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Lauren Scotto

Position: Visual Arts Teacher
School: Cumberland High School
School District: Cumberland School Department
City, State: Cumberland, RI

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Lauren Scotto was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Teaching, like art, takes a vision, patience, and practice.  Ms. Scotto believes that art is a learned skill, not an inherited one. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, and from her belief in every child that steps into her classroom. She is a passionate artist and educator.

What makes Ms. Scotto stand out from the rest is that she gives you the time. Former students tell the nominator that Ms. Scotto is an incredible listener.

"As a teacher, I personally know that it's easy to get caught up in the traditional lecture and talking, but it's perhaps even more important to listen to your students," the nominator said. "I am thankful to have a teacher like Ms. Scotto in my professional network to remind me of how important our jobs are, and how much these children benefit from having an adult who listens."

When walking through the halls of CHS, it’s hard to miss the incredible talent that is on display within the school walls.  The murals, drawings, and visual 2D art is absolutely stunning. These displays often give students a sense of pride in their work. Ms. Scotto and other teachers proudly pin up the latest creations from their talented youth. Students can visit the gallery during passing time to appreciate each other’s creations. Improvement is evident in the development of talent at Cumberland High School.

Often found working beyond regular school hours, Ms. Scotto has a steadfast commitment to children and art. She can be found working side by side with her students during classes. Students feel safe to take risks and try their hand at producing original artwork, using skills and techniques developed through the semester. She teaches her students to embrace their individuality, while still being critical of their own abilities in order to improve.

"From the time they enter the art room until the day they walk the stage, Ms. Scotto will be there for the art students of Cumberland High School," the nominator said. "Students gratefully take photos with their favorite art teacher outside of Providence Performing Arts Center on Graduation Night, to save and cherish. Cumberland High School is a better place to work, teach, and learn, thanks to the efforts of teachers like Ms. Scotto."