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Kelly Workman

Position: Eighth Grade Special Education Teacher
School: Cedar Springs Middle School
School District: Cedar Springs Public Schools
City, State: Cedar Springs, MI

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Kelly Workman was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mrs. Workman is constantly finding new ways to connect with her special education students. She has an amazing system for tracking each student's goals and objectives to keep them motivated. She understands the services that each student requires, and applies them in class to meet their specific needs. Mrs. Workman holds her students to high standards and doesn't let them fall behind or fail.

"I have seen students meet with her during lunch time to give additional support," the nominator said. "She stays after school with students so that parents can adjust their schedules to fit their child's needs. There is no stop in her drive for student success."

Mrs. Workman and the nominator are continuously bouncing ideas off of each other to make sure that their lessons are structured, reteaching is practiced, and deeper questions are asked.

"Professionally, I appreciate how we work together to adjust or modify assignments, projects or assessments to make sure all students understand what is being taught," the nominator said. "Many times, I have made lesson changes from one period to the next because something didn't work out the way we expected."

Additionally, Mrs. Workman is such a positive person, always playing motivational music in her classroom. On a daily basis, she puts up new positive messages across the halls, to motivate all students to be successful.

"I constantly hear her singing songs aloud while walking through the halls," the nominator said.

Kelly Workman in the News:
Educator nominated for national LifeChanger of the Year award

Comments (4)

Mary Frandsen Posted over a year ago

I am a volunteer at Cedar Springs Middle School and have worked in Kelly's room numerous times. I have seen firsthand her involvement in motivating students and staff and creating a positive learning environment. Congratulations Kelly and keep up the good work.

Tia Powell Posted over a year ago

She has worked so much with my son and he's doing much better than he has in the past. She comes to me with problems and we work together to get solutions and help him to be the best he can.

Gary Posted over a year ago

Way to go Kelly! You deserve this nomination and award!

Sue Spahr Posted over a year ago

Kelly works like an energizer bunny, never running out of positive energy! She lifts up staff and students as she works to provide the best support for students that is possible. Thank you, Kellie!