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Stephanie Cowart

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Temple Elementary School
School District: Carroll County Schools
City, State: Temple, GA

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Stephanie Cowart was nominated by her colleague, Kathy Hurley.

Over the years, Ms. Cowart has proven that she has what it takes to be a great teacher. She not only cares for her students, but she teaches them how to become a better student as well. She loves her students and has gone beyond her job requirements to benefit them. Out of her own pocket, Ms. Cowart has bought school materials and clothing items for her students. She gets along with her students, and is a team player with staff as well.

Ms. Cowart is committed to making sure her students are safe and cared for every day. She can be firm in the classroom without making the students feel uncomfortable. Before becoming an educator, she was in the business world, and was expected to have high morals.

"She wants her students to succeed and have high expectations," Hurley said. "Miss Cowart makes a difference at TES,  and I can't imagine our school without her."

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Tiffany Travis Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cowart is an amazing teacher who leaves a mark well after her students have moved on. Students who come to the middle schools who have had Ms. Cowart say the nicest things about their former teacher, from "if you go into Ms. Cowart's room upset, she makes sure you leave happy" to "I miss Ms. Cowart so much, she was the best teacher ever!" Ms. Cowart knows the curriculum and how to teach, but she knows people even more and is willing to take on any challenges presented during the job. Carroll County Schools and especially Temple Elementary is lucky to have such a great teacher!