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Tricia Lorence

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: McNary Heights Elementary School
School District: Umatilla School District
City, State: Umatilla, OR

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Tricia Lorence was nominated by her colleague, Charlotte Engelhart.

Mrs. Lorence lights up her school building with her smile and intense commitment to making a difference in the lives of her students. She takes the time to connect with each student's family by phone and visits homes when she sees that need. The needs of her students go beyond the curriculum and assessments. She is known for providing costumes, clothing, and shoes when needed. She loses no time in identifying students who need additional school support. Mrs. Lorence works well beyond the required contract hours.

Mrs. Lorence is that staff member who, over time, has collected just the right little treasures to sneak into the staff mailboxes or place by their doors. She has made beautiful meals for the custodial staff and given them tokens of appreciation on special occasions or just to show them appreciation. Mrs. Lorence sees when staff are gone and texts them to ask if everything is ok. She puts the expression "above and beyond" on a completely different level than the norm, and her building is better because of her nurturing kindness. 

Mrs. Lorence's students absolutely adore her, as do their parents.

"Our building staff have always been like a family, but Tricia adds something nobody has ever taken to this level. She doesn't expect recognition; she doesn't have time. After dropping off something well before school starts, she's back in her classroom preparing for the lessons of the day. In the back of her mind, I guarantee she is already wondering how she can share more school love for another team or student," said Engelhart. "Mrs. Lorence is our LifeChanger of the Year, no question."

Comments (9)

Jose Posted 10 months ago

i just want to say to her Congrats for making the Life changer and for helping students with their positive mindset she is a wonderful person to be around and thank you for helping others when they're having a tough week or day thank you for being a great helper and she is a wonderful communicator thank you for making the life change at MHES as a high school student I really appreciate you're hard work that you have done and I appreciate you and congrats and keep up the hard wor.

Michelle Summerlin Posted 10 months ago

Selfless! Above and beyond! Kind! Passionate! Caring! Creative! Patient! Loving! These are just a few of the words I would choose to describe Tricia. She goes to extreme lengths to help anybody and everybody, and all times. She is a friend and an amazing teacher! She is deserving of any and all praise!

Stacy Posted 10 months ago

You're amazing Tricia! We're blessed to you have you.

Deborah Burnette Posted 10 months ago

I second every word of this! I have been one to experience her kindness and generosity this year. I have enjoyed getting to know Tricia and I am glad to be a part of her school family.

Lucia Wiley Posted 10 months ago

Tricia Lorence is an outstanding teacher and an even better colleague. On top of everything else that she does with her very full schedule, she leads a monthly group instructed discussions about Conscious Discipline. She shows us how we as educators can change our perception of how to teach and connect with our students. Coming into a school district where well over half of our students are in trauma induced situations at home can be very nerve racking. This is my first year being a paraprofessional and it has it been tough. Tricia has given me the tools to come back to my students with new sense of compassion to reach them where they are.

Stacey Valle Posted 10 months ago

Tricia Lorence is the epitome of selfless. I have watched her as she has made students feel loved, staff feel welcomed, and she never hesitates to offer a helping hand. Her classroom is the "hang out" where kids always want to go say hi. I have no doubt in my mind she is leaving life long memories for her students. I have also been on the receiving end of her kindness. She is truly one of a kind. We love you Tricia!!

Joni DeBoise Posted 10 months ago

Tricia, I have never met a more generous person! I’m pretty sure you’d give the shirt off your back if someone needed it more. You are First to make new staff feel so welcome, first to check in on someone in need, first to make us laugh! Congratulations, so we’ll deserved! ??

Katie McMillan Posted 10 months ago

This award couldn't have gone to a more deserving person than Tricia! She is a dear friend and coworker to me as well as my child's teacher. Last year she was my sons teacher. My son was having a rough time and would cry at the beginning of the day before leaving my side. I would text Tricia that he would be late and she always said," Bring him to me and I'll help him." She would always wait right outside class for him and talk him through the anxiety. Then he had a GREAT rest of the day! She has such an INCREDIBLE heart with even more incredible patience!! This year she is my daughters teacher and has always been very communicative and caring! She has ALWAYS been there for me and my children. THANK YOU TRICIA for ALL that you do!!! WE LOVE YOU and APPRECIATE YOU more than you will EVER know!!!

Heidi Sipe Posted 10 months ago

From grant writing to additional trainings, Tricia shows her dedication every day by going above and beyond for her students. She is dedicated to students and their success. In addition to her focus on kids, she is a cheerleader for many and quick with a compliment, word of encouragement or thank you to others. Tricia is an asset to our school and community and is most definitely a Life Changer for many students and staff.