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Dr. Yvette Thomasson

Position: Professional School Counselor
School: Dr. Henry A. Wise High School
School District: Prince George's County Public School
City, State: Upper Marlboro, MD

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Dr. Yvette Thomasson, MA, NCC, LGPC, CFC, CCJS, CJTS, DAC (she/her) was nominated by a colleague, Carl Cobbs.

Dr. Thomasson's role as a mother of two children attending Prince George's County Public School underscores the importance of public education. Dr. Thomasson has been a dedicated educator with PGCPS for 25 years and has significantly impacted countless students and colleagues. As an educator, she understands the significance of providing quality education to all students regardless of their background, economic status, or race. Her personal experience as a parent of PGCPS students has given her a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that students and families face within the public education system.

Dr. Thomasson's work stands out for her passion for helping students win scholarships. Her efforts have resulted in millions of dollars awarded to PGCPS students, providing them with the financial support they need to achieve their goals. Her dedication to her student's success is inspiring. She knows firsthand how important it is to have educators who are compassionate, knowledgeable, and invested in their students' success.

Dr. Thomasson's work with a nonprofit organization, "Pet Connect," that fosters dogs is also noteworthy. Her work with the nonprofit organization demonstrates her compassion for animals and her commitment to improving the lives of those around her. Seeing how she uses her creativity and passion to help the broader community is inspiring. 

"Overall, Dr. Yvette Thomasson inspires all educators and students," said Cobbs. "Her dedication to her student's success, creative mind, and passion for helping others is admirable and inspiring. I am inspired by Dr. Thomasson's work and her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others."

Comments (24)

Byron Ware Posted 4 months ago

Dr. THOMASSON is one of the more brilliant educators I know. Caring and concerned about the state of education today, you won't find a more deserving recipient for the LifeChanger of the Year Award!

R. Carson Posted 4 months ago

Dr. Thomaston is a phenomenal leadership, educator and activist for publication education in Prince George's County. Here years of service and dedicated are to be commended. Thank you for all that you do for our youth. Keep SHINING and continued blessings.

Ethel M. Chambers Posted 4 months ago

I am voting for Dr. Yvette Thomasson as Life Changer Of The Year. Dr. Thomasson has been a dedicated educator for twenty five years who has impacted and inspired all students and their families. She is a very compassionate person who enjoys helping people. There is no doubt that Dr. Thomasson deserves the LifeChanger Of The Year Award.

Bruce Mckoy Posted 4 months ago

Dr thomasson is one of the kind and smartest person. she cares about every one at her job and in our community. she has helped thousands of people over the years. there is no better person for this award.

Daniel Hicklin Jr Posted 4 months ago

Dr. Thomasson, Is a wonderful teacher and caring person. She exemplifies knowledge and has compassion for others. She’s part of our book club and always comes to educate. Her caring spirit is always showcased to all and pleasant to everyone. I have personally been blessed by her kindness and life in general. She deserves anything good that happens and it’s an honor to let anyone know what type of person she truly is. She is a phenomenal woman.

Andrea Posted 4 months ago

Good luck Yvette. Thanks for all you do for those you’ve served for over 25 years in education

Deana Hayes-Johnson Posted 4 months ago

I have known Dr. Thomasson for several decades and can attest to her commitment to her family, career, and the students she has encountered. For more than 20 yrs she has dedicated her life to improving the welfare of the students in her care. Whether it has been thru academic assistance or helping to acquire financial assistance for advanced learning, she diligently strives to help her students squire whatever they need to be successful. She is truly the definition of a LifeChanger.

E. Driggers Posted 4 months ago

A great new associate and friend that helps everyone with her use of knowledge and experience according to each individual person’s need. A “LifeChanger!”

Consuelo Wilson-Pettigrew Posted 5 months ago

Congratulations. You deserve this and more and you are 100% a team player!!!

Roshanda S. Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Thomasson is a compassionate woman who thoroughly enjoys serving her community. She has a passion for working with the youth in many different capacities.

Malaika Sams Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Thomasson is an extraordinary person. Her compassion stretches across many arenas. Always willing to lend a hand and always supportive! Congratulations!

Wilson Givens Posted 5 months ago

Good Luck!! You deserve this award. UNCLE WILSON

ETHEL L GIVENS Posted 5 months ago

Congratulations. You deserve this and more.

Stephaniee Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Yvette is a very caring and passionate woman. She's great remodel. Very deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Beth Ann Wilson Posted 5 months ago

I can’t think of a better candidate for this award. She’s been positively influencing others since her college days as a student athlete and leader.

Lisa G. Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Yvette Thomasson is a very compassionate person who enjoys helping people. Her work ethic and care for others is demonstrated daily. Dr. Yvette has worked within the field of education and mental health for over two decades. Being a helping professional is not only a job for her, it is a calling! She has truly changed many lives over the years and I am proud to say as a colleague and friend, she is deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Leah Anderson Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Thomasson is a strong, independent and proud woman. She a woman, a mother, family oriented, and an experienced Counselor in Education. Dr. Thomasson has a heart for her community and is passionate about working with children and families and supporting them in reaching academic success, career goal as well as their social emotional learning development. She is a woman of many skills and talents with many qualifications.

Nicole T Posted 5 months ago


C. EVANSHINTON Posted 5 months ago


Brian Hart Posted 5 months ago

Greetings Dr. Thomaston, Congratulation for being nominated for your incredible services, inspiration, time, heartfelt dedication, zeal, drive, motivation and awesome success! You're hard work and perseverance have paid off! Again, Congratulation to you!! Respectfully, Brian Hart

Carla Watson Posted 5 months ago

Go Yvette. You got this.

Allison Richo Posted 5 months ago

Dr. Thomasson is a former colleague, I am inspired by her compassionate , commitment and unwavering support for students and teachers in PGCPS.

E. Driggers Posted 5 months ago

I am voting for Dr. Yvette Thomasson as Life Changer of the Year! Dr. Thomasson passes on knowledge with significant generosity which benefits everyone.

Frederick C. Burroughs Posted 5 months ago

Great person. Really cares for others.