth and caring to every individual who passes through her doors.