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Jason Sidel

Position: Counselor
School: Carrollton Jr. High School
School District: Carrollton City Schools
City, State: Carrollton, GA

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Jason Sidel was nominated by his principal, Travis Thomaston.

According to Thomaston, Mr. Sidel is a true LifeChanger. Each day, he works diligently to ensure that the needs of every student at Carrollton Jr. High School are met in all aspects. He always puts children first, and the students and teachers at CJHS absolutely love him. Mr. Sidel never hesitates to make sure that students' physical and emotional well-beings are take care of. He jumps at the opportunity to help children, no matter how big or small the situation.  

Comments (41)

Barbara Semper Posted over a year ago

So proud of you, Jason. Just Google your name and your LifeChanger nomination came up. You have always been a fine and caring young man.

Kristae Lawler Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel is an incredibly hard-working counselor for his school. I had the privilege of working with Mr. Sidel and saw first-hand the many ways he helps the students and faculty at his school. His love an dedication for his students is apparent in all he does. He maintains a calm disposition no matter what issue he is dealing with.....and at a Junior High, we all know there are lots of teenage issues! LOL! I appreciate Mr. Sidel and definitely consider him a life-changer!!

Janis Stallings Posted over a year ago

Jason Sidel is one of the hardest working school counselors I have every known. He works with 7th and 8th grade students who are navigating their way through adolescence and are often dealing with issues that no twelve to fourteen year olds should have to face. Mr. Sidel is caring, compassionate and a true advocate for the well- being of all of the students and staff at Carrollton Jr. High School. In my 26 years of teaching at this school, I have not seen a counselor deal with more serious issues regarding students than Mr. Sidel. He truly is a life changer for the students with whom he works.

Rosie Grubbs Posted over a year ago

Jason, thank you for always having our kids' best interests at heart. I have worked with Jason for years, and he is definitely "that person" for so many of our students. He truly cares about our kids and does everything he can to help them grow as a student and a person. Thank you for all you do for us and our kids! You are truly a life changer!

Terri Bussey Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel is a great counselor who seems to really care about the kids and to whom the kids respond.

Travis Thomaston Posted over a year ago

This guy is the real deal. He has been a blessing for us at CJHS. I don't know what we'd do without him.

Chrissy Loveless Posted over a year ago

Jason Sidel has a calm, warm personality and a HUGE heart. The well-being of our kids is his number one priority & it shows in all that he does. He is the heart of our school.

Katie Kirk Posted over a year ago

The best counselor in the world! He is so passionate about helping students and staff members, and he always goes above and beyond to take care of others. Mr. Sidel is a true life changer.

Leila Shearon Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel pours out his heart and soul for the students, staff and families or CJHS! He also takes time to selflessly teach and shape interns to do the same!!! What a blessing he is to this community!!!!!

Samantha Hawks Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel is absolutely wonderful! He truly has a passion and heart for the students of CJHS. He has maintained excellent communication with me, as a parent, about my child. He works hard to provide the best for the students; and he’s literally been a lifesaver. We are so blessed to have him in our lives, and the lives of our children.

Charity Hanner Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidell is truly a gift to our school. He embodies the idea of putting children first and doing all that he can to ensure our students' safety and well being. So many small things that I see him do each day shows me that he has kindness and consideration for all students, and faculty too :) He is patient and professional in all that he does. And basically we are just lucky to have him!

Kim Ussery Posted over a year ago

He's one of my favorite people in the world! Great sense of humor and truly has a heart for the students as well as those we work with on a daily basis. One of a kind!

Candi Daniel Posted over a year ago


Amy Chapman Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel always handles situations in a calm, caring manner no matter how difficult it may be for students or teachers. Students know they can share their stories with him because he creates a safe environment based on honesty and trust. Mr. Sidel is a model counselor for those students going through difficult time and also those student just looking for guidance on their educational future. Jason Sidel is a true LifeChanger at Carrollton Jr. High School!!!

Juanito Redwine Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel is the heartbeat of our school. He does so much to ensure that the needs of all of our kids are met. We couldn't make it without him.

Leigh Crews Posted over a year ago

Jason Sidel does his best to assist students in many ways. He is deserving of this honor.

Autumn Willis Posted over a year ago

Mr Sidel truly has the kids' best interests at the heart of what he does EVERY day. He does his best to help kids find out WHO they are and how they can become the best they're meant to be.

Lashenda Posted over a year ago

Great guy who cares for the kids.

