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Kay Allen

Position: Behavior Teacher
School: Athena Elementary School
School District: De Soto 73 Public School District
City, State: Desoto, MO

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Kay Allen was nominated by a parent of a student, Stacey Marler.

"Mrs. Allen is my son's LifeChanger," said Marler. "He hated school and refused to go most mornings until we changed schools. This woman took my son in and explained all school social cues to him. Teaching reading, writing, or math, you can test students' knowledge to ensure they comprehend the lessons. However, teaching social/emotional aspects is a wait-and-see game, which can be hard. My son was angry, had difficulty trusting, and often acted out from lack of understanding."

"Mrs. Allen changed his life by teaching him through patience, example, and love," said Marler. "She went above and beyond to find what worked for him; once she figured that out, she poured so much respect and love into him that she nurtured a totally different kid. She gave him self-confidence and self-respect and taught him how to love himself and his enemies. My child is no longer mad at the world. Instead, he is now on the student council and was made student of the month. He thrives daily because of this caring educator, who never gave up on him no matter how difficult some days were."

Teaching special children can be a draining experience, but this woman shows up daily for all her kiddos, stands up for them, and shows them how to advocate for themselves. She is an excellent teacher and is a true asset to her school. Mrs. Allen has mentored others and continues to inspire all who know her.