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Amy Davis

Position: Elementary Counselor
School: Montgomery City Elementary School
School District: Montgomery County R-II School District
City, State: Montgomery City, MO

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Amy Davis was nominated by her assistant superintendent, Dr. Della Bell-Freeman.

Bell-Freeman has been fortunate to have worked with many enthusiastic and skilled school counselors throughout her career, and believes that Amy Davis is one of the best. Mrs. Davis is a role model for students and staff in the areas of behavior, relationships, and work skills. She models the 5 Be's:  be respectful, responsible, safe, kind, and cooperative through adherence to PBIS principles. Each morning, she greets students and staff with a smile, and facilitates check in & check out before leading the PBIS cheer at the morning assembly. 

"Her enthusiasm for PBIS and our students shows in all that she does in the hallways, classrooms, and the community," Bell-Freeman said. "I can honestly say that Amy Davis stands out as a cheerleader for kids, mental health, and supportive programming." 

Mrs. Davis is active in extra-curricular events at Montgomery City Elementary to show her support of the students, not just as learners, but as people with outside interests and talents as well. She believes in building up individuals to uncover their unique strengths. Mrs. Davis also recognizes strengths in her colleagues and is trusted to help with both professional and personal issues that her peers face daily. She actively participates in Interagency meetings to coordinate supports for the most at-risk students, providing food, family support, and ensuring other basic needs are met. Her understanding of the students, their families, and the community, is a benefit for the school district.

Mrs. Davis can be counted on to lead any committee or project that she is assigned. She leads her school’s RTI/problem solving team, where they work to find appropriate interventions for students who need additional supports. She is thorough in completing paperwork and meeting deadlines. She is also detail oriented when planning special events such as Red Ribbon Week. Her enthusiastic spirit is contagious, and it has been a key factor in the implementation of Watch D.O.G.S.

"I believe that Mrs. Davis is worthy of recognition because she has a heart for our kids and her profession, and it shows in all she does," Bell-Freeman said. "Mrs. Davis is a wonderful role model for LifeChanger of the Year!"

Comments (17)

Lisa Chisholm Posted over a year ago

Amy Davis is an amazing asset to our school and community! She is always there to help students, staff, and parents. I don’t know what I would do without her. She has a smile on her face daily and has a laugh so contagious, you can’t help but smile with her. The kids know they can go to her with anything and she will help them through it. Amy was absent for two days last week and it was amazing how many people it took to “fill her shoes”. She really is amazing. I don’t know how she wears so many “hats” but she makes it look easy and she does it in heels!

Kayla Dammerich Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Davis was a counselor at my school when I was in middle school and part of highschool. Now, she is a counselor at my daughters' elementary school. When I was younger, she was a positive support and someone that I inspired to be like. As a difficult youth, not all that she said to me took full affect on me at the moment, but as time went on, her words and kindness followed me well after she left my school. Due to how important, effective, and life changing it was to have someone believe in me It inspired me to get a degree in human services and even to spend several years working with at risk youth. By changing my life, Mrs. Davis caused me to help youth and change their lives during the time that I spent working with youth. I hope that those youth will go on to change the lives of others as well. I like to think of it this way, for everyone one life she has changed, she has indirectly changed 20 more through that one person, and I am sure she has changed many more. This butterfly effect phenomenon is exactly why she should be chosen as the life changer if the year.

Paula Mirth Posted over a year ago

Amy is amazing with kids and parents in our school district and hometown! She's a great role model and really cares about the children and their parents! We are blessed to know her.

Cindy Poindexter Posted over a year ago

This is the first year I’ve had the chance to see what Ms. Davis is all about. She scores extremely high for me. She has assisted my grandchildren more than once while dealing with the loss of their mother. Always smiling and helping others without a thought. Good luck to Ms. Davis.

Audrey Mayes Posted over a year ago

Amy Davis is someone who could make any situation better. No matter how bad it may be, Amy is a person who can find the good in anything. When you talk with her, the conversations are always positive and influential to others. Amy has a way of understanding others and is always willing to help.

Sophia Davis Posted over a year ago

Amy Davis truly is a life changer! The impact she has on her students is long-lasting. High school students who interacted with Amy Davis are just as excited to see her in public as her elementary school students. She is a beacon of support and caring!

Joan Shacklette Posted over a year ago

Amy Davis is one of those people that makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world. She is compassionate, caring, and helpful. The students at Montgomery City Elementary school are lucky to have her on their side!

Joyce Everett Posted over a year ago

Amy is a great leader and friend. I had the pleasure of working with her for five years and learned a great deal (still do) from her. She is still willing after all these years to share ideas and brainstorm with me. Amy goes above and beyond for anyone. Thanks for all you do - keep up the great work!

Julie Porter Posted over a year ago

Amy Davis is an enthusiastic proponent of students and colleagues. She is a great problem solver and is willing to go that extra mile to help benefit those in need. She maintains a professional, positive attitude throughout the most trying situations.

Amber Surls Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Davis is a wonderful person. She has been there for my son and my family during some very hard times. Mrs. Davis is amazing at the school. She is there for all of the kids in their darkest times and she makes the school a loving and fun environment.

Missy Stufflebean Posted over a year ago

Amy Davis is one of the most caring, patient, kind, and helpful person I know. She is always willing to help figure out ways to solve a problem by finding different solutions to fix it. I am so blessed to know her and have her as a positive influence for not only my own daughter when she was in elementary school, but for the students at Montgomery City Elementary.

Janice Edgar Posted over a year ago

I.had tbe privelege of qorkin with Amy Davis. She.ia.a phenomenal leader and changes the life of many students in the community.

Jerre LaBanca Posted over a year ago

Amy Davis is one of the most compassionate ladies that I've met. She has really helped my son and myself deal with some difficult issues. She truly is deserving of this award.

Lisa Turnbough Posted over a year ago

I 2nd that!

Vicky Giboney Posted over a year ago

Amy Davis is very deserving of this award. She is always positive, kind and considerate to others. Her door is always open to students as well as staff. Amy has a beautiful heart and her positive attitude shines for others to see.

Alisha Hays Posted over a year ago

I worked with Amy for a few years and I loved every minute because she always had the student’s best interest at heart.

Beth Cobb Posted over a year ago

Amy Davis in one of the most approachable people I know. To put it simply, Amy Davis is very patient, kind, caring, and generous! She is a rare gem!