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Julie Glazer

Position: Superintendent
School: Nutley Public Schools
School District: Nutley Public Schools
City, State: Nutley, NJ

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Dr. Julie Glazer was nominated anonymously.

It was a very tough year for K-12 education due to COVID-19, but despite the challenges, Dr. Glazer's leadership ensured that this year was still one of progress and growth in every aspect of her district. She and her team collaborated with the Strategic Plan committees, as well as the Board of Education committees (including the Long Range Facilities committee). Her team was able to take identified priorities and direct resources in those areas to remove barriers.

Under Dr. Glazer's leadership:

  • Each student and district family has been fed since March 2020;
  • Each child had access to a device and Internet;
  • Most of the district instructional spaces have air conditioning;
  • Air cleaners with HEPA filters have been added to each instructional space, exhaust fans have been replaced, and electrical systems have been upgraded;
  • The Nutley High School Library/Media space was refurbished;
  • The 1:1 Chromebook Initiative was expanded to benefit learners in grades 4-12;
  • All teacher laptops were replaced with MacBook Airs;
  • All paraprofessional and office devices were upgraded;
  • The district moved to centralized printing.

Additionally, a social-emotional curriculum and resources were added across all grade levels, and more counselors and mental health programming were added, as well as an elementary literacy coach and additional strategies teachers. The district expanded K-8 summer programming, provided extended strategies and reading intervention after school and in the evenings, and invested in outdoor classroom space.

"Dr. Glazer has modeled that Nutley is stronger together, and together, we all grow," said the nominator.

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Sal Scarpelli Posted 20 days ago

Dr. Glazer is most deserving of this nomination. Not only has she done all the above but she is a cheerleader and proud supporter of our award-winning Nutley Public Schools music programs and for that we are most grateful for. Thank you for all that you do for our students.

Maria Castronova Posted 26 days ago

Congratulations, Dr. Julia Glazer, on yet another well deserved nomination. You have my full support and gratitude for all you've done for our district. Your warmth, caring, and love of educational endeavors always comes through. In nominating, Julia, I'd like to point out that her educational leadership skills not only encompass the knowledge of a quality education, through raising standards, but also leading the district with compassion. Julia listens to concerns, suggestions, and criticism with an open mind and delivers her decisions with fairness. As superintendent of Nutley schools, Julia had many challenges to handle. Referendums to deal with, technology to upgrade, Covid-19 to endure, but most challenging a new community to learn about and grow with. Julia, handled all these challenges with grace, humility, and civility. The outcome, she fit in well. I, with great pride, request the committee to highly award Dr. Julie Glazer this achievement and honor. It is well deserved.

Angela Posted 1 months ago

As a teacher and a parent of a student in this district, I know that she has been a positive leader, has faced so many challenges the past two years, but has focused on doing what is best for students and staff. And it has not been easy! Thank you for all that you do.

Nellie Posted 1 months ago

She is absolutely amazing! Congratulations on this nomination!!!

Carol Gallagher, Vice President NEF Posted 1 months ago

Dr. Julie Glazer is a strong, passionate educational leader who has brought new educational "life changes" to the Nutley School District from scheduling to technology. Since becoming Superintendent of Schools in July 201, Dr. Glazer has worked tirelessly to support education on all levels in the community and especially throughout the COVID Pandemic. It has been my pleasure to work with Dr. Glazer on the Nutley Educational Foundation(NEF) where she is a non-voting Trustee. I have found her to be warm and outgoing; she exhibits compassion and empathy; she always listens and is open-minded and fair. Dr. Glazer's input, guidance, and support has been "life changing" for NEF, helping the Foundation to become the leading non-profit Nutley community organization supporting education. Thank you Dr. Glazer and Congratulations on a truly deserving nomination!

Michele DeBlasio Fleitell Posted 1 months ago

Best wishes Julie! Thank you for your leadership! Michele Fleitell

Mathnasium of Nutley Posted 1 months ago


Fred scalera Posted 1 months ago

Good luck

Jess S. Posted 1 months ago

Congratulations on the nomination and best of luck!

Lorraine Kucinski, President NEF Posted 1 months ago

Dr. Julie Glazer, Superintendent of Nutley Schools, has been nominated for the 2021-2022 LifeChanger of the Year Award. A befitting award for someone who pioneered our district through a world-wide pandemic. From the beginning, 2016, we knew Dr. Glazer would do well in our community. She is warm, friendly, eager to share her vast knowledge and experienced in all aspects of education including how to run an educational foundation. Dr. Glazer’s involvement in the community at large has been nothing short of incredible. She involved herself by giving her time and expertise to numerous community events knowing that “face to face” is the best way to interact with others and grow our community’s involvement in the school district. When COVID hit, she sprang into action to bring “face to face” to each student via technology. Laptops expanded to every student in 4th through 12th grade and internet access to every household. Breakfast and lunch provided to every student, air quality improvements throughout every school building. Even when unpopular with some, Dr. Glazer met the COVID requirements of the district as imposed by the Local, State and National mandates, proving her tenacity in the face of adversity by recognizing the problems ahead and identifying workable solutions. We credit Dr. Glazer for leading us through the pandemic!

Theresa lappostato Posted 1 months ago

We could not have survived the last three years without your compassion and dedication. I am personally very Great full for your support. Respectfully , Theresa and The fine and performing arts department

Rhonda Frobose Posted 1 months ago

Julie Glazer led Nutley public schools through a once in a lifetime pandemic. A true life changer.

