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Hollie Ziemba

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Salisbury Elementary School
School District: Salisbury Township School District
City, State: Allentown, PA

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Hollie Ziemba's nominator would like to remain anonymous.

Ms. Ziemba taught virtually through the pandemic.  She kept the kindergarteners' attention and made learning fun!  She used puppets and silly antics. The children could not wait for online class each day.  It was amazing the bond that was formed between Ms. Ziemba and her students, and also between teacher and parents.  Ms. Ziemba showed up for students' baseball games and tennis matches.  She spent additional time online with individual students who needed that extra care.  It was a special year that will not be forgotten. 
Here are some comments from parents, students, and student teacher:

"I can't even do the things Ms. Ziemba is doing, in person with my son, and she's doing it virtually. Absolutely blessed that he was put in her class."

"All of our kids are so lucky to have Ms. Ziemba as their teacher! She is always being so patient, kind and amazing! It takes special people to teach kindergarten. I am so glad my son has one of the best!"

"I can't believe that in less than two weeks we are headed back to school. We are going to miss Ms. Ziemba so very much this year."

"We talk about Ms. Ziemba alot and think of her often. She will always hold a special place in our hearts."

"The relationships Ms. Ziemba made with the kids is unbelievable. "

Comments (3)

Mary Christ Posted 5 months ago

Ms Ziemba: You are THE BEST. You made Ronan’s kindergarten year, even though virtual, the greatest. He was so engaged and learned so very much with your exceptional quality and expertise of instruction. You made each day an adventure and each child feel special. I owned two child care centers, Young Ideas Day School Lehigh County, for 21 years and employed many teachers as well as working closely with many at nearby schools and never encountered a teacher with the love and devotion for teaching you display everyday! You are my hero and will be remembered by my grandson forever! Thank you for all that you are and all that you do! With my sincere gratitude, Mary Christ

Mary Christ Posted 5 months ago

Ms Ziemba is the best! I am a grandma that worked with my grandson while he was in Ms Ziemba’s kindergarten class. She kept all the children engaged and my grandson loved being in her class and still loves her. We speak about Ms Ziemba frequently. My grandson enjoyed math and reading as he finished the year and had a real interest in the earth, animals, space and the environment. He was leaning and using the 7 habits to positively affect his daily life and developed a love for art. Ms Ziemba was organized, effective and kept all her many student’s totally engaged day after day. I am a previous child care center owner and I never encountered a better teacher. I could never have imagined a better kindergarten teacher for my grandson! The fact that all this was accomplished during virtual instruction is nothing less than miraculous! Hurray for Ms Ziemba!

Sarah Hrycko Posted 5 months ago

You were so patient when my daughter didn't speak on zoom. You still stay in contact and send mail to my daughter. I have saved the Christmas card you mailed from New Hampshire to her. Your never forgotten! ?? to you.