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James Laszewski

Position: Social Studies Teacher
School: Lacrosse Logan High School
School District: School District of La Crosse
City, State: La Crosse, WI

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James Laszewski was nominated by his student.

Mr. Laszewski is a soacial studies teacher at Lacrosse Logan High School who changes the lives of all of his students, including that of his nominator. As a child, his nominator was a tough student with a stubborn attitude. She had little patience for people, and always resorted to fighting to solve her problems. She wasn't a confident student when it came to social studies because she lacked interest. 

"Once I met Mr. Laszewski, he helped me with my people skills, and helped me academically," the nominator said. "He became more than just a teacher to me and my peers, he was a guardian angel. He wanted to help the misunderstood; the kids that felt that they had no one to talk to outside of their family."

Mr. Laszewski is honest with his students, which makes them appreciate him more. He treats his students like adults and holds them responsible for their own actions.

"Mr. Laszewski taught me to chase what ever I wanted to succeed at," his nominator said. "He was the reason I started my own dance team and got involved in the community. Without him, I would've gotten suspended or gone to jail. I would not be on the varsity Football team, have my dance team or be in 3 other leadership groups. I owe my life to Mr. Laszewski and I will forever be grateful for him. Sun Prairie misses you."