John Demmer Posted 1 months ago

She is an outstanding person and community leader. I cant think if anyone more deserving this honor

Michael Ryder Posted 1 months ago

Julie, What a well deserved honor to be nominated! Best, Michael Ryder

Dr Steven Clarke Posted 1 months ago

Dr Julie has been a positive huge impact on kids, teachers and parents. She is very engaging and caring toward everyone and treats all with dignity and respect Excellent candidate

Diane Posted 1 months ago


Joe Stancati Posted 1 months ago


Linda Gargiulo Posted 1 months ago

Good luck

Eileen Poiani Posted 1 months ago

I am happy to cast my vote for Dr. Glaser.

Barbara Hirsch Posted 1 months ago

Julie is great

Michele DeMatteo Posted 1 months ago

Dr. Glazer is well-deserving of this award, she is always available and involved in our school district.

John Barisich Posted 1 months ago

Good luck

Mike Garner Posted 1 months ago

Julie has been a such an asset to this community and has put safety first for the first time. Thank you

Linda Buset Posted 1 months ago

Julie Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!! You are an incredible person! Linda??

Greg Tolve Posted 1 months ago

She’s a great educator!

Mary McConeghy Posted 1 months ago

My vote is for Julie Glazer!

Gregory Crumrine Posted 1 months ago

You are the best and good luck Dr.Glazer.

CJ Bilin Posted 1 months ago

Simply the best!

Debbie Piacentini Posted 1 months ago

I currently work at Nutley HS. She has been tremendous both before, during and post COVID. Very supportive and always available to students, faculty and students at all levels of the district.

Alan Genitempo Posted 1 months ago

Best of luck Julie

Maria Kirby Posted 1 months ago

I vote for Julie! Go Nutley!

Joseph Scarpelli Posted 1 months ago

Go Julie!!

Brian Blum Posted 1 months ago


Jayneanne Posted 1 months ago

Good luck

Vincent V Posted 1 months ago

Congrats! Vincent V!

Lynn Posted 1 months ago

Nominating Julie Glazer Nutley NJ!!

Emily Donahue Posted 1 months ago

Dr Glazer is a lifelong educator and is dedicated to her craft.

Jen Posted 1 months ago

Good luck

Krista Crumrine Posted 1 months ago


Robin Barrasso Posted 1 months ago

Congratulations!! Well deserved!

Amaury Flores Posted 1 months ago

Thank you for your work!

Alicja Nowak igwe Posted 1 months ago

Congratulation and thank you for the wonderful job you are doing.

Fred scalera Posted 1 months ago

Good luck

Michelle Poolaw Posted 2 months ago

Dr. Glazer is an amazing educator and leader. In addition to all of the amazing things that Dr. Glazer has done/does listed here, she is also an instructor for the NJEXCEL program. She is helping new leaders by giving them real world examples of life in the admin world. Her connections and experiences are motivating and helpful to me as one of her leadership candidates. Thank you for being an amazing role model, Dr. Glazer!

Michelle O’Neill Posted 2 months ago

Julie is an amazing educator who has devoted her life to being an agent of change. An honor much deserved!

Jane Griesinger Posted 2 months ago

Dr. Glazer leads with a strong moral compass, guided by a strong sense of ethics that allow her to make choices that are truly in the best interest of students in the district that she leads. She has given freely of her time to mentor and develop the next generation of school leaders through the NJEXCEL program on top of her very busy schedule as a superintendent. I feel fortunate to have benefitted from her guidance and instruction.

Amanda Posted 2 months ago

Dr. Glazer was an instructor of mine. I learned a tremendous amount from her and she is deserving of this award.

Janet Warbeck Posted 2 months ago

I can’t imagine a better nominee for this award!!! I had the pleasure and honor of working under Dr. Glazer’s leadership. She is a natural life changer. Julie encompasses traits such as fearlessness, kindness, intelligence, professionalism and the list goes on and on…Her passion to lead people and make students the center of any solution is bar none. I whole heartedly support Dr. Glazer for this award!!!

Jorge Madrazo Posted 2 months ago

Throughout the pandemic, Julie continued to serve as a leading member of the Nutley Educational Foundation. She guided the NEF board, of which I am a member, on how to stay relevant to a school system that was in constant change while trying to deal with the chaotic environment of the pandemic. I am amazed by Julie's stamina and focus. Our board meetings are one of a steady stream of evening obligations she deals with after a full day at her daily job. She always maintains her professionalism and support late into the evening as she guides the board's mission of helping the Nutley school district. I Support Julie!

Carole Brotspies Posted 3 months ago

I have worked with Julie in another school district and I can assure you that the students are always top priority. She is a creative problem solver. No one works as hard as Julie and she is definitely deserving of this honor.

Janet Gurman Posted 3 months ago

Julie Glazer came into my life, the way most parents acquire friends mid-life, through our children. She defines what it means to be a life-long learner; dedicated to seeking ways to improve upon herself in order to provide those she serves with the best version of herself. I have watched her grow, and in turn she encourages and inspires others to do the same. Julie does all this and more by shouldering her responsibilities with grace, dignity, honesty and integrity. Her kindness and compassion are boundless; I am thrilled that her school community has nominated her for this honor.

Elisabeth Lynch Posted 3 months ago

The thing that makes Julie Glazer a life changer is she hears people, and she helps you come to resolution of an issue from a place of empowerment and resilience. She also respects all people, not just with her words but with her actions.

Harriet Krauthamer Posted 3 months ago

Julie Glazer is an amazing woman and a wonderful choice for this award.