Joy Holley Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Sidel and his students on transition and career activities in my role as an assistant principal before my retirement. He was always caring, positive and professional. It was obvious that he had wonderful relationships with his peers and students. He responded promptly and efficiently and was just a pleasant person with whom to interact. I recommend him highly for this honor.

Courtney Carnes Posted over a year ago

As a parent with two children attending CJHS and also an educator, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award other than Jason Sidel. I know my own children as well as the entire student body of CJHS are in the best possible hands.

Jennifer Schelp-Gómez Posted over a year ago

Jason Sidel is one of those guys who works behind the scenes and never gets credit for it because of the confidentiality involved with his workload. He is a humble and dedicated counselor who I personally admire and am honored to call a colleague because he’s the one I call when I need guidance as to what to do for a child. I am amazed at how much he knows about our students, especially at our school of almost 800 students where he is the only counselor. Besides all of his extraordinary interpersonal skills and devotion to our students, Jason still maintains a positive outlook every day, and his sense of humor and smile are additional assets to his welcoming personality. It amazes me how well he manages his role as a counselor with students and his interactions with his colleagues. In all honesty, I would not have been able to have had the relationships and connections I’ve had with students for the past 12 years if not for Jason. He has changed, not only the lives of students, but the lives of so many teachers- such as mine-as well.

Michelle Morgan Posted over a year ago

As a parent, I experienced first hand how he helped my son and our family. He is truly a LifeChanger for us.

Stephanie Bone Posted over a year ago

He is always ensuring each student voice is heard.

Katie Holley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel is the most compassionate educator I have ever met. Our students love him, and he does a wonderful job helping them maneuver junior high. He is highly deserving of this honor.

Denise Botkin Posted over a year ago

The best counselor ever!!

Camille Sanders Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel is one of the most dedicated and caring school counselors that I have ever worked with in my career. He goes above and beyond his duties to serve the students and teachers at CJHS!

Luke Young Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel is the perfect example of what every counselor should be. He positively affects the lives of children everyday. He is truly a life changer!

Wynter McKinley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel is absolutely the best nominee for this!

Kristen Ebensberger Posted over a year ago

The best counselor I have ever worked with. His whole self cares about every kid and shows in everything he says and does.

Dewayne Crowder Posted over a year ago

Well desrving humble guy!!

Ambrae Phillips Posted over a year ago

This guy takes care of all the drama in our school. All of the kids love him and also trust him so much.

Emmanuel Reddish Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel is highly worthy of receiving this award! He does wonders with our students and they have honest trust in him.

Kristen Sabo Posted over a year ago

His heart belongs to the kids. He puts them first with every decision he makes.

Amanda Baker Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel has positively effected the lives of hundreds of students. Students who struggle emotionally, physically, or socially all know they can turn to Mr. Sidel for guidance and support. He helps them through the toughest years, and for some of them, the toughest times in their lives. He always seeks to better student's lives. Although I teach in the same school, my children went to schools in a sufferer district. After seeing first hand how he supports, connects, and encourages or students, I made the decision to have them go to school at CJHS because I knew that my daughter, who had specific struggles, would be well taken care of. He connected with her, just like I'd seen him do with so many students. He helped her through some big struggles and truly impacted her life positively. She is always excited to see Mr. Sidel. He is definitely someone that positively changes kids lives every single day!

Amy Cousin Posted over a year ago

Definitely a lifechanger! He always puts others first! I’ve watched him help students through very difficult times in their lives. Thank you Mr. Sidel for all you do for the students and staff of CJHS!

Kim Robinson Posted over a year ago

Jason Sidel is truly amazing!!! He works hard everyday to help not only the students, but he is there for the faculty too. He is the best counselor that I have had the privilege to work with! CJHS is truly blessed to have Jason!!!

Mignon Richardson Posted over a year ago

A true good hearted man who touches and save lives everyday.

Cathy Lawrence Posted over a year ago

Jason Sidel truly knows and cares about the students at CJHS. Just this week, he met with me, the school librarian, to talk about a student who needed some help finding reading materials they would enjoy. Jason never hesitates to pull in resources to meet the needs of our students.

Regina Hytower Posted over a year ago

Jason Sidel is the only counselor at our school. Therefore, he has to take care of over 700 students. He spends his days listening, encouraging, motivating, and protecting kids. He does an awesome job!

Karen Wild Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sidel puts the needs of his students above his own. Today he missed a faculty celebration due to supporting a student at the hospital. This is only one of many examples.

Mandy Maierhofer Posted over a year ago

Jason is a loving and hard working man. He brings a positive outlook to our work community. We are most blessed to have him work at Carrollton Junior High School.